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Sunday, December 16, 2012

FREE: Uniqlo Php 500 E-Voucher

FREE: Uniqlo Php 500 E-Voucher

Good news my fellow Pinoys!  UNIQLO Philippines has a great Christmas gift to everyone! This is very timely because I am planning to buy something from their store here in Pinas. Yes! Ei, Joyce, Tita Au, Sarah ayan na mega shopping galore na kayo! Laki ma di discount ninyo! Maganda at matibay talaga ang mga damit from Uniqlo. Sulit na sulit ang bayad dahil magagamit mo ng matagal na panahon ang mga damit na bibilhin mo sa Uniqlo.

Starting December14-25, 2012 you can use this special e-voucher with every purchase of at least Php3,000! Print and share this Christmas E-Coupon.

VIDEO: Charice Pempengco Impersonates The Chipmunks

VIDEO: Charice Pempengco Impersonates The Chipmunks

I always love Charice's voice. No one could deny that she's one talented gal. Her humor, style, and personality are outstanding! Charice doesn't blend in the crowd but stands out. She has that x-factor and you can't just ignore her talent. Charice has improved a lot. 

Everyone reacted (some violently) when she started showing the world her true self. Almost everyone expressed dissatisfaction when she expressed her artistic side and colored her hair and had a tattoo. 

Yeah, I know. Utak talangka talaga ang ilang kababayan natin. Tama yan, tawanan mo lang sila. Kahit anong paninira ang gawin nila, litaw na litaw pa rin na sobrang galing mo talagang kumanta! Mabuhay ka! (Some of our countrymen really have crab mentality. That's right, just laugh at them. Whatever bad things they say, your singing talent will shine! Long live!

Here, in this video, you can hear one of Charice's talents:

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NONITO DONAIRE: Knocked out Jorge Arce

NONITO DONAIRE: Knocked out Jorge Arce

Nonito Donaire knocked down Jorge Arce with a left hook late in the third round tonight. He retained the WBO super-bantamweight title and send the Mexican veteran into retirement. Jorge Arce is retiring from boxing following his loss to Nonito Donaire on HBO boxing. Arce claims he promised his family he'd hang up the gloves if he lost the bout.

The 30-year-old Donaire hasn't lost a fight in more than 11 years. Arce with about 2 minutes to go in the second round with a right-left combination. Donaire, from the Philippines, with his 20th knockout improved to 31-1. On the other hand, Arce dropped to 61-7-2Donaire keep his cool. Tunay na kahanga hanga ang pinakitang pagiging cool ni Donaire amidst the boos. Donaire won in front of a raucous, mostly pro-Arce crowd of 7,250 at Toyota Center. 

Congratulations Donaire for making the Filipino proud!

CUCINA ANDARE: The First Food Truck Market in the Philippines is Now Open

CUCINA ANDARE: The First Food Truck Market in the Philippines is Now Open

The first food truck market in the Philippines is finally open at Glorietta 3 Open Park in Makati ( just in front of Makati Shangri-La Hotel, 6750 Building,  Ayala Center, Makati  City) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from from 4:00pm to 3:00am starting December 14, 2012 (Friday)!

Cucina Andare is patterned after the famous food truck stalls that is so popular in the US. The concept came from the same organizers of the popular Mercato Centrale night food market in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  I am happy that the organizer RJ Ledesma and Anton Diaz continue to give business start-ups a chance to showcase their food offerings.

Thank you so much Anton, RJ and Erwin for the invitation. I really enjoyed the live acoustic performances and various food products at Cucina Andare.

I was able to buy two burgers for the price of one at Brother Burger's Food truck. Yes! That's 50% off their original price during the opening of Cucina Andare last December 14, 2012. The discount is available until Sunday, December 16, 2012.

Another truck that caught my fancy is the Shawarma Bros. Their shawarma truck offers, beef, chicken and lamb flavor shawarma with rice. The 5 partners who call each other bro, came up with the idea months before the Cucina Andare concept came up. They are one of the start-up businesses that got a break at Cucina Andare. I tried their food offerings ( Yes, you read it right, I tried all of their three flavors) and boy was I surprised how budget- friendly their foods are! Yummy na mura pa! Saan ka pa? Try na ninyo dali! Did I mention ang popogi din nila? Ha ha ha! Oii mga bro, libre ninyo ako. Ha ha ha!Joke.

Sa mundong bilog, maliit ang mundo para sa mga Bicolano. I am happy to find a kababayan on one of eight food trucks at Cucina Andare. Hungry Rover, composed of friends from different field who got together because of their love for food. My kababayan Walter Lozada explained that they came up not only with pita, tapa, but also with rice meals because they believe office workers in Makati area won't go out of their offices just to eat bread, so they offer rice meals too.

The First Philippine Food Truck Market will be there for the next 3 weekends! Don't miss out being part of the Food Truck Revolution here in the Philippines!



I was privileged to be invited to the opening of Hayan Korea Cosmetics at Starmall as they launches its first skin-care and make-up line in the Philippines.

Drawing from the gleaming flawless face of Korean actresses and actors, Hayan Korea has now arrived in the Philippines, bringing Filipino women a step-closer to achieving a youthful look all day. 

Hayan Korea Cosmetics Inc. was brought to the Philippines early on this year headed by Mr. Cris Nam, who was inspired to give every woman an opportunity to acquire the beauty that they have been dreaming of. Keeping it young and fresh, Hayan Korea is dedicated in providing active, innovative and effective beauty care to reach that “naturally fair” and “clearly white” skin. They combine years of expertise and research to ensure that all cosmetics products contain high-quality ingredients to deliver maximum results.

They offer the purest, most effective skin care through nature, research and science such as facial foaming cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers. Hayan Korea stores boasts of a sophisticated collection of wellness and over-all body basics including varied selections of high-quality make-up, alongside crossover revolutionary star products.

On the 14th of December 2012, Hayan Korea brings a White Christmas to the Philippines in one of their operating stores at the 2nd Floor of Starmall – Shaw Boulevard. Experience and pamper yourself for an afternoon of beauty and wellness, with free makeovers. Join in the beauty of fun and let Hayan reveal to you the science of Korean beauty!

For inquiries, please call David Abrenilla at 09175135573 or email us at For more info, you may visit or like us on facebook at

Saturday, December 15, 2012



I finally met the newest teenage internet sensation from New Zealand in person. This boy dances and sings well and has a cute smile. With an undeniable charm, wit, and down-to-earth personality, online heartthrob Paolo "Kimpoy" Vivas Feliciano has amassed a solid following in cyberspace with more than 430,000 followers on Twitter, 100,000 on Facebook, 100,000 on Tumblr, and more than 2,000,000 views on Youtube. This amazing phenomenon paved the way for doors of opportunities to open for Kimpoy. He is currently in the country for his album launching.
Kimpoy is single. 19 years of age. A Filipino who lives in New Zealand. He is a Catholic and a Pro-life Dancer. Sagittarius. His birthday is on December 18. He stands tall at 5'11.

Kimpoy Feliciano wants  to put up his own restaurant in the future. He said he loves food. But doesn't know how to cook, lol.

I asked him to sing "Ngiti" for all of you. (Just wait for it to be uploaded on my you tube, sorry I am busy at the moment.)

To all Kimpoy Feliciano fanatics don't forget to buy KIMPOY FELICIANO'S SELF-TITLED DEBUT CD+DVD in stores NOW! This boy has come a long way, indeed from being an online heartthrob to newest recording artist! Wooooooooooooot! Congrats!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

URATEX PREMIUM MATTRESS:Make your nights shine bright

URATEX PREMIUM MATTRESS:Make your nights shine bright

I'm so addicted to heavenly sleep that my bed provides that's why I always look forward for my bedtime. 

Like me, my brother loves sleeping too. After a long day at work, whether he has stressful time at the office or at the field, he can’t seem to stop himself from constantly looking at the clock and hope it’s the end of another work day. I can imagine him dreaming about the image of his bed bellowing on top of his head. He had to literally pull up his eyelids from voluntary closing. He looks forward to rest his tired and weary body.
The onset of the breezy and cold Christmas night is pulling almost all of my friends to deep slumber, tama ba Ning?

But don't worry. It’s a good thing that your bed is one place in your house where you can just lie down and doze off all your stress and worries away. And it’s also a good thing that you have Uratex Premium mattresses to lie down your tired body on for that ultimate comfort.

The Uratex Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory is an example. With advanced and combined pocket-spring system and body-molding memory foam that provides for that soothing slumber, this outstanding mattress is sensitive to body heat and weight and gently matches to the body’s contours in order to provide relief to pressure points. It also allows the joints and spine to be in natural alignment for that full-body feeling of relaxation and a comfortable sleep with less toss and turns for those who work hard all day long.

Or if you’re someone who desires mostly designer-made items, then the Trapunto by Rajo Laurel is perfect for you. Meaning “to embroider” in Italian, the Trapunto, designed exclusively by globally renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel, features classic European quilting style known for fine elegance and exquisite beauty for that unmatched luxury, support and comfort. The contoured cut and knitted fabric cover provides a soft, posh feel for a cool and relaxed sleeping pleasure. The foam and cover are treated with Sanitized® so you’re protected against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and odor. And being a 3-zone mattress, Trapunto ensures superior support in the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas.

Say goodnight and goodbye to: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, joint pain, headaches, muscle aches, sciatica, bed sores, pressure points, numbness, stress, fatigue and insomnia if you use the Uratex Senso Memory Foam Mattress. It is made of high-quality memory or visco-elastic foam developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US for its astronauts and relieve them of extreme pressure during takeoff. It is also treated with Sanitized® to provide safe and effective protection against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odor.

The Uratex Orthocare Mattress, meanwhile, is a Phil. Orthopaedic Association trusted mattress that helps relieve pain, especially for sleepers with back-pain problems. This medical-grade mattress combines a high-density polyurethane mattress and a multi-zone topper with breathable open-pored cell structure, plus fashionable jacquard-woven damask fabric treated with Sanitized® and quilted cover with an elegant, classic design.

For those sensitive to dust mites, allergens and other harmful microorganisms in the bedroom, use the Uratex Purifoam.® Treated with Sanitized® for long-lasting, safe and effective defense against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odors, Purifoam® offers superior quality and made with first-class knitted fabric cover for combined strength, comfort and assured long-lasting protection. This mattress is also a definite must-have even for kids, who spend long and tiring days at school—physically and emotionally.

If you desire deep that’s sound enough for you to be able to relax in the most comforting way ever, then the Therapoint Mattress, a superior grade, high-resilient foam with the Coolmax® Technology Mattress cover, is for you. Its high-performance fabric dries fast and balances body moisture and helps minimize exhaustion caused by perspiration during sleep and maximizes sleep quality. The Therapoint® Mattress is one of the most durable and long-lasting foam mattresses ever designed, perfect for athletes and highly active individuals.

So how would you know what type of bed is best for you based on your physiological needs? Well, Uratex still has the right tool. The “Pressure Imaging System” uses advanced technology to match an individual with a type of mattress by measuring pressure, comfort and support. To do that, Uratex uses the system connected to a computer with custom-designed software. The result is a graphical display of an individual’s various pressure points in one’s body that would help you choose the best mattress for you.

Ah, the mattress. Next to buying healthy food, a mattress that fully supports our body for a restful sleep should be a priority. It doesn’t really have to be a fancy-looking mattress; as long as it functions well in protecting our body, relieving us of pain and other discomfort while we sleep so that we may be recharged the next day, the mattress should be perfect.

It just so happens that its name is Uratex, the trusted mattress brand in the country, that makes our nights—or Christmas nights—shine bright.

For more information, you may check Uratex website –, their facebook account - Philippines – and through consumer hotline – 888-6800.

ABS-CBN:My Favorite TV Station of the Year

ABS-CBN:My Favorite TV Station of the Year
For this writing project. We were asked by Richard Paglicawan to choose who among the top TV stations are our favorite.

Favorite TV Station of the Year: Bloggers' Choice - #NCA2012
Since time immemorial, I am fascinated and watch only one channel and that is ABS-CBN -Channel 2.  I always love ABS-CBN ever since I was a child. Why? Because I grew up watching the afternoon news anchored by Ted Failon, Korina Sanchez and Magandang Gabi Bayan and TV Patrol  by Noli de Castro.

Remember this tagline? 
"Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaa'y 'wag magagalit. Ang pikon ay laging talo." 

"Yan ang sigaw ng sambayanan" '90s ABS-CBN public service show, "Hoy Gising" rouse my interest in our country's current situation.
The "Hoy Gising" anchor Ted Failon's solid voice warning sleepyheads from beds of corruption, incompetence and inaction still lingers in my mind. "Hoy Gising" is famous for lambasting the crooked and the inept, "Hoy Gising" was the public's confidant, with Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez known for fiery commentaries and follow-ups, some even prompting libel cases and death threats to the anchors of the show. They even tackle problems on bureaucracy. 

I also love how Gina Lopez's pro-environment activities. Who can forget her campaign for La Mesa Dam?  ABS-CBN PR Manager Kathy Solis also provided me with several opportunities to cover and had interaction with my favorite stars and singers. ABS-CBN listen not only to the people involved in the story but they also ask about the viewers' point of view through regular polls and viewers interaction.

I am also a The Buzz fanatic, I don't dare miss any of their episodes on a Sunday afternoon. This is where we get the latest buzz about the kapamilya stars in the showbiz world.

Not to mention, how we laugh hard when my then, three year old nephew warned his mom that she could not spank him because he'll dial Bantay Bata 143. This is how influential ABS CBN is.

I am so addicted to Showtime because of Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda. I also love Gandang Gabi Vice and never miss any of GGV episode if possible. Sobrang Wagi ng mga iba't ibang shows ng ABS-CBN kaya super love din sila ng mamamayang Filipino.

This writing project is made possible by , and



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