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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Contiki’s Backstage Pass to Europe in 2014

Contiki’s Backstage Pass to Europe in 2014
Croatia Europe Contiki Holidays
Live with #NOREGRETS and save up to US$680* off Europe 

Contiki Holidays, a leading tour operator for young travellers aged 18-35, is unveiling its all-new 2014 Europe brochures. Contiki’s signature Backstage Pass is included in every trip. Clients can thus save time and make every moment count by skipping the queues at the Eiffel Tower and the Vatican, for example, and by experiencing other exclusive inclusions.
Santorini Greece Europe Contiki Holidays
In case you are wondering what "Contiki" stands for in "Contiki Holidays" or "Contiki Tours," here is a bit of history.

In 1961, a young New Zealander named John Anderson arrived in London wanting to travel around Europe. He didn’t want to travel alone and he didn’t have a lot of money. So what he did was to make a deposit for the rental of a minibus and he gathered a group of people to travel with him around Europe for 12 weeks. They had a wonderful time as you can see in their group picture.
first contiki holidays history john anderson
Photo from
In the following year, he again organized not one but two Europe trips. He named his tour business Contiki Holidays. The word "contiki" is derived from 'con' in continental and 'tiki,' a Maori word meaning "friend." In other words, a contiki tour means travelling all over the world with friends. Maori, by the way, are indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. 

Contiki’s tour business continued to grow and ten years later there were over 50 Contiki buses on the roads of Europe. Compare the minibus rented during the first tours of Contiki Holidays to the Contiki buses now and you will be amazed how Contiki grew over the years.
Contiki Holidays buses Europe
Photo from
In 1989 John Anderson decided to sell Contiki to Trafalgar Tours. Contiki and Trafalgar Tours are now part of The Travel Corporation, a world wide combination of tour operators, travel and tourism companies that now carry over 1 million people a year. Contiki targets 18-35 travellers while Trafalgar's main demographic are the 55-65 travellers.
London Europe Contiki Holidays
Head of Sales and Marketing in Contiki Asia, Kevin Khor says Contiki’s Backstage Pass exclusive inclusions and the #NOREGRETS philosophy to travel continue to lead the way into 2014 as they have resonated so strongly with travel agents and the global youth market since being introduced 12 months ago.
“The Backstage Pass has been a hit succinctly describing the exclusive and unmatched value proposition Contiki delivers such as; exclusive inclusions, ME Time for independent discovery or optional activities, exclusive accommodation in some of the best stays in Europe, authentic regional cuisine plus the services of a professional and highly-trained team,” he says.
“The blend of Me Time (free time) and included European Blockbusters and Backstreets show Contiki travellers the real Europe and gives them the ability to customise their trip, making every moment count in line with our #NOREGRETS philosophy.” 
Contiki Holidays Mykonos Greece
Khor says the value, proposition and service of Contiki in Europe has been built over more than 50 years. Travellers see the benefits across the programme whichever Camping, Concept or Time-Out trip they pick. 

“Whether it’s enjoying a guided tour and priority entrance to the Vatican Museum in Rome; a bike tour in Munich; a wine tasting at our very own Chateau de Cruix; or a cruise and dinner in Budapest Contiki gives 18-35s unrivalled insider access that our 400 team members across Europe deliver,” he says. 

“No other company can give youth travellers better access to Europe – we know the best places to stay and where to get the best regional cuisine.”
Contiki Holidays Paris France
In 2014, there is more free WiFi at Contiki’s chosen accommodation and virtually all Contiki coaches also offer WiFi so young travellers can stay connected and share their travel experiences.

New trips are an 8-day Greek Sailing trip to the Saronic Coast hotspots visiting little known gems like Hydra, Nafplio and Aegina priced from US$1,250 per person; and a 4-day Oktoberfest in Munich festival departure priced from US$289 per person. 

The popular 10-day Mediterranean Trail, priced from US$1,995 per person, now includes two nights in Corfu adding a Greek Island offering to an Italian favourite.

Just last week, Contiki unveiled a new-look website with an all new trade booking engine. Khor says agents can expect 18-35s to be inspired to see Europe the Contiki way in 2014.

New departure dates to Europe during summer 2014 out today and open for booking. *Contiki’s early payment discount offers savings of up to 10% (US$680) for bookings made and paid in full by 12 February, 2014.
For more information, please visit and don’t forget to follow Contiki on Facebook and on Twitter with its #NOREGRETS hash tag. Use CONTIKICHA To get as much as 10% discount when you book your trip.

Note: All the above photos are from Contiki.



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