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Sunday, September 8, 2013

COHEN DIET: Changes Lives

COHEN DIET: Changes Lives
I finally got to know what the real Cohen Diet is all about when I attended a recent event about it.

A lot of people, including myself, had this notion that Cohen Diet is a very expensive diet. That is a big fat lie. Why? Because it turned out that the program would only cost you Php60,000. A really small amount to pay in order to have a life changing, healthy way of living.

Mind you, it is not money alone that could get you to the Cohen Program. Many people tried but failed because they did not pass the medical test in order to be on the Cohen Diet Program. Yes, folks Cohen is not applicable to everybody. 

I learned during the event that the Cohen Diet Program is a personalized eating plan that results in a fast loss of weight. With Cohen, they teach you how to make your food for it to become your medicine. 

PERSONALIZED. This means that the diet plan made for Juan is NOT the same for PEDRO.

I must warn you about those enterprising individuals who market their set menu food as "good for weight loss." I am really sad that they 
do not take into consideration the negative effects of giving the same menu to all their clients and falsely selling their food as COHEN. Please, oh please, don't make Pedro sick by giving him Juan's food program.

If Juan is 400 pounds and Pedro is 190 pounds. It is not only the blood type that distinguishes their food plans. Their weight, height, age and a lot of other things must also be taken into consideration

Yes, I know. It sucks big time that not everyone can take the Cohen diet.

Persons with the following health issues don't qualify:
  • Liver problem
  • Kidney problem
  • Heart problems such as but not limited to palpitation
  • Diabetes
The doctor told us that when you are in the Cohen program you should cook your own food. Yes, it is not advisable to just let those so called enterprising individuals to deliver your food. Don't buy diet food. Cook it yourself after you qualify for the Cohen Diet Program.

Forget about all those fad diets. Cohen Diet changes one's lifestyle and gives hope to people who felt hopeless all their pathetic lives. 

The statements uttered by the five successful graduates of the Cohen programs are words of wisdom that we should take into consideration.

Up until now, the words uttered by Francis, the biggest loser ( weight loser, that is) was still ringing in my ear. He said:
"I already accepted the fact that I was fat, I was born Fat, and would die Fat."
He further related that he's also resigned to the fact that he had to paid two slots in public transportation for the rest of his life. He grew up being ridiculed because of his weight problem and was shocked when his mom enrolled him in the program and was even thinking of cheating on the program because he doesn't believe that he can still attain his ideal weight. In fact, it was his sister who originally took interest in the program. Unfortunately, she has palpitation, thus not qualified to be on the program. But look at Francis now!

                                             BEFORE                                                          AFTER
Francis shared that the weight he lost is equivalent to one person. A whooping 158 lbs. He conquered his own self! Congratulations Francis! 
Of course, I asked Francis about the negative effects he experienced with his rapid weight loss. He said that basically he became anti-social because he'd rather stay home with his family than go out plus a lot of people including his office mates thought he was on drugs because of all the weight he shed. He said he also became cranky. As for his health, he said that at the onset of the program, he could not exercise but eventually he was able to exercise to maintain the new version of himself. Francis is very thankful that he got into the Cohen program that gives him his new found confidence.  



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