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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TRAVEL TIPS: Earn while you Travel

Earn while you Travel

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy financial forecast, when travelling, is to work while you explore the globe. Working holidays are continuing to increase in popularity, as many holidaymakers lack the funds to travel endlessly and aren’t prepared to shorten their holiday and be restricted by a firm budget. If you’re looking to travel the world, but are interested in earning while you experience some of the best destinations in the world, check out our great tips for working holiday goers.

Should I still Save Money if I’m Planning on Working

Even if you are considering working full time whilst overseas, you should always save as much money as possible. Once you have left your home country, you must be prepared for any unexpected occurrences that may require a great deal of money. Having an adequate amount of savings will allow you to rest at ease, knowing that you are covered while you travel. When organizing your holiday, try to remember that you will be paying for everyday living expenses such as accommodation, transportation and food, along with fun holiday activities such as sightseeing ventures and tours.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs are incredibly popular for travellers, as they often provide a regular source of income, particularly for people who are looking to spend an extended amount of time in one particular country. Asian countries are most well-known for having international teaching jobs available, with most positions offering a contract of approximately 20 hours per week.

Casual & Backpacking Work

If you’re looking to travel amongst various destinations, never staying in one city for more than a few weeks, you will be more suited to a transient job, popular amongst backpackers. Various casual jobs are available for travellers, including fruit picking, barrister work, bartending, waitressing and cleaning jobs.

Where Can I Find Work

There are a number of options available to travellers who are in search of work. If you’re staying at a backpacker hostel, talk to your reception staff or enquire about a notice board. Fellow backpackers are also a great source for finding out about job opportunities, as they are often in similar areas of work.

If you like to be prepared, you always have the option of sourcing work before you depart. A number of job agencies offer careers aboard, providing you with a guaranteed position upon arrival in your chosen country. Career opportunities can vary greatly, ranging from teaching positions and bar tending jobs to fruit picking and ski lift operators.

If you’re savings just aren’t bringing you to your travels as quickly as you’d like, consider a working holiday. Earning while you travel provides a great opportunity to see the far corners of the world, without being out of pocket and accumulating unnecessary debt.

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Tara Blair writes for many leading news sites and blogs about personal finance and travel. She says that if you have multiple debts before you begin travelling, you should seek professional advice for debt consolidation solutions
Tara says having a single repayment makes managing your debt much easier while you are traveling.



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