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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MERALCO BIZ PARTNERS: Free business Consultancy Service

Posted On Wednesday, January 27, 2016 by Cha Sy 0 comments

MERALCO BIZ PARTNERS:  Free business Consultancy Service

I was not aware about this particular service being offered by Meralco until today, January 27, 2016.

Meralco promises to empower SME by offering free business consultancy services to lower your electricity bill and optimized power requirements and energy solutions.

All you have to do is call 16210 and a Meralco trained engineer will be glad to visit your target location or your actual place of business.


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13 out of the 15 lovely candidates were present during the media presentation of the Miss Aviation 2016 at the cinema 3 Cineplex of ShangriLa Mall in Mandaluyong City.

Notable faces are numbers 5, 11, 12 14 and number 15. 

Number 11 is a ground stewardess and she is very pleasant when I got to talk to her during the event. Number 15 is studying to be a pilot.

Last year's Miss Aviation (2015) was also present during the event.

How about you, who is your bet for Miss Aviation 2016?

Crizal Eyezen: Keeping your eyes protected while you remain connected to the Universe

Posted On Wednesday, January 27, 2016 by Cha Sy 0 comments

Crizal Eyezen: Keeping your eyes protected while you remain connected to the Universe

It is a fact that in this day and age of internet, it’s a must for people to keep their eyes glued to the world using their digital devices — be it a smartphone, gadget or tablet.  Being digitally connected has become a lifestyle. However, being online 24/7 can strain and, even, damage your eyes. With the constant exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices, your eyes need protection.


With the abundance of digital devices, people are now engaging in a digital behavior called “multi-screening”. It is a behavior where an individual uses multiple digital screens simultaneously, on average four (4) different devices are used—either for work, education, socializing or leisure.

A typical multi-screen user spends 7 hours and 24 minutes of screen media per day. Of that time, 34% is spent on smartphones; 33% on TV; 23% on laptops; and 10% on tablets. This longer time in front of bright digital screens and versatility between devices are challenges for the human eye, and many people are describing specific symptoms linked to their new behavior.

With this in mind, Essilor, the global leader in ophthalmic lenses, introduces Crizal Eyezen, a new range of lenses designed to keep your eyes protected while staying connected to the digital world.

Crizal Eyezen™ lenses are designed to replace ordinary prescription lenses or to assist occasionally the ones who usually do not need glasses, when viewing their digital devices. They exist in three (3) different optimizations according to the type of screen most used and the age of the patient. It features three revolutionary technologies—Eyezen Focus, Light Scan™ and W.A.V.E Technology that work in sync to relax the eyes from all digital stress and protect against harmful blue light.

Eyezen Focus Technology helps relieve the eye’s focus when using digital devices and reduces eye strain in ultra-near distances or for reading small characters by giving an extra power in the lower portion of the ophthalmic lens.

Light Scan™ Technology is a unique light filtering technology which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens. W.A.V.E Technology, on the other hand, eliminates lens distortion for sharper, clearer vision at every distance and better vision even in low light.

“Crizal Eyezen enhances the digitally connected lifestyle of the millennial generation” says Essilor Philippines general manager Dr. Emelita Roleda. “While ordinary glasses help you see the world, Eyezen enhance the way you live in it. With clearer, sharper vision, you can connect to the digital world better, while getting protection for your eyes at the same time.”

Crizal Eyezen is just one of the many technological innovations of Essilor.  As technology continues to advance, people’s visual needs will change at the same time. Essilor makes sure that people’s visual needs are always complemented through its constant technological innovations, innovations that aim for people to see the world better.

Crizal Eyezen lenses are available in clear and Crizal Transitions at leading optical shops nationwide. For more information, visit the Crizal Eyezen Facebook page,

About Essilor
The world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, Essilor designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of lenses to improve and protect eyesight. Its corporate mission is to enable everyone around the world to access lenses that meet his or her unique visual requirements. To support this vision, the Company allocates over €160 million to research and development every year, in a commitment to continuously bring new, more effective products to market. Essilor’s flagship brands are Varilux®, Crizal®, Xperio® and OptifogTM.
It also develops and markets equipment, instruments and services for eyecare professionals.
Essilor reported consolidated revenue of €4.9 billion in 2012 and employs around 50,700 people in some 100 countries. It operates 19 plants, a total of 390 prescription laboratories and edging facilities, as well as several research and development centers around the world.
Essilor was classified by Forbes magazine as being among the world’s 30 most innovative companies.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, January 17, 2016

LONDON: Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster

Posted On Sunday, January 17, 2016 by Cha Sy 0 comments

LONDON: Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster

"Ohhh, what a beauty!", was the exact words I utter when I saw this photo of the Westminster Abbey illuminated by lights when it was uploaded by manay Rosey yesterday.

I've always been fascinated with different architectural wonders of the world, the universe rather. ( O ha, gaya gaya ako kay Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach para in, ha ha ha! ) That is why I am so fond of traveling. My brother keeps on complaining that I couldn't keep up with his pace. Well, ladies and gentlemen that is because I always try to take photos of ingenious and intricate details of the place we are visiting. I am so engrossed trying to capture everything with my camera that I always lost track of time.

Have you ever dream of hearing mass inside a Roman Catholic church in London? It is my childhood dream to be able to visit different places like Paris, Germany and United Kingdom.

For common folks like you and me it is almost next to impossible to visit England, much more to hear mass at the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster located at #20 Dean's Yard in Westminster London.

Unlike you and me, my kababayan manay Rosey Bermal had been working in a London hospital for many years now. She's so lucky! She had been living in London and had visited various places in Europe. 

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, London is an architectural masterpiece of the 13th to 16th centuries.

Westminster Abbey also presents a unique pageant of British history such as the following:
  • the shrine of St Edward the Confessor
  • the tombs of kings and queens
  • and countless memorials to the famous and the great.
  • It has been the setting for every Coronation since 1066 
  • and for numerous other royal occasions, including sixteen royal weddings. 
Today, Westminster Abbey is still a church dedicated to regular worship and to the celebration of great events in the life of the nation. Neither a cathedral nor a parish church, Westminster Abbey (or the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster to give it its correct title) is a "Royal Peculiar" under the jurisdiction of a Dean and Chapter, subject only to the Sovereign and not to any archbishop or bishop

Did you know that this gothic style church is said to be in existence since 960 AD? But it was rebuilt during the 10th century and became the burial site of and were rebuilt in 1517 while its two (2) towers were done during the 18th century? Its floor area is 32,000 feet. Its width is 85 feet. Each of the two (2) towers has a height of 225 feet. And it has 10 bells.

Ciao! Smile Always!

Photo credit: Rosey Bermal

Friday, January 15, 2016

VENUERIFIC PHILIPPINES: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Posted On Friday, January 15, 2016 by Cha Sy 0 comments

VENUERIFIC PHILIPPINES: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

I was watching Kris TV's feature a while ago and was inspired to write about my family's favorite staycation and events place- Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Check this space out. Best place to hold events hands down.

Sofitel is our favorite hang out. I love it whenever my family and friends held there parties there.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is an iconic 5-star luxury resort nestled in an expansive tropical setting close to the largest convention center, theaters, museums, government offices and the Mall of Asia.

It is not only people who appreciates the beauty of nature! This bird is also seashore watching!

My favorite pass time... seashore watching at Sofitel!

Sofitel Philippine Plaza is one of the favorite wedding destination in the Philippines. It is an ideal venue for holding weddings both big and small, with great flexibility in staging design. Whether it be a grand and formal occasion at the Grand Plaza Ballroom or the Tent, or a smaller, more intimate ceremony by the Seawall Garden, Sofitel’s team of experts are able to ensure a most unforgettable celebration that is flawlessly executed. Choose from elegant French celebrations and other themes that capture the imagination, as your big day is tailor-made to your unique tastes and preferences.

There was a garden wedding that particular day. I wanted to take pictures but I don't want to invade and destroy their moment.

Play time under the sun in the sand at Sofitel.

Family bonding.

Swimming to the max to beat the El NiƱo heat!

Cool off at Sofitel's swimming pool!

With Sofitel's track record you are assured that your event will be great. Its memory will be etched in your mind for a lifetime. Our friend L celebrated her birthday at Sofitel's Grand Plaza Ballroom. It was so much fun! Our other friend Hans on the other hand treat us at Sofitel's Sunset bar. Almost every year I get invited by PMAP (People Management Association of the Philippines) to cover its event in Sofitel. And even without anything in return I always make sure to come, simply because I love PMAP and Sofitel.

On top of that, my brother and I absolutely love our staycations at Sofitel. I also love our dinner at Spiral ( Sadly,the gc I bought lapsed when I was not yet in Manila, I hope the admin will consider my request)  and the wonderful selections at Le Bar.

So the next time you have an event just search for #VenuerificPhilippines to select the best venue for your event.

What is Venuerific and how does it work?

Venuerific is a platform that allows event owners to easily and quickly book venues for their planned events

For event owners – browse, select and inquire from our list of partner venues
For venue owners – list and showcase your venues on our website

In addition, they provide a concierge service to guide you through the above.

How do you create an account and sign up with Venuerific?

Go to their homepage, click on Sign Up and enter your email address and password. You will then receive an activation email from our system. Click the link on the activation email to activate your account.

How do I login to Venuerific?

Enter your email address and password in the Log In page and then click “Sign In”.
Can I login using Facebook?

Yes. You can login using your Facebook account.

You can search for the perfect using the search botton or through its online concierge.



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