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Thursday, October 30, 2014

RYU RAMEN & CURRY RESTAURANT: The Art of Tantanmen and Curry

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RYU RAMEN & CURRY RESTAURANT: The Art of Tantanmen and Curry
RYU ( Pronounced as re you / r'YOO the R-sound is halfway between the English R and and English L.) means "dragon" in Japanese.  The name came about because all of its five owners were all born in the year of the dragon.  And just like the legendary creature, RYU captures the imagination and gastronomical experience of those who gets to enjoy its dishes. 

The five partners 
 singer/ comedian Ogie Alcacid, Edwin Dazo, Neil Castillo, DJ Vergel de Dios and Quezon City Councilor Joseph Juico came up with RYU because they all love Japanese food. They all claim to have a passion for Ramen.

Behold the Tantanmen Five...RYU's latest offering for the Japanese Food lover!

Yaki Buta Tantanmen

So yummy, that you'll end up rubbing your tummy!

Rich flavor of tender pork ribs that strips off the bone with vegetables and noodles in a bowl of miso-based soup. #ryutantanmen #tantanmen5

Ebi Tantanmen

Ryu never scrimp the shrimp with their Ebi Tantanmen!  I've never seen so many shrimp bits packed goodness in a single bowl in other Japanese restaurant! Ryu's ebi is so flavorful with its miso-based stock with vegetables and noodles.

Karaage Tantanmen 
The chicken is absolutely heaven! Hefty chicken with shiitake mushroom, vegetables and noodles in a bowlful of miso-based broth.
Gyu Tantanmen 
Generous slices of tender beef with vegetables and noodles in a savory miso-based soup

Classic Tantanmen 

Yaki Buta, Gyu, Ebi, Karaage, or Classic? Which of the #Tantanmen5 is your favorite?

Katsu + Cheese + Curry + Rice = Happy and satisfied Tummy!  

We also tried its Katsucheese Curry and boy was I happy that I tried it!  It is so yummylicious! The cheese is oozing and its flavor is so good!

Just like me you'll be a convert and would be wanting for more.

Cap off your weekend with a savory bowl of their Yaki Buta Tantanmen! Try this and all the #Tantanmen5 at your favorite ramen place #ryuramenandcurry.

@ryuramenandcurry #smjazz #smdcjazz #jazzmall #jazz #jupiter #reposo #makati #ryutantanmen #tantanmen 

For a P280 Tantanmen, RYU Ramen is certainly cheap for a ramen place. Tantanmen 5 are all delicious and it did not disappoint. Though I am a bicolana I can't eat extra spicy ramen. Ika nga it is better to have everything in moderation.

Its serving size is quite big.  In fact, a group of four to six persons could share one big bowl of tantanmen ramen. So price wise its tantanmen ramen is worth your hard earned peso.

Tamanegi are fried vegetable that can lessened the spiciness level of your Tantanmen and neutralized your palettes. Thus it can make you crave for more ramen!

Affordable yet huge ramen servings that will surely leave you with a full belly. That's the RYU Ramen's promise.



- Tomas Morato cor Sct. Lazcano, Quezon City 709-8789
- U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City 294-3574
- SM Jazz Residences, Jupiter St. cor N. Garcia, Makati City 874-1022

Store Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 02:00

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


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I recently discovered how to commute from SM Megamall to Greenhills Shopping Center via the Van Terminal located at the back of SM Megamall A.  It is located at the public parking lot of St. Francis Square just across the back exit of SM Mega A.  Think of National Bookstore, flower shop etc.

Fare is only Php20.00. I find it much more convenient than walking or riding a bus then crossing Edsa.

Have a safe trip! God bless us always!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sharing Expertise And Showing Genuine Compassion To Others

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Sharing Expertise And Showing Genuine Compassion To Others

My ate Dindin Daliva is one of a kind. It is very rare that you'll find someone with the expertise and genuine compassion for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Genuine compassion is understanding the suffering of another. For me, the most effective way to show your compassion for others is to empathize or to put yourself "inside the skin" of the other. Yes, to truly empathize you ought to "go inside" their body, feelings, and mental formations, and witness for yourself their suffering. Only through that action will you truly understand another human being. 

Most of us only has shallow observation of what our kababayans in the Vizayas area had went through during Haiyan (super typhoon Yolanda).

Like our political leaders, we are all outsiders because it is not enough to see our kababayans (countrymen) suffering on the news.  I believe that you and I must become one with the subject of our observation. Because it is only then that we can be in contact with another's suffering. Yes, that feeling of compassion can be born in us. 

Thank you fellow Dindin Daliva for the opportunity to share your expertise in helping at the grassroot level and congratulations for the biggest Emergency Pedagogy workshop that ever rolled-out in the Philippines. You and all that make up the IRelief Foundation did a really wonderful job. It is an honor to have you as a friend. You are a real life hero who works even when there is no camera around. (In fact, she's not aware that I feature her here. Sorry, ate Dindin, I only want to share to others your good example in helping people in far-flung areas.) 

Ate Dindin and her team went to far-flung places not reached by the government agencies and other organizations.  ( Mga lugar na hindi mapuntahan dahil sa layo at hirap, mga kinalimutan na ng gobyerno at iba pang mga tumutulong na nag concentrate lang sa Tacloban)  Unlike the dole out system by the government and other charitable institutions, she teaches the villagers in different remote barangays how to fish and does not simply give them fish. 

For instance, the iRelief Foundation gave the fisherfolks in New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan, a machine that converts pruned branches from bakawan (mangrove) trees to charcoal briquettes (briquets) and taught them how to use it.

Alternative and sustainable source of livelihood. Joyful times indeed come to the new beneficiaries of fishing nets from Barangay Bantigue, Panay, Capiz and twenty new fisherfolk-beneficiaries in Barangay Agojo, Panay, Capiz!!

The system she adopted helped them to be self-sustaining (or self-sufficient). So far, it is more successful than that where victims being helped by the government just wait at the evacuation centers and are given dole outs.

Ate Dindin calls herself a child whisperer because she's now helping traumatized children in different places.  Her team continues to conduct healing sessions for traumatized children in different areas in the Philippines.  


She left the corporate world to share her life with others. 

After a disaster,  everyone is left scarred to their souls. Children are given priority for trauma management not because they are the most vulnerable but because they are the most powerful. When our children start to laugh again amidst the despair, all the adults get healed.

She works tirelessly in silence, reaching areas such as the low-lying and remote island barangay of Bantigue, Panay, Capiz. It takes 30 to 40 minutes ride by boat to reach the island of 296 households whose fisherfolks remain unreached by any livelihood recovery and rehabilitation intervention.

Just like ate Dindin, UNILAB believes in 'Husay at Malasakit' in serving people, that is why in every product it produces, it makes sure that its facilities and procedures are safe, so that it will be able to take care of the Filipino people better.

This day and age, the country has braved various calamities that, if anything, have only strengthened our solidarity as Filipinos. But to fully rise again as a nation, we must be able to have both excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit) in everything we do, especially when in service to others who are in need.

Unilab, being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, believes in the power of husay at malasakit and has geared the company’s belief in this.

It may have changed its processes in line with the rise of technological advancement, but its heart will always be present in the manufacturing of its healthcare products.

Rest assured that in all the innovations it creates, the health and safety of the Filipino people are always at the core.

The distribution of its products is scattered across the country—from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao, to reach out to everyone in need of superior and affordable healthcare products.

If anything, Unilab believes in the spirit of genuine concern to make the lives of other people better.


With its new TVC, Unilab shows its husay at malasakit thrust and hopes to influence as much as it can to the nation. After all, what matters the most is the number of lives we touch when we reach our triumphs.


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Nearest MRT and LRT2 station to Eastwood would be the Cubao Station.

  •  Alight in Cubao station. 
  • Then walk towards General Romulo Avenue corner Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City.  Yes, dear that's the street where the former C.O.D. displays were used to be shown. 
  • That street at the corner of Aurora Boulevard where you will find a Mercury Drug Store is the street where the jeepneys coming from Cubao pass by going to Rosario, Pasig (and Antipolo area). The jeepneys pass through C-5. These jeepneys are the only ones plying through C-5. 
  • Get down at the foot bridge just adjacent to Citibank Towers in Eastwood City.
Note: Commuting via jeepney might be inconvenient to some but you'll be able to save money. Fare is only Php10 to and from Eastwood.  If you have the budget then by all means take a cab but get ready to pay between Php90 to Php110 depending on the traffic situation in the area.

Happy commuting!  Stay safe!

Friday, October 24, 2014

BIANCA GONZALES: Placed 2nd at Shell Fuel Save Good Choice Driving Challenge

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BIANCA GONZALES: Placed 2nd at Shell Fuel Save Good Choice Driving Challenge

TV host and model Bianca Gonzales (right) and her teammate Rio Umali, a blogger, placed second place at the recently concluded Shell Fuel Save Good Choice Driving Challenge held at Bonifacio Global City. 

iamsuperbianca It was a fun and steady road trip yesterday with my partner @rioumali for the Shell Driving Challenge! And to cap the day off with great news.. we won 2nd place!!!!  It may be hard to believe, but we got 30+ kilometres mileage per 1 liter of FuelSave from Batangas to Taguig! Amazinggggg. Anyone can really make the most of every drop of fuel with the right habits - click the hashtag #ShellFuelSaveGoodChoice to see more tips!

Photo Source: Instagram user iamsuperbianca

Professional FX drivers, TV Host / model, mommy and fashion bloggers, news correspondents and young professionals comprise the 14 participants of the 
#‎ShellFuelSaveGoodChoiceDrivingChallenge‬ who were divided into seven (7) teams. All teams drove a total distance of 240 kilometers in the all new keyless Ford EcoSport 1.5L Titanium from Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to Batangas and back.

In a dinner awarding held at Mango Tree Restaurant at Bonifacio Global City,  all three pairs of women bloggers swept the top three places with Michelle Aventajado, daughter-in-law of rally driver Robert Aventajado and her partner Sarah Irene Tirona taking first place with 61 points, followed by Bianca Gonzales and Rio Umali at 62 points and Jackie Go and Grace de Guzman in third with 68 points. #GirlPower

I believe that Bianca Gonzales had an edge over the other participants because she was named Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driver of the Year when she represented the Philippines and bested three other celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand during the final leg of the Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge in February this year.

Bianca Gonzales was delighted to be a part of the challenge since it showed that everyday drivers can also be fuel efficient.

“I am not a driving enthusiast so I am amazed to know that making simple adjustments to the way I drive – such as driving smoothly, avoiding high speeds and planning my trips carefully can go a long way in increasing my fuel efficiency. 
 Of course, what makes the difference is choosing the right fuel,”  Gonzalez  added.

The event was not a race but a test of efficient driving. The participants were given a total of 4 challenges that tested their fuel efficiency on the road. Two challenges were given on their way to Batangas and another two on their way back to Bonifacio Global City.

Shell Fuel Scientist Mae Ascan, the only Filipino among the over 200 Fuel Scientists in the world made the driving challenge more of a learning experience for the participants when she hold a special mentoring session on smarter driving behaviors and how to make good choices on and off road to help manage life’s daily pressures.

Among the practical tips given by Shell are the following:
  •  using the correct oil and fuel
  •  the importance of regular tune-ups
  •  the right tire pressure at all times
  •  smoothness of driving
  •  using higher gears more often
  •  conserving momentum
  •  avoiding idling, excess weight, and over speeding, all relatively easy to do for motorists.

The Shell FuelSave Good Choice Driving Challenge served as a prelude to the results of the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report –a nationwide study conducted by Pilipinas Shell to probe deeper into the range of decisions Filipino motorists make, the factors that affect these decisions, and how these impact the other aspect of their lives.

Filipino motorists on the average think of over 30 decisions per day and then spend long minutes on how to approach the decisions that they have decided. Small things like what route to take, what to eat later, when or where to fill up and price or quality of fuel occupy the minds of Filipino drivers. Trivial as it seems but according to the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report, a nationwide study conducted by the company in helping everyday motorists balance decision making, Filipino motorists lose up to 4 days per month just by pondering what to do next.

“We recognize that our customers are very busy people and are pre-occupied with so many things that they need to do in their daily lives. In fact, 78 percent of Filipino motorists admit to having difficulty in making a decision when there are a lot of choices to choose from. Our mission, then, is to simplify this process by offering quality products that could make their lives a bit easier when they drive out of their homes,” said Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President of Retail of Pilipinas Shell.

It is because of these findings that Shell introduced Shell FuelSave, the company’s regular priced fuel that is designed to last longer. According to Yam, it simplifies decision-making by offering a quality product that makes peoples lives easier. Yam added that FuelSave has active efficiency ingredients that gives drivers a good choice that motorists don’t need to think about.

#‎ShellFuelSaveGoodChoiceDrivingChallenge‬ showcases how easy it is for everyday individuals to become advocates of fuel-saving and be rewarded when they practice the Shell FuelSave Tips coupled with the use of Shell FuelSave fuels, which are designed to last longer per tank.

Congratulations to all of the 14 participants!  



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