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Sunday, September 11, 2016


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Boracay island is the most visited tourist destination in the Philippines all year round. It has a pristine white sand which is soft to the touch.

Since this is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines, you need to take a plane from Manila .  You could either opt to land in Kalibo, Aklan and take a shuttle to Caticlan plus a short boat ride or take a smaller plane which will land in Caticlan plus a short boat ride to the island.

If you hate the crowd you could opt to stay in station one (1) where there's less tourist because of the hotel prices in the area. Don't worry,  I know you want everything on a shoestring that's why I'll point you to the place in station one where you don't have to pay an arm and a leg. Ha ha ha!

Just read my blog about that budget inn here

Boracay Island and its beaches have received various awards from different travel publications and agencies.

Enjoy and be safe!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub

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12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub

If you find yourself in Makati, you can venture at Century mall and try the various offerings of 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub. Located at the 5th floor of Century City Mall. To reach it, you take an elevator to the 4th floor and then enter a separate elevator to arrive at the 5th floor.

The orange chicken at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub is very delicious according to my friend.  You have to take my friend's word for it because I never tried this dish yet.

I was able to try the burger and fries and it is superb. Kudos to the chef for this particular meal!

This is what I ordered, carbonara. And I shared this with Kuya Rey.  I am a bit disappointed. I think there is more room for improvement to this dish.  The chef at 12 Monkey's should improve this particular dish. Make it more creamy and put more cheese please.

My seatmate got this for herself, a seafood spaghetti, She said it is delicious. 

At least, you and I now know what to order the next time we find ourselves at 12 Monkeys.


The waiters shared that the live music performers at 12 Monleys are musical icons in the Philippine music scene like Side A, The Dawn, Razorback, Wolfgang, Parokya ni Edgar etc.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review or a food review. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

IVANA CHUBBUCK: Acting Coach to the Hollywood Stars Up Close and Personal

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IVANA CHUBBUCK: Acting Coach to the Hollywood Stars Up Close and Personal

"There is no ceiling. Human Beings could be anything they like to be!"- Ivana Chubback

Yes, dear aspiring actors and actresses! You probably have heard already about the Chubbuck technique one time or another. And guess what?  Ivana Chubbuck herself is here in Manila in the flesh! The author of book "The Power of an Actor" and the creator of the very popular Chubbuck technique used by many award winning actors & actresses in Hollywood will be holding a 2 (two) day Masterclasses in Manila! All together now- yeeeeheeeyyyy!!

Yes, that dream of yours to become an effective actor or actress is now an arms length away if not an inch closer! Be an observer and attend the two (2) days Ivana Chubbuck 2 (two) days master classes on September 3 to 4 at Dolphy Theater inside Abs-cbn compound.  See her live in action on how she coaches actors and how she transforms them from a mini to a biggie, from a flat 1 to a perfect 10! She's absolutely a gamechanger according to everyone who attended her classes. 

Maybe this is the answer to your prayers to be a Hollywood actor/actress! Invest to the series of classes using the Ivana Chubbuck technique and improve your craft. Upgrade your acting skills. Raise your chances, up your score, advance your knowledge. After all, no one could ever tell what's in your future! You might be the next big thing in Tinseltown!

Ivana Chubbuck has revolutionized fear and turned it into something productive through the arts.

Correct me if I am wrong, based from what I understand from Ivana herself during the question and answer portion, Ivana Chubbuck's technique channels the negative experiences of a person into a positive force.  If that is correct then that is so refreshing! I heard it is an effective way to allow the actor to stop acting and really be in the scene.

Ivana is a rule breaker and at the same time a healer of scarred souls. 

Why a rule breaker? Adherence to the rules? Boundaries? Ahh, Ivana defies all of these by breaking free from the norm and winning big time with her unique principles.

Mind you, this technique is applicable even to those in the singing industry, theater and to life itself. Did you know that Beyonce's acting coach is Ivana when she made the movie "Dreamgirls"? Beyonce got a lot of acting offers after that movie but Beyonce decided to quit acting and applied what she learned from the Ivana Chubbuck technique to her music videos and had dominated almost all mtv music awards since!

Tom Cruise, yes that Tom Cruise with so many acting awards under his belt, paid his tuition to Ivana Chubbuck by working as a chicken mascot in a restaurant when he was just staring out in Hollywood. He invested in his future and honed his acting skills and look at the fruits of his labor now! Amazing, isn't it?

The 69 year-old Sylvester Stallone, tired of being a hum actor all throughout his 30 year plus career asked for Ivana's help and had a one on one sessions with the exemplary coach. The Ivana Chubbuck technique had earned for Sylvester a nomination to a major award giving body.

Halle Berry profusely thanked Ivana for her help when she recently received an acting trophy. All other actors in Hollywood who had trained with Ivana has nothing but praises for her. It's beyond words. You ought to discover for yourself how it is to be trained by the Ivana Chubbuck!

It is amazing how Ivanna Chubbuck turned something negative into positive.

A breath of fresh air, that's Ivana! She's a very down to earth and a very nice person. She smiles a lot and I find her so charming. The Pilar Pilapil deadringer is so gorgeous in person.  

"I studied anthropology in college and not the arts," Ivana confesses.

Ivana ended up in the field of arts through her technique which she teaches to different people and brings to different parts of the world. Her book Power of an Actor had been translated to more than 12 languages incuding Japanese, Italian and Danish among others.

During the press conference early this afternoon. Ivana shared that when she was younger she was self destructing but a victor that she is, she reinvented herself from an actor to a full time acting coach in Hollywood.  Why? Because she realized that she enjoys teaching more than acting in front of the camera. I was left in awe when she speak with so much passion and said that she turned all her negativity and fear into something very productive and developed the Ivana Chubbuck technique that became so popular in Hollywood. Ivana believes that fear is universal. Along the way she discovered that her client in the US has the same fear with her other students in other countries as well.  She likened all her students to one big family whose fear and basic wants and needs are basically the same no matter where they are in the world. She observed that fear transcends religion, race and color.

I was so overwhelmed when I got to read the names of her Hollywood clientele. It is a wow as in super wow! Bigatin!!! As in! Hays, direk and Ivana that made me more curious what is the Ivana Chubbuck technique and why is it so popular?

Director Ryan Carlos is the only Asian to date which was authorized by Ivana Chubbuck to teach the Ivana Chubbuck technique

You survived. You are presently here in a space in the universe. Turn your fear as your greatest asset. Enroll now at ABS-CBN for the Ivana Chubbuck technique under the guidance of Director Ryan Carlos.

See you in Hollywood!

Monday, August 29, 2016

JADINE: New teleserye 'Till I Met you Starts Tonight!

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JADINE: New teleserye 'Till I Met you Starts Tonight!

Good news to all kapamilya especially to all JADINE's fans worldwide! James Reid and Nadine Lustre are now back in primetime bida time slot right after "ang Probinsyano" starting tonight with their newest teleserye offering titled "Til I meet You!(TIMY) only at ABS-CBN Channel 2 produced by Dreamscape Entertainment.

At the grand press conference held at Le Reve yesterday afternoon, the real and reel loveteam are praying and hoping that #TIMY will also be as successful as #OTWOL. If you can recall it was only in February this year that OTWOL had wrapped up and the loveteam were immediately given #timy which they shot for three(3) whole weeks in breathtaking Santorini, Athens Greece and Mykonos.

I love the aerial shots done by Director Antoinette Jadaone and second director Andoy Ranay.  Trailer pa lang panalo na!

Direk Antoinette Jadaone the "hugot" director had injected additional humor which we've seen from the trailer of TIMY yesterday. I particularly like the trailer showing the airport scene where Nadine thought that James( Basti) were smiling at her, it turned out that he was after all smiling at "Alejandro or Ali for short" played by theater actor JC Santos, the third wheel "bida" together with Jadine. Oh, you ought to watch the premiere episode tonight and be merry!

Nadine's character in the teleserye is torn between her childhood bestfriend and ka MU (mutual understanding) Ali and newly met tour guide in Greece-Basti. What matters more friendship or love? Ano nga ba?

Zoren Legaspi was so funny when he insisted that Angel Aquino was their third wheel at their Santorini trip because he and real life wife Carmina Villaroel together with Angel were roommates when they roam around in Santorini. 

Carmina immediately appeased Angel and told her that she and real life husband Zoren were actually very grateful to Angel for taking care of them when Zoren got sick. Carmina thanked Angel for volunteering in buying medicines for Zoren when he got a stomach flu on their second day in Santorini.

Yeah, they should be grateful!  After all the steps to and from the drugstores were steep and tricky in Santorini especially when you're in high heels. Add to that the language barrier.

Carmina plays the role of Cassandra, a poor woman, the mother of Iris (Nadine) while Pokwang plays the role of a  rich woman, a wife of a general whose son Ali (JC Santos) is Iris bestfriend whom she develop a mutual understanding.

"Mayaman ako dito! Believe it or not", Pokwang quips.

The teleserye's theme song 'Till I Met You was beautifully sang by R&B Princess Kayla.

Don't miss tonight's premiere episode of 'Till I Met You! #TIMY 


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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sunlife of Canada Quiz Night

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Sunlife of Canada Quiz Night

Everybody had a blast at the Sun Life sponsored event at the Fort, BGC. There were 26 groups composed of 6 to 8 members each who participated in the event. 

The fastest hands who googled the answer with the fastest connection wins the quiz. Congratulations guys!

I took the wrong route going to BGC that unfortunate day. Instead of taking the LRT/MRT route for easier and faster access to BGC. I took the jeepney going to Dapitan from Taft. In Dapitan, I walked towards Mayon Street, rode a jeep to Welcome Rotonda then cross the highway and rode an FX going to Trinoma then walk towards the MRT on the other side of the road then took the MRT, then upon arrival at Ayala MRT Station, went down the stairs then walked towards the BGC Bus terminal and waited in a crazy long line of people for almost thirty minutes to ride the West bound BGC bus before walking at my final destination at the Fort in BGC. Because of my bad decision, I never made it to the event proper. Good thing, the PR allowed me to join the Sun Life sponsored quiz night later that evening at the tent near the BGC Signage at the Fort.

Wrong Route.

The word is not only applicable on how we move from one place to another. This also applies with our financial dealings.

I know of some guys who took the easy route. Networking. The rich quick scheme. "Kape tayo" statement became synonymous to an hour of horror listening to all their talks convincing you to invest on their networking and what have you. Again, maybe they mean well but then again I am not just interested now. Why? It's because of a former schoolmate who asked me to joined a networking selling all those powdered drinks that they claimed to make you healthy, unfortunately the three heads I bought was all for nothing because she left me to fend on my own. Well, that made me realized that she's there only for the money not to help me make money. So there's a big difference there. So be careful on whom to trust.

Horror of horrors, reconnecting with lost friends and schoolmates, classmates etc. to extract money from them is a bit overboard. But that was what was being taught at their trainings. So, I guess, I'll list that as one of my charitable acts. Very costly, not only with the amount of money I paid but also with the friendship that had gone with my money. Ha ha ha!

Networking in the Philippines is not matured enough unlike those of other countries. It is primarily based on pyramiding that when the cookie crumbles everything else smashes to the ground.

One other way is to bank on your good looks and talent. Enter the entertainment scene as an actor or actress. Or if you have a singing prowess then by all means try to be a singer. Or if you don't have the talent maybe just maybe you could become the next Anne Curtis and enjoy fame and money that comes with it.

Another way is working your way to the top in the corporate scene. The stressfull rat race. A lot of you thinks that working in a multinational corporation would give you all the comforts in life. Well, maybe it holds true to some but not with everyone.

The route I took is entrepreneurship. Lesser number of people my age took the route I choose. Business after all is not for everyone.  Yes, think again and again before you jump into your own business. Business needs 100% of your time and attention. You have to make sacrifices, and it is definitely for everyone.

According to studies. More than 90% of businesses closed down within two (2) years of operation. Another 50% closed down after five (5) years in operation. Not everyone has the patience and the financial savvy to remain on top of his game. Not everyone are taylored to be an entrepreneur.

The ups and downs, twists and turns in this hilly terrain is really very challenging. The turbulence could come up anytime of the day that when you are caught unprepared you'll be swept off your feet. Endangering all your hard work. Yes, even in business you could lose everything. So thread lightly.

Another way I know is combining business or work with investments. That means, you still work or do business while segregating a portion of your income for your investments. In short, you make your money work for you and not the other way around. Re-investing your investments.

As you all know, bank deposits nowadays earns less than 1% annually. And if your account falls below the regulated balance it will be automatically be labeled dormant. Poor you will end up with nothing as in NADA, Zero. Sad, but true.

I don't know who had that crazy idea implemented in the banking industry. It made a lot of people frustrated, angry even. Your hard earned money gone with the wind. I could not blame people who just stock their money at home in their piggy bank. It made them feel more secure and safe than depositing their money in the bank.

Another way is to bet in the lotto. Unfortunately, according to studies, it is more possible for you to be stricken by the thunder twice than to win the lotto. Sigh, it is a very depressing thought. What will the future brings then? No one knows for sure. But you can choose to get ready by making investments as early as today. Make plans. Make a dream board. Take some notes and invest in your own future.

Mutual funds, stocks, UITF, bonds, etc. you name it I tried it. Yes, I've tried all of these instruments. And yet, I am not 100% convinced especially when it comes to the stockmarket. Why? Because in the past, I tried dipping my fingers inside the boiling kettle without proper guidance or knowledge on what I was getting into and I ended up with nothing. All my money went puff. Hays!

That is why I appreciate it when Aya Laraya was tapped by Sun Life of Canada to conduct a series of workshops dubbed as "Aral Muna, Bago invest".

Good thing, Sun Life of Canada is bending backwards in order to give its clients a chance to know its products. I learned recently that Sun Life offers fund management for as low as Php5,000 

You must have a specific purpose for your funds. Whether it is for retirement, education, travel, gadgets, etc. Because a purpose well defined is eaily attainable than a man with no particular purpose. A man who could not make up his mind is like a loose cannon, trying to be everything ending up with nothing. 

Your Sun Life fund manager will be the one to take care of your funds while you enjoy a good quality of life. Of course, you have to pay certain fees when you withdraw your investments before the holding period ends. Holding period is about a year or two depending on the type of investments you made.

I am so excited. I want to try this Sun Life product. #ExcitedMuch

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