Today, I receive all of God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s universe. Today, I open myself to God's blessings, healing and miracles. Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like God every day. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s Powerful Champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In God’s Name, Amen.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

DepEd: Holds A Month Long Early Registration For Public School

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DepEd: Holds A Month Long Early Registration For Public School 

Attention: Ola! Mommy, Daddy, Tita, Tito, Lolo, Lola, Ate, Kuya and to all my fellow Filipinos who know anyone or have a relative who will study or has a plan to study in any public elementary and secondary schools nationwide for SY 2015-2016.

Did you know that DepEd will be holding a month-long early registration in public schools nationwide starting today, January 24 to to February 27, 2015? Go and register now, it's FREE!

The month-long early registration period will give the Department a clear picture of the total number of expected enrollees and will help in addressing challenges that may arise during the regular enrollment period.  Its collective aim is a smooth school opening come June.

The early registration aims to ensure that all five-year old children are enrolled in kinder while all six-year old are enrolled in Grade 1 by June.

Other targets of the early registration are out-of-school children (OSC) and out-of-school youth (OSY) from marginalized sectors, including street children ages 5 to 18. These targeted learners will be provided with their preferred education delivery system which could either be formal through the alternative delivery mode (ADM) or through the alternative learning system (ALS).

To ensure universal participation, DepEd has enlisted the assistance of local and Barangay officials for the early registration of OSC, the OSY, those with difficulty in learning and the indigenous peoples (IPs).

The early registration will see DepEd working closely with the LGUs, the Parent-Teachers Associations, Barangay officials, civil society groups, civic organizations and the business sector to ensure wide sectoral participation in the exercise of granting all learners access to education.

Documentary requirements DepEd emphasized that there are no fees required for the registration. The birth certificate of the child shall be the documentary basis for early registration. If this is not available during the early registration, the document can be submitted within the school year.

Good luck!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winners of the First Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2014

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Winners of the First Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2014 

Congratulations and best wishes to the winners of the first ever Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2014 in the Philippines. I am so happy for all of you! 

The winners, Kristine Caballes from University of San Carlos Cebu and Jason Labacanacruz from the Technological University of the Philippines Manila, won the prestigious Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (NPYDA) 2014 for interior design and architecture categories, respectively

Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (NPYDA) announced the winners at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.   The competition’s theme is "Re:Think. Re:Create. Our Community, Our Home.NPYDA was launched in 2008 but was brought to the Philippines only last year.

Yes, friends! The prestigious NPYDA 2014 has for the first time recognized the talent of the Filipino students The Filipino winners won a fully-paid trip to Japan for a cross-country learning program, among other prizes. 

The first Philippine edition of the competition received 196 entries from all over the Philippines. The entries revolved around creating a “community-centric and sustainable township that provides high quality of life for all ages and walks of life."

Kristine Caballes, a University of San Carlos (USC Cebu) student who incorporated a garden in her design of the interiors of an imaginary home, is the first Filipino winner for interior design in the Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (NPYDA).  

Caballes said her design was guided by the Philippine climate, geography and everything about the country. In her design statement, she said “people living in this residence can save energy, water and money by using rainwater as their source of energy and water supply.” She incorporated rain catchment facilities and a vertical wall garden with hydroponics plants.

Caballes’ project introduced a residential house that not only uses rainwater for water supply but also converts it into electricity.

Caballes walked away with Php50,000 cash prize, A 6-month internship paid internship contracts under Lor Calma & Partners, which will give her an opportunity to acquire valuable experience from working alongside industry professionals.and spots in the exclusive Japan Learning Program and the prestige of being the first Filipino winner in the interior design category of NPYDA.  She also got an additional Php5,000 when her design was named Best Green Innovation. 
VERTICAL garden in Caballes’ winning dining room design
Caballes’ design impressed the judges so much she got a rating of more than 90 percent while the runner-up got less than 80 percent.

Jason B. Labanacruz wowed the judges with the idea to use recycled container vans for stable low cost housing instead of tents which are not resistant to typhoons. Caballes’ project meanwhile introduced a residential house that not only uses rainwater for water supply but also converts it into electricity. 

Scenes of devastation and death caused by recent typhoons, Labacanacruz said, led him to think of a design that would minimize the destructive impact of natural and other calamities. His entry, “Indayog ng Kulay Housing Project,” uses, among other things, recycled cargo containers to reduce the use of natural construction materials.

LABACANACRUZ proposes the use of recycled cargo containers for his “housing development.

Labanacruz won the gold award and walked away with Php50,000 cash prize, a 6-month paid internship contracts under Lor Calma & Partners and spots in the exclusive Japan Learning Program and the prestige of being the first Filipino winner in the architecture category of NPYDA. He also received Php5,000 for winning the prize for Best Color Choice.

Aside from the cash prize and trophy, the winners will each receive a six-month internship at Lor Calma & Partners and a fully paid trip in March to Osaka, Japan, to compete with the winners from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Japan and Hong Kong for the regional title.

They will also participate in the Japan Learning Program, an exclusive workshop for NPYDA winners that will feature internationally renowned architects and interior designers as speakers and resource persons.

USC Interior Design professor Adrian del Monte, Caballes’ adviser, and TUP Architecture professor Elpidio Balais Jr.,  Labacanacruz’s adviser, each received Php10,000. The winners’ schools each got Php10,000 in cash and Php10,000 worth of paint voucher.

Jestefanie Tanchuling of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) is the Silver awardee for interior design.

She won Php30,000 in cash

Tanchuling received an additional P5,000 for winning the Best Color Choice.

Silver awardee for architecture is Lloyd Hopanda of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST Manila). He won Php30,000 in cash.

In architecture, Arian Sustento of Adamson University (Manila) received P5,000 for winning the Best Green Innovation award.

The other eight finalists in each category of the Philippines’ first NPYDA competition received P10,000 each

For Interior design—Liana Bianca Limjoco, UST; Stacy Mae Chan, USC Cebu; April Jan Molino, UST; Hannah Marie Betonio, USC Cebu; Mark John Acoba, Philippine Women’s University Manila; Syril Jendryl Clemente, UST; Kristel Anne Poyaoan, University of the Philippines Diliman (UP Diliman); and Raiza Gangoso, La Consolacion College Bacolod.

Architecture—Roldan LopeƱa, National University (NU Manila); Jose Laserna Jr., EARIST Manila; Niel Gardonia, NU Manila; Rod Kevin Gonzales, UP Diliman; Rewin John F. Corpuz, Tarlac State University (TSU); Jan Nicole Dizon, TSU; and Daisy Antonio, TUP Manila.

NPYDA is an annual, region-wide competition regional competition across 10 Asia Pacific countries such as the following:
  • Malaysia 
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • and now the Philippines. 
The competition challenges emerging designers to find innovative and practical solutions to real-world demands of their profession. It is aimed at developing creative young talent and raising the standards of design excellence.

Indeed, without the inspiration of the young, the design world will be stagnant.

Gladys Goh, group general manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, said “the exceptionally talented young people” who participated in the competition represented the future of design. The first NPYDA drew 120 entries in interior design and 76 in architecture.

Goh said she was impressed that they got so many entries in just about six months since they launched NPYDA in the Philippines. She added that the competition was not just about “looking pretty,” as it put emphasis on the green element. The contest criteria assigned 30 percent of the total score to “green-ness.

“All entries are very unique and relevant to the needs of the Philippines and inspired by the Philippines’ natural wonders,” she said. Nippon Paint invested in the competition, she said, “because what’s the use of having green technology if there is no green design?”

Rogelio Caringal, president of the Philippine Institute of Interior Design, said NPYDA is “planting the seeds of green consciousness for better, greener and healthier environment.

Beth Regala, president of United Architects of the Philippines, said architects played a critical role in shaping the environment, while Rolando Cordero, chair of the Professional Regulation Commission Board for Architecture, who chaired the board of judges, said the NPYDA confirmed his view that there is an abundance of talent among young Filipino interior designers and architects.

Photo shows (from left) Gladys Goh, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group – Group General Manager; Jason Labacanacruz, and Kristine Caballes.

Father-and-son tandem of Lor and Ed Calma is a formidable force in architecture.

Lor Calma is a 
legend in the world of architect and interior design. He translated the modernism’s minimalist form into a Filipino context in the ’50s throughout the ’70s. The younger Calma, meanwhile, has made a name for himself, stepping out of the shadows from his architect father.

NPYDA, a recognition program in Asia that shines the spotlight on young specifiers who want their work showcased in both the local and international arena, will also send the winners to Japan for a cross-country learning program.

Lor Calma, who is also the head judge for the interior design category of NPYDA 2014, can't wait to guide the winners during their internship at his firm.

“We’re partners with Nippon Paint, so this is a big deal,” he said. “It’s an international competition so we’re looking for talents here in the Philippines that would be able to compete worldwide. I believe our students have a fighting chance because you can see from the work, the passion they have.

During the six-month internship, Calma hopes to share his experiences and guide them as to how international juries would look at their projects.

The youth is the hope of every nation

SAMSUNG: Introduces the Galaxy A-Series Smartphones

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SAMSUNG: Introduces the Galaxy A-Series Smartphones 

Samsung introduces a new generation of smartphones with the all-new Samsung GALAXY A-Series. The Cutting-Edge A-Series phones were launched at the newest and hippest party place in town, Valkyrie, during the January 14, 2015 event hosted by MTV VJ Yassi Pressman. 

Geez, you could imagine my excitement when I got invited to witness the launching of the new Samsung Galaxy A-Series

Donning a Samsung unit, I had that VIP feel as I accessed #TheALife  entering through Valkyrie’s VIP lanes.

All eyes are on the slim and stylish Galaxy Alpha and its new brand ambassadors led by 
  • Yassi Pressman
  • Lauren Young
  • Callum David
  • Lissa Kahayon,
  • Janina Manipol 
  • and David Guison. 

Life is awesome when you are young and all the Samsung Brand Ambassadors for the Cutting-Edge Samsung Galaxy A-Series have good vibes aura. 

First Photo: The author with Adobo Magazine Account Manager Nicole Songco. Second Photo: Cha Sy with Yassi Pressman and Lauren Young, newest Samsung Galaxy A-series Ambassadors.

As part of the mobile crowd of this generation there’s nothing better than having access to the A life – an awesome lifestyle that lets you freely express yourself and have fun the way you want to. 

The A life means being able to experience life’s greatest moments and sharing them with your friends. 

Those who want to experience the A Life can make it happen with the Samsung Galaxy A-Series with its slim, stylish and full metal design. Samsung Galaxy A-Series is Samsung’s first full metal smartphone which features both a stylish design and powerful specs.It is stylishly crafted with a slim, full metal body. It gives you a true-to-life viewing experience with AMOLED technology and is packed with a wide range of selfie functions to play with.

Available in three variants:
  • Galaxy A7
  • Galaxy A5 
  • and Galaxy A3
Yes, my dear the A series features a first full metal unibody device that comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and advanced features that bring the Samsung smartphone experience to a new level of functionality.

The Galaxy A Series is Samsung’s slimmest smartphones to date, making them the perfect accessory to go with any get-up. The Galaxy A7 stands at 6.3mm thin, while Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 comes at 6.7mm and 6.9mm, respectively. For the Galaxy A3, there will be Black and White colors. Black, White, Gold, and Silver will be available for Galaxy A5 while Galaxy A7 will come in Black, White, and Gold.
Sporting an advanced 5MP front-facing camera, it allows you to take better selfies with greater ease than ever—whether you’re bar hopping with friends, lounging at the beach, or exploring a new vacation getaway. Innovative photo-taking features, such as Wide Selfie, Voice and Palm Gestures Activation, Animated GIF, Beauty Face Features (Face Retouch, Eye Enlarge, and Slim Face), and Rear-cam Selfie, letusers take photos in high resolution by automatically detecting and focusing on a person’s face.
Since photos are meant to be shared, you can easily share photos of your A life with friends using your favorite social media channels with the device’s fast network speed of LTE Category 4 standard.
Vivid Display and Powerful Processor
Further, the A Series allows you to expand your entertainment options. Whether you want to play video games or watch films, you will surely love the Galaxy A series Super AMOLED display and Adaptive Display technology, which gives users a more exciting viewing experience. It delivers clearer images with deep contrast and better viewing angles for more vivid, colorful content in virtually any environment, even under bright sunlight.
To ensure that you always enjoy what technology has to offer in every facet of your life, the A Series was made for seamless multi-tasking and faster browsing experience. The A7 features an Octa Core (1.5GHz Quad Core and 1.0 GHz Quad Core) processor while A5 and A3 feature a Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor. In addition, the Galaxy A Series sports popular features exclusive to Galaxy devices, such as Ultra-Power Saving Mode, Private Mode and Multiscreen, as well as adjustable audio which intelligently adapts and enhances sound outputbased on the user’s surrounding environment.
The Galaxy A7 is priced at Php 24,990, Galaxy A5 at Php 19,990 and Galaxy A3 at Php 16,990.  It will be available in Samsung Experience Stores and authorized dealers beginning January 2015.
Not only that, since Samsung wanted you to Access the A life, it will have a promotion on Jan. 24 to 25. I am so excited for the mobile crowd because you'll get to enjoy P1,000 off from the price tag, a free Valkyrie VIP card, free Content and Services vouchers and zero-percent installment for 18 months. What are you waiting for? Hurry and enjoy the new Samsung A-series.
Samsung Galaxy A7 Products Specifications
Galaxy A7
SRPPhp 24,990
LaunchFebruary 2015
DesignFull Metal
Sim TypeDual SIM active (Hybrid) Nano
ConnectivityWi-Fi + LTE Ready
Display5.5” Super Amoled Display
ProcessorOcta Core (1.5GHz Quad Core + 1.0GHz Quad Core)
Camera13MP AF w/ LED Flash + 5MP (F)
Dimension150.9 x 75.9 x 6.3 mm
Battery2,600mAh (Non removable)
OSAndroid OS 4.4 KitKat
ColorsWhite, Black, and Gold
OthersUltra Power Saving mode

Samsung Galaxy A5 Products Specifications
Galaxy A5
SRPPhp 19,990
LaunchJanuary 2015
DesignFull Metal
Sim TypeNano SIM
ConnectivityWi-Fi + LTE Ready
Display5” Super Amoled Display
ProcessorQuad Core 1.2GHz
Camera13MP AF w/ LED Flash + 5MP (F)
Dimension139.3 x 69.7 x 6.7 mm
Battery2,300mAh (Non removable)
OSAndroid OS 4.4 KitKat
ColorsWhite, Black, Gold, and Silver
OthersUltra Power Saving mode

Samsung Galaxy A3 Products Specifications
Galaxy A3
SRPPhp 16,990
LaunchJanuary 2015
DesignFull Metal
Sim TypeNano SIM
ConnectivityWi-Fi + LTE Ready
Display4.5” Super Amoled Display
ProcessorQuad Core 1.2GHz
Camera8MP AF w/ LED Flash + 5MP (F)
Dimension130.1 x 65.5 x 6.9 mm
Battery1,900mAh (Non removable)
OSAndroid OS 4.4 KitKat
ColorsWhite and Black
OthersUltra Power Saving mode

* Features and functions will vary by market.

* All functions, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities are subject to change without notice or obligation.

* User memory space may be less than the total memory space due to system files. User memory may differ by region, carrier, and supporting language, and may change after software upgrade.

You can ask the world to end your doubts and questions, but the answers to it all are within you. You are the Answer. 

#SamsungGalaxyASeries #Slim #Stylish #FullMetalAccess #theALife

Sunday, January 18, 2015

DARREN ESPANTO: Tell The World Of His Love

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DARREN ESPANTO: Tell The World Of His Love

Darren Espanto sang "Tell The World of His Love" at the conclusion of Pope Francis encounter with the youth held the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila Philippines earlier today, January 18 2014.

#PopeFrancisPh #PopeFrancis #PopeFrancisUST

12-year old asked Pope Francis: Why does God allow this to happen?

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12-year old asked Pope Francis: Why does God allow this to happen?

12-year-old Glyzelle Palomar, dressed in a Filipiniana attire and was carrying a prepared speech to relate her life as a street kid to Pope Francis at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila (UST). She started by introducing herself as one who lives in the streets and who is exposed to all sorts of problems such as drugs and prostitution.

She then asked in Filipino "Why does God allow abuse and prostitution? Why does God allow this to happen?" and then she broke down and cried and stopped speaking. In a span of several seconds, this little girl's speech managed to make everyone cry.

Organizers had to console her before she and another street kid, 14-year-old Jun Chura, were brought to the Pope, who gave them a tight hug. 

The two are from the Tulay ng Kabataan foundation, which takes care of street children in Metro Manila. The Pope had an unscheduled visit with members of Tulay ng Kabataan on his second day in the Philippines, last Friday, January 13.
Because of what the 12-year old said, Pope Francis had to forego his prepared English homily.

"The reality that you have is more superior to the paper in front of me" quips Pope Francis.

He then spoke in Spanish ( his native tongue ) and based another extemporaneous homily to the 12-year old child and also Ricky, one of the volunteers who helped the Yolanda survivor. Amazing! You could feel that he talks from the heart and you can sense the rawness of it!
"Women have so much to tell us about the society. Women are able to pose questions that men are not able to understand,"
"Today's world lacks the capacity of knowing how to cry."

"Be courageous don't be afraid of crying. Let us learn how to weep, how to cry."
Have you ever ask yourself: " Have I learned to weep for someone who has suffered abuse?"
It's ok to cry...realities are seen through the tears of our eyes.
Rikki Macolor, an electronics engineer who invented the Solar Night Light for Yolanda victims, asked Pope Francis, "What more can the youth do? How can we, especially the youth, be agents of mercy and compassion?"

To Ricky who built solar lamps for Yolanda: You give but do you allow yourself to receive? "You lack only one thing. Become a beggar. To learn how to beg."

"Let yourselves to be loved. It is important to let yourselves be loved by Him."

"The most important subject you have to learn is how to love."

Real love is about loving and letting yourselves be loved. It is important to let yourselves be loved by Him. 

Use 3 languages: Mind, heart, hands that is to think, to feel, to do -Pope Francis

#PopeFrancisPh #Pope #PopeFrancis #DearPopeFrancis #PopeFrancisUST
I am so emotional since the @Pontifex arrived. Each of his quotable quotes makes me ponder and cry each and every time the Pope shows mercy and compassion. 
Photo credits to the rightful owner of the pictures.



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