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Sunday, April 28, 2013

UNITED NATIONS: The World We Want Philippines Project 2015

UNITED NATIONS:  The World We Want Philippines Project 2015
"Each one of us is a part of a part, each of which is a part of a whole".  

A VOICE FOR THOSE WHO NEED TO BE HEARD! The United Nations turns to the digital platform to give more opportunities to have your voices heard. 
I recently pledged to do my part in making this world a better place. 

When my friend Barbie Barbieto asked me if I want to be a part of The World We Want Philippines project of the United Nations for bloggers,  I readily agreed. After all, each one of us is a part of the whole.  

Like any developmental organization, the UN has a bunch of goals that it has set for a certain period and the current set of goals will be reached in 2015. It is beginning to draft its plans for 2015 onwards but this time, it wants input from people it would not otherwise reach. To do this, it is turning to the internet. 
It has put up a poll and are asking people like you and me to vote to nominate what we think are the six most pressing issues that the world is facing. Do you want the world leaders to hear your opinion? Then Vote for the changes that would make the most difference to our world.  The United Nations and partners want to hear from us! 
MY World is a global survey asking you to choose your priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda. Tell them about the world you want, because your voice matters. Vote here!  And you might want to like MY World on facebook.  In case some people start to ask for money don't give any because this is only a survey.

In the UN survey form, I was made to answer this question: Which of these are most important for you and your family? Choose six (6). I counted the options it has given and the number reaches fourteen (14) plus an option to suggest a priority. 

In case you are curious of my answers, I am providing my list below:

1. Support for people who can’t work! This means that every person should have enough money to live on, either through employment or government help. When people can’t work, or are affected by events like natural disasters or economic crises, governments should make sure that they and their families won’t go hungry, children won’t drop out of school, and they can get the healthcare and other essential services they need.
2. Freedom from discrimination and persecution.  This means that no person in the world should have their economic, social or political opportunities limited because of their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual preference, or for any other reason, and that no person should fear for their personal safety for the same reasons.
3. Better health care. This means that good quality health services should be available to everyone when they need treatment. Efforts should be made to reduce the impact of infectious and other chronic diseases. Both the funding and the organization of health systems should suit the needs of the country and its citizens.
4. Access to clean water and sanitation. This means that every person should have access to safe water for drinking, cooking and washing, and access to sanitation.
5. Phone and Fast Internet Access. This means that governments and the private sector should make sure that everyone has access to a minimum level of communications technology to get online information and participate in social networks.
6. Protecting forests, rivers and oceans This means that natural resources should be looked after, because people depend on them for food, fuel and other resources. Governments should agree on plans to reduce pollution in oceans and rivers, plant new forests and preserve existing ones, and move towards sustainable agriculture and food systems. Global agreements should protect biodiversity and fragile ecosystems.  

The survey also provided a graph that shows specific age groups and how they voted. See it here.
Please vote as soon as you can. There’s only less than 1000 days left before the current Millennium Development goals’ deadline is reached and come 2015, world leaders will be setting new goals.
It is about time that we do our share in making our world a better place to live in.



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