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Friday, December 7, 2012

HONDA: Donates Php 1 Million to Victims of Typhoon Pablo in Mindanao

Honda donates Php 1 Million to victims of Typhoon “Pablo” in Mindanao

Hundreds of our fellow Filipinos in Mindanao suffered the wrath of typhoon Pablo ( International codename- Bopha) the other day. It is as if my heart got twisted and stomped on when I saw on TV, hundreds of people lost not only their homes but also their lives.   
You see, I grew up in Bicol the so called eye of the storm, so you might think I am immune seeing dead bodies on the street by now. Human as I am,  I get affected whenever I see victims of typhoon. Luckily since 2011, Bicol region had been spared from typhoon, thank God. Environmentalist advocates said it is because of the effect of climate change to our environment. I remember talking to the good people of Mindanao during my visit in the year 2010, they told me that they don't know how it is to have a flooded streets or the wrath of a typhoon because Mindanao is not a typhoon prone area. So I can imagine the surprise on their faces when they got hit by several typhoons since 2011. Typhoon Pablo left 353 dead with hundreds still missing. Statistics as of  December 7, 2012: Injured- 714; Missing- 517; Rescued- 155 persons
  This particular photo is from Minda news.

With the news of widespread devastation, loss of lives, and displacement of families and communities caused by typhoon Pablo in Mindanao, it is good to note that Honda Foundation Inc. (“HFI” for brevity) lost no time in reaching out to its partner institution, ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., and donated Php 1million to sustain rescue and relief efforts to severely affected areas. On behalf of the Filipino people "Arigato gusaimasu Honda".

HFI is the corporate social responsibility arm of the subsidiaries of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) in the Philippines.  The subsidiaries of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) in the Philippines are comprised of Honda Philippines, Inc., Honda Cars Phils., Inc., Honda Parts Manufacturing Corp., and Honda Trading Phils., Ecozone Corp.  

HFI had also donated to victims of strong typhoons such as Ondoy, Sendong, and Habagat.       

Honda Foundation, Inc.



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