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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Baguio Budget Bites: New Good Taste Restaurant Review

Ah, Baguio. The City of Pines, known for its cool climate, breathtaking scenery, and...supposedly cheap and delicious eats.
(Dry?) Chicken Curry

Well, on our recent trip, my brother, his girlfriend, and I decided to try a place called New Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant. The name promised a delightful culinary experience. We have high hopes thanks to local recommendations, we ventured to New Good Taste for what promised to be a delicious adventure 
but let's just say it left us feeling a little disappointed. 

Buttered chicken New Good Taste Restaurant
Buttered Chicken 

Saving on Flavor?

Look, I get it. Budget travel is all about finding those hidden gems that won't break the bank. And yes, New Good Taste is undeniably cheap. The portions are decent, and the prices are rock-bottom. But here's the thing – cheap doesn't have to mean bland.  The food, well, it wasn't exactly bad. But it wasn't good either. It fell somewhere in the realm of "meh." We ordered their recommended best sellers- grilled spare ribs, shrimp tofu, chicken curry, and buttered chicken. Everything tasted a Like maybe the ingredients weren't quite fresh, or the recipes were missing that special touch.

Spare ribs with rice 

The Hot Water Fiasco

Then there was the whole hot water situation. We politely requested hot water to sanitize our utensils before digging in (a standard practice in many Filipino households). To our surprise, the waitress informed us there would be a 10 peso charge for the hot water! Now, 10 pesos isn't a lot, but the principle of the thing just rubbed us the wrong way. We weren't asking for a fancy broth, just hot water to ensure cleanliness. After a brief discussion with the waitress, I politely asked her to ask her manager. The manager ultimately waived the charge.

The Verdict: Save Your Stomach (and Maybe Your Money)

Look, if you're on a super tight budget in Baguio and just need to fill your stomach with something vaguely resembling food, then New Good Taste might do the trick. But honestly, with so many other amazing options in the city, I'd recommend skipping this one. For a few pesos more, you can find fantastic local eateries that offer both delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Silver Lining

The one positive takeaway? The long line outside. Maybe we just ordered the wrong dishes, or maybe our taste buds were having an off day. Who knows? The point is, if you're feeling adventurous and want to give New Good Taste a try, be my guest. Just don't say I didn't warn you about the hot water!

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes, the cheapest option isn't always the best. When it comes to food, especially in a place like Baguio, it's worth doing a little research and finding a place that offers both affordability and flavor. Next time, we'll stick to the tried-and-true recommendations or explore a local market for some street food – now that's where you can find the real budget-friendly gems!
Shrimp tofu 



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