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Friday, August 13, 2021

FDA Releases Data Of Vaccine Efficacy of Different Brands

Ten percent of the entire population has already received their first dose as of August 1, 2021.  And around 9 million plus are fully Vaccinated according to FDA.

Those who received one dose of Sinovac are around 7,044,592 and around 266 got Covid-19 and around 39 died.

Around 5,093,246 who are fully vaccinated with Sinovac around 129 got Covid-19 and around 3 of them died. 

First dose of Astra Zeneca is around 3,124,335 and 255 got Covid-19 and 21 died.

First dose of Sputnik was administered to 249,708 around six got Covid-19 and zero died.

Moderna's first dose was administered to 76,207 people and one got Covid-19 and zero died.
 Fully Vaccinated with one dose with Janssen is around 1,927,720 with zero deaths.
One dose of Pfizer vaccine was administered to 1,252,739 individuals and 18 of them got Covid-19 with zero deaths.

I wonder why their is no accountability. The DOH and the one in charge with the vaccine acquisition last year should know that the blood in this war is in THEIR HANDS. 

Continue to observe at least two meters distance, wash your hands properly, wear facemask and faceshield and Pray psalm 91 🙏




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