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Today, I receive all God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s Universe. Today, I open myself to your Blessings, healing and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus Everyday. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s powerful champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The Ungrateful Arm

We've all been there, right? You help someone out, pull them up from a rough patch, and then...poof! They vanish, leaving you feeling like you fed a stray dog a gourmet meal only to have it steal your wallet. Well, buckle up, because we're here to tell you the tale of our metaphorical "stolen arm."

There we were, with open arms. We assisted and opened our doors to this crew when they were facing some serious hardships – no electricity, no food. It was a rough situation, and we wanted to help. We empathized with them, figuring they just needed a hand getting started. We offered support, a metaphorical plate full of kindness and generosity.

At first, they were all "thank you so much," and "you're a lifesaver!" It felt good, you know? Like we were making a difference. But slowly, slowly, things changed. The gratitude faded, replaced by a sense of entitlement. They started taking our help for granted, expecting more and more.

Then came the kicker. One day, we caught them with their metaphorical hands in the metaphorical cookie jar. Not just taking a cookie, mind you, but trying to claim the entire bakery as theirs! They rewrote history, pretending like our help never even happened.

Let me tell you, folks, that stung. It felt like they'd devoured our entire metaphorical arm, the one we so freely offered. All that was left was a gnawing sense of betrayal.

Here's the thing, though. We learned a valuable lesson. While helping others is a noble act, it's important to have boundaries. Not everyone deserves your open arms. Some folks will take advantage, and that's okay. It doesn't mean you stop being generous, but maybe you become a little more discerning about who gets a seat at your metaphorical table.

So, to those who've taken advantage of kind souls like us, a word to the wise: Remember where you came from. And to those of you with kind hearts, keep helping, but choose wisely. Because sometimes, that metaphorical arm takes a long time to grow back.

P.S. On a lighter note, this whole experience has definitely given a new meaning to the phrase "don't let someone take the shirt off your back" because apparently, they'll go for your whole arm if you let them!

Saturday, May 25, 2024

A Broken System: The Plight of Indigent Patients at PGH

The Philippine General Hospital (PGH), a beacon of hope for so many Filipinos, is facing a crisis. A crisis not of treatable illnesses, but of a lack of resources to treat them. Today, I want to talk about the shortage of beds and medical professionals crippling PGH's ability to care for indigent patients.

We all know someone who has relied on PGH's services. It's a lifeline for those who can't afford private healthcare. But what happens when that lifeline becomes strained? Patients, many critically ill, are turned away due to a lack of available beds. Imagine the despair, the fear, of being denied treatment because there's nowhere to lay you down.

This isn't just about beds; it's about the overworked and understaffed medical professionals. These dedicated individuals are stretched thin, unable to provide the level of care each patient deserves. Burnout and compassion fatigue become real threats, further jeopardizing the quality of care.

This situation demands action. I urge the Department of Health (DOH) to take a serious look at PGH's needs. Increased funding is crucial to expand bed capacity and hire more medical staff. We need a long-term plan to ensure PGH can continue serving the Filipino people effectively.

To our esteemed President Bongbong Marcos Jr. and Vice President Sara Duterte, I implore you to prioritize the health of our nation. Investing in PGH is an investment in the well-being of countless Filipinos.

We cannot stand by and watch this vital institution crumble. We need strong leadership and a commitment to ensuring quality healthcare for all.

What can you do as an ordinary Filipino? 
  • Share this post. Let your voice be heard.
  • Contact your representatives and urge them to prioritize healthcare funding.
  • Donate to organizations that support PGH.

Together, we can make a difference. PGH's patients deserve better, and with your help, we can make it a reality.

#SavePGH #HealthcareForAll #SupportOurDoctors

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺, lit. 'Temple of the Golden Pavilion'), officially named Rokuon-ji (鹿苑寺, lit. 'Deer Garden Temple'), is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

De La Salle University: Full Scholarship for PhD Students with P35,000 Monthly Allowance

Good news peeps! 

De La Salle University (DLSU) is giving away a fantastic opportunity for doctorate students! They are offering a full scholarship program called the Saint Miguel Febres Cordero PhD Scholarship Program, which covers full tuition and miscellaneous fees. But that's not all! Scholars will also receive a monthly stipend of P35,000 for four years.

This prestigious scholarship is open to applicants admitted to any of DLSU's PhD programs, including both straight PhD programs and those following an MA-PhD track. The best part? Financial need is not a deciding factor! All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, regardless of their background.

Here's why this scholarship is truly impactful:

Financial Freedom: Focus on your research and studies without worrying about tuition or living expenses. The P35,000 monthly stipend allows you to fully dedicate yourself to your academic pursuits.

Open to All: This scholarship program removes financial barriers, making a PhD education accessible to deserving students from all walks of life.

Prestigious Recognition

Being chosen as a Saint Miguel Febres Cordero scholar is a mark of academic excellence and will undoubtedly enhance your future career prospects.

Standing Out from the Crowd:

While admission to a DLSU PhD program is the primary requirement, an endorsement from a faculty member in your desired department can strengthen your application. Reach out to professors whose research aligns with your interests and demonstrate your passion and qualifications.

Beyond the Scholarship:

There's no mandatory service requirement after graduation, and you won't be penalized if your PhD studies extend beyond the typical four-year timeframe. The scholarship provides flexibility and support to ensure your academic success

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Visit the DLSU website for a complete list of PhD programs and to learn more about the application process. You can also reach out to the university directly at for further inquiries.

After all, pursuing a PhD degree with a scholarship program from De La Salle University could be the perfect stepping 
stone for you. Check the official DLSU website  to learn more about the application process and deadlines.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Kansai Pass or Bust: Conquering Kyoto and Osaka on a Budget

Hey travel buddies!

We thoroughly enjoyed Japan's Kansai region, and we're here to spill the matcha on whether the Kansai Pass is worth it . Spoiler alert: it depends! But fear not, We'll break it down to help you decide.

No More Kansai Thru Pass...

First things first, the beloved Kansai Thru Pass is no more! As of May 2024, it's been replaced by the new Kansai Railway Pass. While it offers similar benefits – unlimited rides on trains and subways in the Kansai area – there are some key changes.

The New Kansai Railway Pass: Friend or Foe?

  • Price Hike: The new pass is a bit pricier than its predecessor. We're talking 5,600 yen for a 2-day pass and 7,000 yen for 3 days (ouch!).
  • Bus Blues: Sadly, unlike the Thru Pass, the Railway Pass doesn't cover buses anymore. This might be a dealbreaker if you planned on exploring further flung areas.
  • JR Trains MIA: Another thing to note is that the pass doesn't cover JR trains, which are a major player in the Kansai region.

So, is it worth it?

Here's our take:

  • For Budget Backpackers: If you're sticking mainly to Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara (all easily accessible by subways and private railways), and want to maximize your travel budget, the Kansai Railway Pass can still be a good option.
  • For Adventurous Explorers: If your itinerary includes places like Koyasan or Himeji Castle (which require JR trains or long-distance travel), the pass might not be the best fit. Consider buying individual tickets or a JR Pass depending on your specific needs.

June in Kansai: What to Expect

June is a great time to visit Kansai – the weather is warm but not sweltering, the rainy season hasn't quite hit yet, and the crowds are still manageable. Here are some highlights:

  • Hydrangea Heaven: June is hydrangea season in Japan, and the Kansai region boasts some stunning displays. Check out the Meigetsu-in Temple in Kamakura or the Hase-dera Temple in Nara.
  • Festival Fun: June also sees some lively festivals, like the Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka (a vibrant boat procession) and the Hozuki Festival in Kyoto (where people light paper lanterns).
  • Hiking Adventures: As the weather gets warmer, June is a good time for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the region's hiking trails, like those around Mount Takao or Mount Inari.

Our Kansai Pass Adventure

Since we focused on exploring Osaka and Kyoto, the Kansai Railway Pass worked well for us. We zipped around on the subways and private railways, hitting all the must-sees – Osaka Castle, Dotombori district, Kinkaku-ji temple, Arashiyama bamboo grove – without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the Kansai Railway Pass or explore your options, the Kansai region has something for everyone. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and mouthwatering food, it's a destination that will leave you wanting more.

Have you used the Kansai Pass (or the new Railway Pass)? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

Happy Travels,

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Casio Watch Rings Are Back in Japan and My Inner Child is Screaming!

Hey everyone,

Remember those awesome Casio watches we all rocked back in the day? The ones with the catchy tunes and that somehow managed to survive numerous playground tumbles? Well, get ready for a major nostalgia trip because Casio's Standard Series is back, but this time in a much tinier form – watch rings!

Photo not mine CTTO 

Yes, you read it right. Those iconic digital, analog, and even calculator watches we loved are now a miniature replicas that double as rings! They've hit the capsule machines all across Japan, and let me tell you, my inner child is absolutely thrilled.

For those unfamiliar with the magic of Casio's Standard Series, these were the go-to watches of our youth. We had the classic F-91W with its digital display, the ever-so-useful calculator watch (hello, teenage math problems!), and the timeless analog designs like the MQ-24. These watches were about functionality, affordability, and a whole lot of retro charm.

Photo not mine CTTO 

Now, imagine these iconic designs shrunk down and transformed into rings! The second edition of Casio watch rings boasts six different models, including some new additions like the CA-53WF Databank watch (remember that one?). Each ring captures the essence of the original watch with incredible detail, considering their size. Plus, there's even a secret model waiting to be discovered – the thrill of the hunt is real!

Photos not mine CTTO

So, if you're ever in Japan and spot those familiar capsule machines, keep an eye out for the Casio watch rings. You might just score your favorite childhood watch in a whole new form!

Who knows, maybe I'll even do a follow-up post with pictures of my ring collection (fingers crossed for the secret model!). Until then, happy hunting, fellow Casio enthusiasts!

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Family, Food Finds, and Friendly Business Chat at IFEX 2024

The last day of IFEX 2024 turned into a delightful family affair (with a dash of business thrown in)! After a big family event at the Marriott Hotel's Grand Ballroom, my brother Yummytales and I decided to squeeze in a visit to the World Trade Center. What a good decision that was!

IFEX, for those who haven't been, is a treasure trove of all things food and ingredients. It's a chance to discover new favorites and stock up on old ones. And guess what? We stumbled upon a small world moment right there at a booth!

We were waiting for our change after buying 6 Camalig pinangat (we missed this dish so much!). As fate would have it, my cousin-in-law (wife of my first cousin, whom we'd just seen at the Marriott) arrived with my nephew! Turns out, his wife is the seller at the booth!

They sell these unique, well-packaged pinangat for a very reasonable price. They even had a promo: buy 5, get 1 free! I ended up paying only Php 415 for 6 pieces. Bonus: these pinangat have a shelf life of a year if frozen! Needless to say, our 6-pack lasted a mere 3 days. Wish I'd bought more! Yum!!

Their recipe is fantastic. Not just because they're family (although that doesn't hurt!), but because it's truly delicious and super convenient. It can be steamed using a rice cooker or even microwaved (just add some water!).

Next stop? A booth from Aklan selling a variety of baked goodies for Php 499! And guess what? I even got my Php1 change back! ( Some vendors don't give change anymore) This delightful assortment included 1 pack of broas, 1 pack of garlic bread, 1 pack of egg cracklings, 1 pack of otap, 1 pack of biscocho, and small plastic of half barquillos filled with polvoron. They even have a distributor in Metro Manila – perfect for future cravings!

The day wasn't just about shopping, though. We were also treated to some delicious samples from a lovely couple from Tiaong, Quezon. They offered me a small VCO bottle and one sachet of coconut oil, and it seems they were giving them out to other customers who passed by their booth as well. What a generous couple! Thank you ma'am and sir!

Now, onto a different topic related to my business. While at IFEX, I had the opportunity to discuss a situation with Aice Philippines. They had a new reseller right across from our store, and I wanted to ensure fair competition considering our long-standing loyalty since their launch back in 2018. The conversation was friendly and informative, and hopefully, they'll consider the situation.

Finally, a quick shout-out to Ms. Luz Soriano. Unfortunately, it was closing time when we reached her booth, so we missed a chance to say hello. Here's hoping for an invitation to the next CITEM event, Ms. Soriano!

Overall, IFEX 2024 was a whirlwind of family, food finds, and a productive business discussion. It's definitely an event I wouldn't want to miss next year!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Little Flower Retreat House in Baguio

Baguio's magic lies in its ability to surprise you around every corner. This past trip, I found myself captivated by the Little Flower Retreat House – a stunning piece of architecture that whispered of a bygone era. The day started off peaceful, almost eerily so. On the way to Vanilla Cafe, we passed by an old retreat house. We find the gate open but the compound strangely quiet. We ventured inside, snapping photos of the beautiful facade bathed in the cool mountain air.

The silence was almost eerie, with the grand facade standing tall against the backdrop of towering pines. The lack of people added to the quietude, making the atmosphere feel almost mystical. We captured photos of the building's intricate details, its beauty undeniable.

A statue of St. Francis of Assisi stands tall at the corner. So we'd had some photos taken with the statue as well. His gentle gaze and outstretched hand offering a sense of calm amidst the quietude. In hindsight, the statue's presence might have even subconsciously influenced the atmosphere of our visit.

St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology and animals, is known for his message of peace and love for all creation. His presence at the retreat house feels deeply significant. Perhaps it serves as a silent reminder of serenity, a counterpoint to the initial unsettling feeling.

The Little Flower Retreat House continues to surprise me. It's a place of captivating architecture, a touch of mystery, and now, a connection to St. Francis of Assisi. This unexpected detail serves as a reminder to be present in the moment, to appreciate the hidden stories waiting to be discovered in the places we visit. So next time you're in Baguio, keep your eyes peeled for the Little Flower Retreat House, and who knows, you might just find yourself on a little adventure of your own.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Yearning for the Summer Capital's Chill

NCR heat got you down? Me too. As someone currently residing here, all I can think about lately is the crisp, refreshing air of Baguio. Ugh, how I miss those cool mountain breezes!

Baguio always holds a special place in my heart. It's the perfect escape from the scorching Philippine sun. Just stepping off the bus and being greeted by that cool air instantly washes away the stress and sweat.

Don't even get me started on those cozy nights! Bundling up in a sweater, sipping hot chocolate with a view of the twinkling city lights - pure bliss. NCR just doesn't offer that kind of atmosphere. Here in NCR, it's just aircon all day long, which dries out your skin! 

I miss strolling through the strawberry fields of La Trinidad, the scent of those sweet berries filling the air. And who can forget the amazing selection of local crafts and Ukay at the night market in Baguio? Here in NCR, the ukay shopping options just fail in comparison.

Okay, maybe I'm romanticizing it a bit, but the truth is, Baguio offers a unique experience you just can't find down here in the lowlands. It's a place that rejuvenates the soul and makes you appreciate the beauty of cooler climates 💯 percent!

Anyone else out there dreaming of a Baguio escape? Please comment below and share your favorite memories of the Summer Capital! Maybe we can even plan a virtual trip down memory lane. In the meantime, I'll be here searching for the strongest fan and coldest drinks I can find.

Sunday, May 12, 2024


Boracay is a paradise for beach bums and adventurers alike, and my recent trip was no exception. But amidst the powdery sand and crystal-clear waters, one spot stole the show – the iconic Willy's Rock.

The most iconic and most photographed rock and grotto in Boracay is called Willy's Rock. It is located at station one.

Now, Willy's Rock isn't for the faint of heart. It's a jagged limestone formation jutting out from the shore, accessible only by a short but slightly nerve-wracking climb. But let me tell you, the view from the top is absolutely worth it!

It definitely requires some agility and a good pair of shoes. Once you reach the top, though, the payoff is unbelievable.

The panoramic view of Boracay's coastline stretches out before you. You can see the white sand beaches teeming with activity, the turquoise waters shimmering in the sunlight, and the lush greenery of the island in the distance. It's a postcard-perfect scene that takes your breath away.

But Willy's Rock isn't just about the view. It's also a place for some serious thrill-seeking. The brave souls (or maybe slightly crazy ones, like myself) . I once upon a time took a daring cliff jump into the crystal-clear waters below. The feeling of weightlessness and the refreshing plunge are exhilarating, to say the least. Just be sure to CHECK THE WATER DEPTH and any SAFETY PRECAUTIONS before taking the leap! PRIORITIZE SAFETY. Be very careful 🙏 IMPORTANT NOTE: They NOW PROHIBIT JUMPING FROM THE TOP OF WILLY'S ROCK

My experience at Willy's Rock wasn't just about the climb or the jump. It was about the sense of accomplishment, the surge of adrenaline, and the breathtaking beauty of the island. It's a memory I'll definitely cherish.

My Cliffside Adventure at Willy's Rock, Boracay.

Willy's Rock may not be for everyone, but for those seeking a unique adventure and a stunning view, it's a must-visit in Boracay. Just remember to climb responsibly, take in the beauty, and follow the NEW RULES! NO DIVING! Especially if the water is shallow!

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Cheers to the Sweet Legacy of Good Shepherd Baguio

A Slice of Heaven: My Pilgrimage to Good Shepherd Baguio

Let's be honest, a trip to Baguio isn't complete without a visit to Good Shepherd Convent. This isn't just another tourist stop; it's an experience that awakens the foodie within.

I'm a sucker for a good ube jam, and Good Shepherd's is legendary. That vibrant purple spread is pure magic on toast or anything you can dream up. And let's not forget the strawberry jam, made with Baguio's famous strawberries – a taste of summer in every bite.

Beyond the delicious treats, there's a sense of purpose that adds another layer to the Good Shepherd experience. Knowing that your purchases support a worthy cause makes every bite even more satisfying.

Unfortunately, when we visited Good Shepherd, they only allow two (2) ube jam, one (1) strawberry jam and one (1) lengua de gato (almond crinkles) per tourist. Ah, the whispers of limited goodies can be a bit disheartening, but fear not! Good Shepherd Baguio offers a unique experience that goes beyond immediate availability. Here's why it's still a must-visit:

The Thrill of the Hunt: Yes, there might be limitations on quantities, but that adds to the charm! The limited availability for tourists in the morning can make scoring your favorite treats even more rewarding. Think of it as a treasure hunt – a chance to snag those coveted jars before they disappear.

Local Gems for Afternoon Delights: If you're a late riser or a strategic shopper, head to Good Shepherd after 1 pm. This is when the selection opens up for locals, offering a glimpse into the goodies enjoyed by Baguio residents. You might find delectable peanut brittle, savory adobo peanuts, or melt-in-your-mouth snowflakes.

Supporting a Worthy Cause: Remember, Good Shepherd isn't just about the treats. By purchasing their products, you're supporting a community and a worthy cause. The nuns who run the convent use the proceeds for charitable endeavors, making your sweet tooth indulgence all the more meaningful.

Here's a tip: Be prepared for crowds! Good Shepherd is incredibly popular, especially during peak season. But the line moves quickly, and the friendly staff makes the wait worthwhile.

If you're planning a trip to Baguio, do yourself a favor and put Good Shepherd Convent at the top of your list. It's a must-visit for anyone who appreciates good food, a charming atmosphere, and supporting a good cause. Just remember to bring an empty stomach and a reusable bag – you're going to need it!

Friday, May 10, 2024

Baguio Escape: Unforgettable Day at Burnham Park (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Calling all budget adventurers and nature enthusiasts! Remember our "Libreng Pasyalan Serye" on Facebook? Well, buckle up because we're taking you on a pocket-friendly adventure to the heart of Baguio: Burnham Park! This sprawling green haven offers a treasure trove of free activities and breathtaking scenery, guaranteed to create lasting memories without breaking the bank. Let's dive in and explore the hidden gems Burnham Park has to offer!

As someone who recently explored the park with a limited budget, I can assure you, a fantastic day awaits! Here's how I turned a shoestring budget into a day filled with fresh air, beautiful scenery, and unforgettable memories:

Children's Playground (for the young at heart!): The Burnham Park playground isn't just for kids! It's a great place to unleash your inner child and relive some childhood memories. Take a spin on the merry-go-round, race down the slides, or challenge your balance on the swings. It's a guaranteed way to bring out the laughter and smiles.

Exploring Thematic Gardens: Burnham Park boasts several themed gardens, each offering a unique experience. Explore the Rose Garden, a fragrant haven of blooming beauties. The Orchidarium showcases a captivating display of exotic orchids. Best of all, admission to these gardens is free, allowing you to indulge your love for nature without spending a dime.

Igorot Park and Exposition Center: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Cordillera region at the Igorot Park and Exposition Center. Here, you'll find traditional Ifugao huts and sculptures depicting the life and customs of the indigenous tribes. Local artisans often sell their handcrafted souvenirs at the park, offering a chance to take home a piece of Cordillera culture.

Bike Rentals: Explore the vast expanse of Burnham Park on two wheels. Bicycle rentals are available at affordable rates, allowing you to cruise along the scenic paths and discover hidden nooks of the park at your own pace.

Picnic by the Lake: Burnham Park offers ample green spaces perfect for a relaxing picnic. Pack a basket filled with your favorite snacks and drinks, find a spot by the serene Burnham Lagoon, and enjoy a delightful afternoon surrounded by nature.

People-Watching by the Walking Paths: Burnham Park is a vibrant hub of activity. Grab a bench along the walking paths and observe the world go by. Watch families enjoying their day out, fitness enthusiasts doing their morning jogs, or local vendors selling their wares. It's a delightful way to soak up the atmosphere of Baguio.

The next time you find yourself in Baguio venture beyond the usual tourist spots. That way you can discover the hidden gems of Burnham Park and create a truly memorable and budget-friendly experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Burnham Park escape today!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Mines View Park: A Nostalgic Glimpse

Ah, Baguio! The cool mountain air, the smell of pine, and a place etched in my childhood memories - Mines View Park. This past weekend, I found myself back in the Summer Capital, eager to revisit this iconic spot. Stepping through the park entrance, a wave of nostalgia washed over me... until I reached the viewing deck.

Where'd the View Go?

Yes, the familiar buzz of vendors and the vibrant energy were there. But something crucial was missing. The view. The once-unobstructed panorama of the Amburayan Valley, a sight that took my breath away as a kid, was now a cluttered mess of rooftops. Houses, sprouted like mushrooms, blocking the once-open vista. My brother's dry wit perfectly summed up the situation: "Roofs View Park."  The once-breathtaking view was now a cluttered mess of rooftops, a stark reminder of how progress can sometimes obscure the very beauty it seeks to showcase.

Don't get me wrong, the mountains are still there, majestic as ever. But where they once dominated the view, they now peek shyly over a sea of corrugated iron. It's a sad testament to progress, I suppose. The charm of the unobstructed view, a key part of the Mines View Park experience, seems to be fading.

This, coupled with the newly implemented environmental fee (a novelty compared to my free visits in the past) and the pay-to-use restrooms, left me feeling a tinge of disappointment. Is this the future of Mines View Park? A crowded marketplace with a glimpse (if you can find it) of the mountains?

Now, I understand progress is inevitable. Cities grow, and Baguio is no exception. But shouldn't there be a way to balance development with preserving the very essence of what makes a place special? The breathtaking view was what drew visitors to Mines View Park in the first place. Without it, is it just another tourist trap?

Despite my initial letdown, there were still some positives. The friendly banter with the vendors, the delicious strawberry taho (a must-try!), and the overall nostalgic atmosphere brought back warm memories.

So, is Mines View Park worth a visit? That depends on what you're looking for. If you crave a taste of the past and a glimpse (literally) of the mountains, then yes. But if you're expecting the same awe-inspiring view from decades ago, you might be disappointed.

This trip to Mines View Park left me with mixed emotions. A yearning for the past, a questioning of progress, and a flicker of hope that somehow, the magic of this place can be preserved. What do you think? Can development and nostalgia coexist? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Majestic Majesty: Baguio Cathedral - A Spiritual Sanctuary

Baguio never fails to amaze me. Beyond the cool mountain air and charming cafes, the city boasts a rich history and stunning architecture. On our recent trip, we decided to pay homage to a local landmark - the Baguio Cathedral, also known as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral.

This majestic structure perched atop Mines View Park immediately captured our attention. Its distinctive rose-colored facade gleamed in the sunlight, a beautiful contrast against the verdant mountain backdrop. As we approached, the twin spires reaching towards the sky added to its grandeur.

Stepping inside, we were greeted by a sense of serenity. The cathedral's spacious interior bathed in soft natural light offered a calming atmosphere. We were particularly impressed by the ornate stained-glass windows, depicting religious scenes in vibrant colors.

Taking a moment to reflect, we learned about the cathedral's rich history. Built in 1920 and dedicated to Our Lady of Atonement, it has served as a spiritual haven for generations of Baguio residents. Interestingly, the cathedral also played a significant role during World War II, serving as an evacuation center for locals seeking refuge from the bombings.

Our visit to Baguio Cathedral wasn't just a religious experience, but a historical and cultural one as well. It's a place that whispers stories of devotion, resilience, and the enduring spirit of the Filipino people.

Whether you're a devout Catholic, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful architecture, Baguio Cathedral is a must-visit. It's a place to find peace, learn about the past, and appreciate the majestic beauty of Baguio City.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Kuya J Restaurant in Azalea: Halo-Halo Heaven in Baguio!

Baguio's cool mountain air always puts me in the mood for something sweet and refreshing. So, on our recent trip, we decided to hunt down the halo-halo everyone's been raving about - the giant serving at Kuya J at Azalea Baguio branch!

We opted for the Azalea Baguio branch of Kuya J because they're open until 10 pm. Plus their Azalea Baguio branch has a very convenient location, good reviews, and nice staff. Walking in, the restaurant had a welcoming vibe, perfect for a casual dinner.

Now, let's get to the star of the show: the Ube Halo-Halo. For only 149 pesos, we were presented with a behemoth of a cup! It was easily enough for two (or maybe even three) people. Packed with all the classic halo-halo favorites, it had leche flan, ube halaya, sweetened beans, jellies, and of course, a mountain of shaved ice. Everything was drenched in a creamy leche flan sauce.

The first spoonful was a flavor explosion! The sweetness of the leche flan balanced perfectly with the creaminess of the ube halaya and the refreshing crunch of the shaved ice. The combination of textures was delightful, and each bite was a burst of pure halo-halo joy.

Honestly, for the price and the size, it was an absolute steal. We ended up sharing the halo-halo and still felt perfectly satisfied. It was the perfect way to cool down after exploring the city and a delicious introduction to Kuya J's offerings.

Pro-Tip: If you're planning to visit Kuya J Azalea Baguio Branch and have a halo-halo craving, be sure to go with a friend or two! This giant serving is definitely meant for sharing, and you won't want to miss out on this delightful and affordable treat.



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