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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Mini Bite-sized Pistachio Cookies in Small Canister
Absolutely divine! Rich, buttery, nutty, melt-in-your-mouth little morsels! These are awesome shortbread-type cookies that give a crushing sensation when you bite into them. 

These are the various gourmet cookies baked to perfection and beautifully packaged by Russian Cookie House.
Black Russian Cookie
I particularly like the taste and texture of the Black Russian Cookie which is a buttered cookie covered with bittersweet chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles. Inside this cookie are bits of crunchy walnut that compliment the taste of the chocolate and buttery cookie crust. 
Russian Cookie

The Russian Cookie is a snowball butter cookie dusted with powdered sugar. This has bits of walnut inside like the Black Russian Cookie. The cookie crust itself is crunchy and has a buttery and milky taste. Compared to the Black one, the Russian Cookie is less sweet and has a hint of salt. 
Black Almond Cookie

Black Almond Cookie is a chocolate-coated buttered cookie with toasted almond on top.
White Almond Cookie

On the other hand, the White Almond Cookie is a dark chocolate cookie dipped in white chocolate and topped with toasted almond.
Pistachio Cookie
Pistachio Cookie is a butter cookie topped with bittersweet chocolate and chopped pistachios.
Bite-sized cookie perfection!
Classic Gourmet Cookies in Brocade Print Gift Boxes European Selection (₱402.50)
Mini Bite-sized Cookies Small Canister (₱224.25 for 26Pcs-36Pcs of one kind per canister). I chose the Pistachio flavor.
Pistachio, Black Russian, Black Almond and Russian Cookies

I had mine sugar free. They are perfect with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate or tea. You would always want to have another round of these cookies.

They truly do melt in your mouth and, what I like most about them, they're not too sweet.

With the crazy weather and flood all over the metro in the past week, I felt blessed to be introduced to which has a very efficient online ordering system down to the delivery of the food I ordered.

If you are hungry and wants to have a quick fix, sign up now and order online via and yes, if you are living abroad and wants to surprise your family and friends with luscious Russian cookies, you could opt to sign up and pay online using your credit card.

Russian Cookie House - Makati Commissary
1692 Baler cor. Pililia St.
Makati City, MM



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