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Today, I receive all God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s Universe. Today, I open myself to your Blessings, healing and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus Everyday. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s powerful champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

LRT-2 : First and Last Train Schedule

LRT-2 : First and Last Train Schedule

LRT-2 operates starting 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM on weekdays and 5:00 AM until 9:30 PM on weekends and holidays. 

Please take note that LRT-2 is closed for annual maintenance every:
  •  Maundy Thursday
  •  Good Friday
  •  Black Saturday 
  •  Easter Sunday. 
  •  At the discretion of its operators, it is also closed during All Saints Day (November 1).

QC: P2 Plastic Bag Fee Takes Effect StartingToday

Good News to Mother Earth! QC: P2 Plastic Bag Fee Takes Effect StartingToday!

All establishments in Quezon City will start collecting two pesos (P2.00) per plastic bag used every time customers in QC fail to bring their own bag regardless of its size starting today, September 1, 2012.  

Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance enforces a Plastic Recovery System Fee that charges and collect a fix amount of two pesos  The fee that will be collected will be part of Green fund that is intended to fund various initiatives for the benefit of the environment.

Exempted from this ordinance is the use of plastic bags with no handles, holes or strings that are commonly used for wrapping unpacked fresh foods and cooked foods.
Reusable Bag users will be given incentives in a point system scheme, giving points that can later on be used for purchase, and Green Lane, a special counter for customers with reusable bags.

QC government currently implements the ban in using plastic bags and Styrofoam in key city offices and hospitals particularly the QC City Hall complex, Novaliches District Center, Quezon City General Hospital and Novaliches District Hospital.

The fee is earmarked for a "green fund" that will be used by businesses to fund environmental initiatives. Violators of the ordinance would pay a fine not exceeding P1000 for the first offense, and P3,000 for the second offense. The third offense would warrant a fine not exceeding P5000, and the cancellation of business permit.

Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance was Introduced by Councilor Dorothy Delarmente.

Plastic recovery has been successfully implemented in other Asian countries. I believe it can be done in the Philippines too. I remember while we are vacationing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia way back 2009 we had to pay for plastic bags. The good news is you can ask for your items to be put inside a small box. Well, that was in Malaysia, I just don't know if that is the same here in the Philippines. I'll update you guys on this next time.



Proclamation No. 459, s. 2012


WHEREAS, Republic Act (RA) No. 9492, dated July 24, 2007, amended Section 26, Chapter 7, Book I of Executive Order (EO) No. 292, also known as the Administrative Code of 1987, by declaring certain days (specific or movable) as special or regular holidays;
WHEREAS, RA No. 9492 provides that holidays, except those which are religious in nature, are moved to the nearest Monday unless otherwise modified by law, order or proclamation;
WHEREAS, RA No. 9849 provides that the Eidul Adha shall be celebrated as a national holiday;
WHEREAS, the EDSA People Power Revolution, which restored and ushered political, social and economic reforms in the country, serves as an inspiration to Filipinos everywhere as a nation and as a people:
WHEREAS, Saturday, 30 March 2013 falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday; Black Saturday, falling between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, has been traditionally declared a special (non-working) day throughout the country because the observance of Holy Week is one of our people’s most cherished traditions and they must be given the full and uninterrupted opportunity to ponder on the significance of Holy Week and to properly observe its traditions with religious fervor, without prejudice to public interest;
WHEREAS, Saturday, 2 November 2013, falling between Friday, 1 November 2013 (All Saints Day) and Sunday, has been traditionally declared a special (non-working) day throughout the country;
WHEREAS, to give full opportunity to our people to properly observe All Saints Day with all its religious fervor which invariably requires them to travel to and from different regions in the country, Saturday, 2 November 2013, may be declared as a special (non-working) day without detriment to public interest;
WHEREAS, in order to foster closer family ties and enable our countrymen to observe Christmas more meaningfully, it is but fitting to declare December 24, (Tuesday) as an additional special (non-working) day throughout the country;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, BENIGNO S. AQUINO III, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution as President of the Philippines, do hereby declare:
SECTION 1. The following regular holidays and special days for the year 2013 shall be observed in the country:

A. Regular Holidays
New Year’s Day
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Araw ng Kagitingan
January 1 (Tuesday)
March 28
March 29
April 9 (Tuesday)
Labor Day
Independence Day
National Heroes Day
Bonifacio Day
Christmas Day
Rizal Day
May 1 (Wednesday)
June 12 (Wednesday)
August 26 (Last Monday of August)
November 30 (Saturday)
December 25 (Wednesday)
December 30 (Monday)
B. Special (Non-Working) Days
Black Saturday
Ninoy Aquino Day
All Saints Day
Additional special (non-working) days Last Day of the Year
March 30
August 21 (Wednesday)
November 1 (Friday)
November 2 (Saturday)
December 24 (Tuesday)
December 31 (Tuesday)
C. Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary February 25 (Monday)
SECTION 2 The proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha shall hereafter be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar (Hijra) or the lunar calendar, or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient. To this end, the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) shall inform the Office of the President on which day the holiday shall fall.
SECTION 3. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) shall promulgate the implementing guidelines for this Proclamation.
SECTION 4. This Proclamation shall take effect immediately.
SECTION 5. This Proclamation shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of thePhilippines to be affixed.

Done in the City of Manila, this 16th day of August, in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Twelve.

By the President:
Executive Secretary

BIKTIMA: Movie Starring Angel Aquino and Cesar Montano

Biktima is one of the movies I want to watch. This new upcoming drama/thriller movie stars Angel Aquino, Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz.

Drama Thriller movies never fails to excite me, I hope I'll be able to watch this film when it opens this September.

In the movie, Alice de la Cruz (Angel Aquino) is a working mother and journalist for local channel KVTV headed by Jane (Sunshine Cruz). She sets off to the island of Kamandao for a special assignment, regardless of her husband Mark (Cesar Montano)’s warning that it was a very dangerous place.

Once on the island, the rebels ambush and kill all the reporters. Hearing the news of the tragic event, Mark is devastated. Alice is survived by one son, Buboy and her husband Mark who wants to move on with his life. He knows he cannot change anything. Only a miracle would bring back Alice.

Sandra (Mercedes Cabral) moves to town. She visits Mark and they start to rekindle their past. They seem happy together, oblivious of what was to come.

Six months later, a woman is found in a rural area. After a detective (Ricky Davao) investigates the case, the personwas identified as Alice de la Cruz and she is found alive. Not having any memory of what happened to her , Alice only remembers up to the part where she was ambushed.

When Mark learns of this, he was conflicted. He has moved on believing Alice died. But he knew it will be best to get together with Alice for the sake of their son, Buboy.

Mark and Alice reunite.

Alice begins to remember pieces of what happened her. But due to the trauma of her experience, psychological reactions to her past manifest in her present life. She makes life difficult for her and everyone around her. To make matters worse, she learns about Sandra’s relationship with her husband. Everyone becomes a victim.

"Biktima" opens in theaters nationwide on Sept. 19, 2012. Distributed by Star Cinema. Directed by RD Alba.

This is the full trailer:

CONFUSED: Worry Syndrome


I am sorry but I don't know if it's just me or my physical body and mind can't take all the abuses.

I am a promdi and I find it difficult to look for places I have never been before in my life. Unlike Juli0V I use google, unfortunately some of the information on how to get to certain places are so vague for me to understand and some are simply obsolete. Texting other people for directions doesn't help. They simply don't answer or they answer too late. Like, more than 3 hours after and tell you they're done there (yeah, that place I was asking about) and had left the place already.  Oh yeah, what an answer, I was asking for directions so I am confused why the answer should be like that.

Maybe not a lot of you knew that I was bedridden before. Because if you see me now, you'll never thought that in the same month last year, I was in and out of the hospitals for check ups, physical therapy, rehabilitation doctor's consultation not to mention MRA/MRI, neurosurgeon visits, medications, lower back pains etc.

I am a one eyed bandit up until now. But, I don't let my disability get the best of me. Though my neurosurgeons ( I got two) advised me to take a rest, and don't worry in my lifetime. Inaalisan daw nila ako ng karapatan mag worry. Why? Because, I am a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor.

My classmate's brother is an aneurysm survivor too. And for the past three years, he had been operated twice. He spent his days, sitting on the veranda of their house from morning until evening. Napping in between. Like me, he was forbidden to work:-(

I have nothing against him. But I don't want to be like him. So, I decided to join events for bloggers here in the Metro. At first, I don't want to introduced myself to them seeing how healthy, young and vibrant they all are. I was like the Phantom of the Opera, hiding myself from them all. But, one day, I gather all the courage I could muster, snapped out of my shell and tried to carry on a conversation.

I have always been straight forward. I blamed it on how my brothers who wanted me to learn how to speak for myself and for my ex-best friend who exposed me to American custom, like saying what's on my mind.  The problem in the Philippines, is that if you have your own opinion totally different from the group they tend to outcast you, talk behind your back (yeah stabbed your back). They prefer plastic people. The ones who kiss their asses and follow them blindly. ( Without thinking that the same kiss-ass people are backstabbing them too).

The problem is like my late mama, I am such a worrier. I worry a lot especially about what people say on my back. Despite the words of wisdom of my Kuya. I tend to worry a lot. I can't help it. Maybe I should asked for an expert advise so I can get over this worry syndrome.

My kuya's words- "To heck with all of them, if they talk behind your back, its their problem not yours. Their jealous spirits will cope up with them and eat them alive one day so don't mind them. Besides its their lost not yours."

When I first re-learned how to walk again, I find it difficult to cross the street. I was so afraid. I know my fear has no basis. But I can't help it. I guess, if you've been staring at the ceiling for so so long ( more than a year) you fear to reintegrate with the society. Especially if the society you are about to join are not supportive but judgmental bunch.

Maybe, just maybe that's where being kind comes in. People who are innately and genuinely kind, would always offer a helping hand, empathize and adjust.

It is a good thing that I became a member of aneurysm survivors in Australia and the US.  Hey, don't be confused too. I am Philippine based but there is no support group for aneurysm survivors here in the Philippines just yet. 

From my support group, I learned that just like me, they too feel the same way I do. They were also afraid to cross the street. Fear about driving also ( I used to drive like hell was at my heels.) They also became melodramatic okay emotional is the right word. So, hindi ako nag iisa. Maybe these fears and confusion and physical drain and pains is not being melodramatic after all. It was the re-wiring of our coiled brains. For those who have not experienced all these, You are so lucky. But, if like them you'll judge us for our weaknesses, then I will be happy to trade places with you, so you'll experience it all by yourself.

For now,  I implore for your prayers for my continuous healing. I hope the aneurysm that my neurosurgeon found out late last year would miraculously disappear. Please help me pray for that my dear readers, friends and relatives.Thank you.

TWITTER & INSTAGRAM WAR: Mo Twister vs. Bubbles Paraiso and Karel Marquez Santos

Mo Twister posted the photo above on his Instagram account with the following caption:
 "Taking bets whether they know what team he plays for...oops, a bit of underwear showing there. Nice move."

via Instagram
  • bubblesparaiso: Why are u deleting comments. Mo, youve always had a problem with me. Come back to manila, lets talk and settle this once and for all. Ibang klase ka manira ng tao eh. Hello youre so far away naman. Hiding?
  • djmotwister: @iamkarelmarquez I didn't even read your comment because it was so long. You can post it again though and I promise to read it this time. To be honest though, I didn't know that girl on the right was you. It looks nothing like you. And i didn't say there groupie or anything, I just thought it was a pretty girl and a bad angle that the photographer shot. Anyway, post your comment again. Sorry I erased it, it was just taking up too much space. Well, so is this comment.
  • djmotwister: @bubblesparaiso I'm sorry, who are you? The one on the left?
  • bubblesparaiso: U answer like a wuss. Oh wait. YOU ARE.
  • djmotwister: @bubblesparaiso what is it? Are you gonna block me or not? You do the whole public blocking on twitter then go here on Instagram to converse with me? You are a dizzying intellect.
  • bubblesparaiso: In just abt to block u on instagram, einstein.
  • djmotwister: @bubblesparaiso oh okay. I'm ready to be blocked. It's terrifying but hold my hand during the process and tell me when it's over.

via Twitter
Karel Marquez Santos
  • NEVER in my whole life did I mind immature captions until today. Sometimes we just have to, at least once ever.. I'm kind, but not so today.
  • Why delete MY only comment? Face me.
  • He deleted MY comment but I saved it on my phone. You know I know you in person and we have had brief talks 

Bubbles Paraiso
  • @rolfsburg @djmotwister @iamkarelmarquez nagpa-picture lang , groupie na agad? #narrowmind
  • someones deleting all the negative comments about him on his instagram. too much to take i guess? truth hurts? tsk tsk tsk.
  • i have had enough of you and your lies @djmotwister. malicious insinuations much? ENOUGH ALREADY! come back here & face me!
  • mag usap tayo ng masinsinan, harapan. tama si @glocdash9, minsan mas lalake pa sa lalake ang bakla. para sayo ata yun
  • @djmotwister eh di mo pala ako kilala, lagi mo ko tinitira. are you STUPID?!
  • @djmotwister blocking u now. all u want is attention. there i gave it to u. now bye.
  • ok thats it. enough bad vibes. saya saya ng buhay eh. i hope the ksp is happy now that he was given attention. haha loving the twitterlove from my followers. the best talaga kayo :) ok, wag na naten patulan yung nagtatagong littleboy :)
  • parang iba dapat ang maglaban sa #onefc...
  • @akosimymy nagpapicture lang po ako. groupie ba agad yun? his table was behind ours. aint a sin to ask a famous athlete for a photo ryt?

Mo Twister
  • @rolfsburg Huh, what war? There's a war? Oh, shit, you're telling me those girls in the pic was them? I didnt know that was them!
  • @bubblesparaiso I'm sorry, but who are you and why are you mad? I'm uninformed.
  • I just got blocked by a person I don't even follow. Talk about overall appraisal of ones own worth.
  • @betsydaroza I dont think so. I got a tweet saying "im blocking u now." I thought to myself, "But I dont follow u." Sounds self-centered.
  • Mags Magno: @djmotwister blocking someone who's not even following you... #feelingera. Her name somehow describe what's in her brain. #JustSaying
  • Hahaha exactly. And to be honest, I don't hate her. I just hate people like her. There's a difference! #ThatWasAJokeOK?
  • Block me here only to go on my Instagram to talk to me there. I'm dizzy.
  • @iloveruffag Haha I heard she sent you a message to send me a message! That's hilarious! Why did she block me then? #Comedy #BigStarScandal!

Kris Aquino's letter for Jillian Robredo

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino's letter for Jillian Robredo (daughter of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo)

WANTED: Derek’s Next Anna

Just a background, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about the Anna Banana song that turned into a viral LSS a couple of months back. Finally the girl replies! 

Watch Anna’s rejection video to Derek
Derek’s family came to the rescue and supported him! Watch the complete story here.

And in case you’d like to see Derek’s video one more time, here’s the link

Unfortunately Anna don't like Derek one bit! So sad:-(  Derek is heartbroken. Haist!! Puppy love how cruel can you get?

Being pretty does not give Anna the right to hurt other people's feelings. Anna could have been more subtle so she and Derek could remain friends. Saying to the world that Derek dances like a monkey is a bit over. After all, no one is perfect. Derek made an effort by dancing singing and rapping just to let Anna know about his feelings. I bet a guy needs a lot of courage just to do that. On the other hand, I think Anna is just being true to herself besides, they're so young. But then again, being pretty and kind will not hurt, right? My heart bleeds for Derek :-(

But wait we can do something about it, right dear readers?

As for me, I would like to see Derek with Jill Robredo in the next PLDT Commercial!
I saw on a TV clip that Jill, wanted to be the next Kris Aquino, and starting as Derek's New Anna will be a nice start, right peeps?

Jillian Therese "Jill" Robredo is the youngest daughter of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo and Attorney Leni Gerona-Robredo.

Jill is pretty and bright. She is very talented especially in Math. She got her love for numbers from her dad. She is also a very good swimmer. 

"I am already 12 and in my first year in high school at the Naga City Science High School. I will continue discovering myself and my talents and work hard at them. I am excited at what the future will bring" quips Jill.

You my readers can also help Derek find a new ‘Anna’!
Be Derek’s Next Anna by going to
All YOU have to do is submit a video entry on why YOU should be Derek’s new Anna! If you win, you’ll be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook. How cool could that be? SURF,CLICK,WIN Promo!

Wala ka na bang load? Kulang ang allowance mo this week? Kapos ba ang pang date mo sa monthsary niyo ni Babe? Sali na sa "SURF.CLICK.WIN” Over 100 winners weekly! Mag-Surf, Click And Win ka na!

 Buying and Selling online is about to get even more interesting as, the classified ads website, gives you SURF. CLICK. WIN! Over P2,000,000 worth of cash prizes to be given away. 
To participate, all you have to do is visit the site’s ad pages from August 6, 2012 until September 16, 2012 to find the “Great Deal” icon that will randomly appear with corresponding amount of prizes. 

Join now and get the chance to be one of the weekly winners. 

Be our next lucky surfer, so join now! 

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.: 6478 Series of 2012



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