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Monday, June 18, 2012

Spider-Man Donut at Krispy Kreme

Wooooooooooot! My favorite superhero Spiderman has now a thrilling Krispy Kreme Donut version! How I wish Krispy Kreme would send me some of this! Ha ha ha!

Go on and get tangled in the sticky web of the Spider-Man mania as Krispy Kreme rolls out its latest thrilling addictions—the Spider and Spider-Man Doughnuts.
Feed your fixation with the world-famous, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts, which Krispy Kreme puts an epic spin to; one filled with chocolate kreme rolled in carat chocolate and crushed Oreo cookies then dusted with a Spider-outlined coating, and another charged with strawberry filling and coated with Spider-Man’s face using vanilla-colored icing and satin iced candy. Available this June 1 to July 15, these latest additions to Krispy Kreme’s line of premium products allows everyone to enjoy the amazing blast of the Spider-Man mania through two treats.

To further pack a punch to the craze, get a Spider-Man non-woven bag when you purchase a Dozen Assorted with both of these filled doughnuts. Be sure to grab one, both, or a box at a Krispy Kreme store near you and add sweetness to that sticky fixation!
Serving world-class doughnuts and coffees since 1937, Krispy Kreme made its way to the hearts of Filipinos when it opened its first branch in the country back in 2006. Today, Krispy Kreme has outlets on 27 different locations nationwide, with hotlight stores in SM Mall of Asia, Greenhills Shopping Center, Festival Supermall Alabang, Bonifacio High Street and Cebu IT Park. Dubbed as the doughnut theater, Krispy Kreme’s hotlight stores serve everyone hot, freshly-made doughnuts straight from the fryer. To get more information and updates about the brand and its products, you may become a friend of Krispy Kreme by visiting or by liking Chloe at

AZKALS Future: The Search For The New Teen AZKALS Is On

The Search for the New Teen AZKALS is On! AZKALS Future depends on the youth of today because they represent the future of our tomorrow.
Do you want to be the next goalkeeper like Neil Etheridge or team captain, Chieffy Caligdong or the Younghusband’s brothers, James and Phil? If you want to emulate and grow up to be the next great football player someday, then this is your chance!

The New Teen Azkals search will start this coming July and August 2012.

Schedule will be:
July 7-8, 2012, NCR selection will be conducted at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

August 4-12, 2012, the Under 17-19 (U17-19) selection will be held in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental at the Football Grounds.
At Cafe Lupe, last night, guess who the social media bloggers have met in person.

Here are some clues:
  • He is the man behind MacGraphics Carranz, the pioneer in billboard advertisement in the country 
  • He happens to be the team manager of Teen Azkals U17-U19 also.
Yes, he is none other than, the ever humble and always smiling Mr. Alvin Carranza. His business spawned into different ventures, to name a few, like the premier venue for live entertainment, CAFE LUPE and the KTV &Sports Bar/ Lounge, OneA Events Place, an outdoor dining overlooking Metro Manila.
Alvin Carranza's contribution and role in honing the Teen Azkals is vital for these kids to become the future Azkals. With many years of experience in the management field on his sleeves, the Teen Azkals are assured that they are in good hands under the wings of TM Alvin Carranza, coach Caslib, and the whole management team.
National Team development in any country is always based on the strength of grassroots and National Youth Teams. Supporting our age group teams will help us keep the momentum forward according to Teen Azkals U17-U19 Team Manager Alvin Carranza.

He further stated that the Philippines need sports university, clubs, sports academies and sports scholarship so top and budding athletes can receive the intense and sustained training they need to prepare well for international competitions.

We, Filipinos, need to sustain the surge of Philippine Football. As we all know, the Men's National Team has been constantly winning in the last three years. Their latest achievement is winning third place in the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup in Nepal.

The combination of the good management of Dan Palami, efficient coaching of Michael Weiss, continuing advocacy and faith to the whole group of the team manager Alvin Carranza U17-19 and the players they have scouted all over the world manifest the formula for us to move further and make football the game for Filipinos.
Philippine Football Federation Technical Coach Director Jose Ariston "Aris" Caslib talk to the social media bloggers last night about the welfare and future of the Teen Azkals and the team management’s continuous support by scouting future Azkals of the country.

They envision at least three groups of Teen Azkals - one each for
  • Luzon 
  • Visayas  
  • and Mindanao
This three groups will comprise a pool of talents that the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) can select from, for intensive training and foreign competitions.

According to coach Caslib, there are certain criteria that the management are looking for the future Teen Azkals and the most important thing that a player must embody are the following:
  • the physique and motor ability 
  • must be fast 
  • tall  
  • has the drive to win  
  • has decision making capability.
He further stated that sustaining the success of the Azkals needs a lot of layers of responsibility and tasks.

It all boils down to the grassroots level, quality grassroots experts are needed in all the 33 provincial football associations to ensure the football activities are continuous with combinations of
  • training 
  • competitions  
  • and festivals for the kids.
At the same time, grassroots experts must be trained by experts not only from our country but AFC and the International Football Federation (FIFA).

Then he said that Coaches' development must also be sustained.

He discussed with the social media bloggers that just last year, the first batch of Filipinos took the AFC A-license level training and resulted to 7 potential new A-licensed coaches in the country. And one of them is a Filipina, who is the first one to pass, ahead of the Filipino Coaches on her batch.
According to Richard "Ebong" Joson head of the Fan Management Committee of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) the Secretary-general Atty. Rolando Tulay said that "Continuing education is needed for coaches as quality coaches produce quality players, and quality players will give honor in the Philippines."

Club level and age group competitions are needed, both for girls and boys and men and women. These competitions will help us identify talent for future national youth teams.

And finally, the development of national youth teams in the country is important. This key component has been highlighted by PFF President Mariano V. Araneta in his program.
International School Coach
Coach Cleng Cacacho of International School believes in starting them young. He also said that for us to sustain the success, national youth teams must be developed further and exposed to competitions domestically and internationally. Partnerships with people who believe in the game is an important ingredient of the program. Elite coaches must be further developed by assessment and continuing education. 

"Should I coach girls differently than boys?" That is a question often heard in the private conversations between coaches. So Coach Cleng Cacacho shared his coaching approach. He said he has two different coaching methods. One for the much emotional girls and another to the more hard-headed boys.

The Teen Azkals can go a long way if they'll be given the proper support. It is good thing to know that the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has channeled some of their budgets for the further development of the teen AZKALS players, since these kids are the future of Philippine Football.

There is a call for every Filipino to do well in giving the Teen Azkals the necessary support in trainings, coaching, covered stadium, clubs and sports gear.

Given all these, I bet the Philippine football will reap the rewards in the future. If properly trained, this may be the team to propel us to World Cup.

Let us all support the Philippine Azkals, and the future of Philippine football, the Teen Azkals. 

For more details you can go at

Philippine Teen Azkals
1802 Pioneer Highlands, Pioneer St.
Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550

Cellphone # 0917 531 4403


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