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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Angry Rock

The Angry Rock
Used and abused, the rock is now angry, said Kendrick, the son of a fellow blogger. We saw this angry rock at the United Nations (UN) office here in the Philippines. This is the first time that I saw an angry rock up close and personal.

All the rock wanted to do is to be able to help. In a sudden turn of events, after the rock tried to help, the rock is at the losing end and has lost face because of abusive people who used and abused the rock. Sad but true.

I don't know with you guys but like the rock I hate it when other people used and abused my kindness. Maybe it is easy for some people to utter a vow or promise and never bother to fulfill it after they got what they wanted. Growing up, our parents instilled in us the value of 
"Palabra de Honor" or "word of honor." We sell goods and services even at a loss if we already agreed upon the price beforehand. In the world of business, word of honor is king. 

Some people has the nasty habit of not fulfilling their promise because they oftentimes get away with it. Yes, by twisting the real story. But what they never realized is the stigma when their company or name is brought up. Now, will you be happy to know that people from yesteryear would say bad words when they hear your name because of an unfulfilled promise? Yes, behind your nasty back!

Since time immemorial Chinese merchants trade and conduct business even in the absence of contracts and written agreements. Why is it so? It is because most Chinese, if not all, has a "word of honor:" How about you? Do you have a word of honor?

Remember this: Once you have voluntarily made a vow, see to it that you fulfill your promise. Walk The Talk! If you’re going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Don't promise anything if you could not fulfill it.

In conclusion, all I can say is 'talk is cheap'!

Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magagalit!  

Note: The author is not referring to anyone in particular.  So don't be mad. Be cool!

Lamoiyan Corporation: Pinoys' Pride

Lamoiyan Corporation: Pinoys' Pride

Fully Filipino-owned Lamoiyan Corporation has more reasons to smile as it continues to bring world-class quality yet affordable products that never fail to earn the peoples' trust and loyalty, especially now that the company is in its 25th year of existence.

In perfect time with its Silver anniversary this year, the company now has more than 30,000 fans in leading social network site Facebook, and still continuously growing – a feat that only proves the unstoppable patronage it gains from the local market.

’s Facebook page served as a venue to connect with the brand’s market, most of them Filipino moms. Not only that the site served as a tool for to reach out to its market, but also it served as a page where fans can get practical household tips and useful parenting advice for everyday. And when the page reached its 10, 000 mark, took the chance to hear more from their fans and asked them: "Bakitang toothpaste mo?"

From among the thousands of statements made during the campaign, one of the most convincing ones was that of Daisy Villadores de Belen, who admits that their family already tried almost all the toothpaste brands available in the market and yet they still stuck to for her kids really love the taste that is not too spicy. With this, she writes: "Happing happy kami sa."

The same reason was also given by Era Mae Dagondon, who particularly liked ’s flavorful taste, not to mention its refreshing effect to the mouth and the softness of the bubbles she feels every time she brushes her teeth. Meanwhile, Filomena Villanueva swears that it's "really worth it without the need for a mouthwash”.

Apart from its world-class quality that is comparable to other more expensive brands, what's also keeping consumers loyal to toothpaste is its reasonable price. According to Michelle Talaboc, while prices of some commodities continue to go up, it's good to know that Lamoiyan remains affordable, especially for those who have less in life. This, in turn, gives her a reason to smile amid life’s challenges.

For practical mothers who want only the best for their family, toothpaste is indeed the right choice for them. Belinda Maravilla, who considers herself so meticulous in choosing every product she buys, shares that it's only that her family is very satisfied with given the kind of dental care it provides and yet friendly to the budget.

The self-confessed frugal Merly Onayan, on the other hand, cites that she, who values the hard-earnings of her husband, won't settle for something expensive if there's an alternative that can also give the best result in oral hygiene. Because Rho-anne Repre considers the brand as the "ness ng pamilya ko, ness pa ngbulsako!" she indeed gives the consuming public a convincing statement that they need not have to spend more just to have a beautiful smile.

Beyond the wonders of toothpaste as a product, the legacy behind it also contributes to its big following. It is a known fact that Lamoiyan Corporation is a 100 percent Filipino firm established in March 1998 by no less than its visionary owner, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro who, despite the unfortunate closure of his first business venture Aluminum Containers, Inc., was not discouraged but instead opted to challenge the big multinationals by introducing a purely local brand that is of the same quality as theirs.

Seeing the company's humble beginnings, Cristina Lim stresses that toothpaste truly reflects the very distinct Filipino quality that is "masikap" or "diligent," which can be at par with the best in the world. Proud of the company and its founder's success, Ria Tacderas Bahri, meanwhile, says that it is but proper to love and patronize a brand made by a Filipino for the Filipino. What's more, Lamoiyan sets a good example as a firm that offers equal employment opportunities for hearing-impaired individuals which, for Ace Mendoza, only shows that it truly cares for the people.

These responses, which also share the same sentiments with the rest, clearly reflect this: That toothpaste is truly a world-class yet affordable brand in the market today made by a homegrown company that is Lamoiyan Corporation, whose mission to produce quality products as well as create opportunities for the people for the betterment of the country, is truly a source of Filipino pride. Visit, for more household tips and to know more about toothpaste.



Don't have any plans yet for Friday and Saturday nights? June 21 and 22, 2013?

Good news peeps! You could spend Friday and Saturday nights with your barkada at Aiza Seguerra & Noel Cabangon's "TAMBAYAN HITS" Concert happening on June 21 & 22, 2013 at 8:00 pm in Onstage, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

Distinctly Filipino, Tambayan Hits will showcase the artistry of the power duo and special arrangements of songs like Tatsulok, Kanlungan and so many others. Songs riffed and sung by different generations in different tambayans and social settings all over the country.

You can buy your tickets at :

SM TICKETS: 470-2222
TICKET WORLD: 891-9999

See you there!

FREE TOY AT SIGELAND: Cashless Toy Store

SIGELAND: Cashless Toy Store

Attention: Mommy, Daddy, Kuya, Ate, Auntie, Uncle, Lolo, Lola

My mommy friend just signed up for Sigeland! According to her it is the 1st ever toy store where you don't need cash.  Hmmm...that's interesting!
Pre-register too at and get a free toy in SM MOA Music Hall on June 22 by promising to teach your child a value. If stains lead to learning, Sige sa mantsa! 

Note: This is not a paid post I just want to share this information to my beloved readers! So go na po!

BUDDHA-BAR: Around the World Party with DJ Ravin

BUDDHA-BAR: Around the World Party with DJ Ravin

June 28, 2013 is a huge day for Buddha-Bar Manila and they want you to be a part of it!

They will be launching Buddha-Bar XV, the 15th CD of the world-famous Buddha-Bar compilation CD, where it all began.

DJ RAVIN from Paris will be coming to launch Buddha-Bar XV, and will spin the night away.

There will also be a grand draw of the P100,000++ French Iconic Bag that all ladies will absolutely LoVe!

And to top it all, it will also be the big night of one of the biggest and most fabulous giveaways ever!

We hope you could come and party with Buddha-Bar on June 28, 2013. See you there!



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