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Today, I receive all God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s Universe. Today, I open myself to your Blessings, healing and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus Everyday. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s powerful champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Monday, May 7, 2012


Gumanti lang daw si Raymart Santiago after di umano una siyang sinuntok ni Ramon "Mon" Tulfo at sinipa ang kanyang asawang si Claudine Barreto. Mali na nga po si Ramon "Mon" Tulfo sa pagsipa kay Claudine bakit po kailangan po na kuyogin ninyo yung pobreng matanda. Tsk! Wala po akong kinikilingan pero po kung mangyari yan sa Tatay ko o Lolo ko, aba magtago ka na talaga hindi ako papayag na ganunin mo lang ang Tatay o Lolo ko. Pero syempre emosyonal na rin si Raymart dahil sinipa nga daw di umano ni Ramon "Mon" Tulfo si Claudine na isang babae, pwede rin naman po na hindi ninyo gantihan yun matanda idemanda ninyo ng Violence against Women and Children. Ako personally ayaw ko ng violence and I believe you could not justify a wrong with another wrong.

This is my own opinion at sana po hindi ninyo masamain. Claudine Barreto-Santiago and Raymart Santiago, both of you are public figures/ celebrities in a public place. If I were the one who witnessed your outbursts at NAIA3 Claudine Barreto-Santiago, I'll take not only photos but videos to document the entire incident.

I would not surrender my phone too because it is my personal property. Why would I surrender my iphone 4s for example? Ano siya hilo???? Eh Php 38,500 kaya yan. Bakit ko ibibigay?
Igalang po natin ang mga nakakatanda sa atin. Hindi ko po sinasabi na pilitin ninyo ang sarili ninyo na irespeto sila pero sana po kaunting empathy naman po paano po kung Tatay o Lolo ninyo yan? Sa mga kalalakihan, matuto din po kayong igalang ang mga babae huwag po kayong mananakit o mang tadyak ng babae please.

Sorry if my opinion is different from yours. But I still hope that the parties involved will forgive one another and move on.


Based on the LIVE INTERVIEW OF RAMON"MON" TULFO in Channel 5:

Veteran Journalist and broadcaster Ramon " Mon" Tulfo said that he filed charges of grave coercion and physical injury against Raymart Santiago, wife Claudine Baretto, et al, before at the Pasay City Prosecutor's office after getting involved in an brawl at the NAIA Terminal 3 yesterday, May 6, 2012.

Ramon " Mon" Tulfo said he initially does not want to file a complaint against the Santiago's but changed his mind after an alleged further verbal abuse from Claudine Barreto at the police headquarters following the altercation in NAIA 3.

Ramon " Mon" Tulfo's left and right temples as well as his right jaw are still swollen. He is also complaining of pain in his neck. Tulfo maintained he was the victim in the incident. 

The journalist said he only wanted to document and take a picture of Claudine Barreto's alleged outburst at a Cebu Pacific Airline representative after the arrival of their luggage got delayed.

He filed a case of grave coercion against actor Raymart Santiago after the latter allegedly tried to take his cellphone camera from him.

Ramon " Mon" Tulfo also filed charges of physical injuries against spouses Raymart and Claudine Baretto-Santiago, their companion Eduardo Atilano, and several other John and Jane Does

He said airport security is also culpable because he sustained further injuries when they physically subdued him.


Are you aware that according to statistics there are around four (4) million deaf people in the Philippines alone? And only around one hundred cast their votes during the last election? I hope the government supports them in their quest for public Video Relay Service (VRS)  to be provided in public areas. NOT everyone is aware of the plight of our comrades in the deaf community. I believe that our brothers and sisters who are deaf should have equal chances with everyone and a public Video Relay Service (VRS) will help them a lot.

Do you have Php 150 to spare? I am knocking on your heart please. Yes, I am calling on everyone, please support a carnival-themed fundraising event for the deaf come May 12, 2012 entitled Visual Music Carnival (VMC).  It will be an exciting event packed with fun-filled activities and performances bundled together with the most awesome rock bands in the Philippine music industry. Ms. Bernadette Herrera and her Bagong Henerasyon campaign support this event. This is a truly remarkable endeavor for our hearing and speaking impaired friends.

This charity event will help the Telecommunication Service Network for the Deaf (TSND) Inc., to raise funds to buy at least 5 (five) units of Video Relay Service (VRS) that will help deaf people here in the Philippines.  


The Visual Music Carnival is a celebration of music, visual arts and extreme sports with a direct cause. It is a fundraising event aimed to provide support to the projects of the Telecommunication Service Network for the Deaf (TSND) Incorporated. Part of the goal is to support the TSND’s public VRS station installation project in communities with a high volume of hearing impaired residents. This will be held annually in venues such as stadiums or fields upon which the stages and other structures are erected.


Video Relay Service is an internet powered service that helps deaf people call anywhere and anytime hassle free. A VRS booth comes with a V-Pad.

A V-pad is a touch screen videophone with a camera; it will be bolted in to a wall just like public pay phones. Where in there will be a sign language interpreter on standby during service hours.
To simplify, it’s a videophone with a built-in interpreter that will make the calls for the deaf caller.

Telecommunication Service Network for the Deaf (TSND) Inc., plans on installing these Public VRS stations in different public and private schools within Metro Manila with the most number of deaf students such as:
  • Philippine School for the Deaf
  • Lagro High School
  • Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf
  • De La Salle-College of St. Benilde
  • and a whole lot more.
What:    Visual Music Carnival (VMC)
When:   May 12, 2012 from 12NN to 12MN
Where:  Amoranto Stadium grounds in Quezon City

Tickets are being distributed through SM Tickets and can be purchased for only PHP150 with tons of freebies such as rides, game tokens and skate plays. Activities such as jumpers, outdoor rides and carnival games and other thrilling activities, mind blowing games, band performance, battle of the bands, photo booths, skateboard exhibition demonstrations, playgrounds, cosplay competition.

For more information, please visit

For contest and exhibitor inquiries, please contact:

For battle of the bands inquiries, please contact:

For cosplay contest inquiries, please contact:

For media and other inquiries, please contact:

Futomi Nomura
AAP-VMC Team Lead
M: +63 9064052235
Tessa Villareal
Anime Alliance Marketing Specialist
M: +63 9277158160
Katherine Barrameda
Anime Alliance Coordinating Manager
M: +63 9261530548
Patrick Alvin Cham
Anime Alliance Marketing Specialist
M: +63 9165512650
David Michael Ramas
Anime Alliance Operating Manager
M: +1 9083422948
Katt Taylor
Event Organizer – Visual Music Carnival
M: +63 949678736

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night

My brother and I were invited by Mark to Chef Hasset Go bloggers night at Il Mercanti last May 5, 2012. We were early for the event so we registered first before we took our seats. The program started with a welcome Remarks by Il Mercanti Marketing Manager Ms. Analou De Castro.
LIVE DEMO - CHEF NANDO'S PAELLA (LOS HERMANOS) I so love his paella. I could taste the safron. So yummy!
With fellow blogger survivor Ms. Myrna and our new friend Chef.
CHEF HASSET GO is only 25 years old. He is a product of Heny Sison Culinary School. He owns MedChef Homemade Cakes and Pastries, Co-owner of Desserts Strip of Chef Maribel in Cagayan De Oro, Chef Instructor of Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, One of the chefs behind Chefs and Foodservice Community of the Philippines, Global Excellence and People's Choice Awardee as an Outstanding Young Chef by Asia Pacific Awards

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience was very successful indeed.

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience is a project of" target="_blank">Mediactiv8 Communications as part of the completion of Module 3 requirement at the" target="_blank">Ateneo-DigitalFilipino Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program. This event was fully supported by" target="_blank">Chef Hasset Go of" target="_blank">MedChefb>," target="_blank">," target="_blank">Il Mercanti Food Bazaar and concessionaires," target="_blank">Federated Distributors," target="_blank">King Sue," target="_blank">The Maya Kitchen," target="_blank">Puratosb>," target="_blank">Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro," target="_blank">Chef's Garb," target="_blank">The Blounge, Mr. Jayson Carlos of" target="_blank"> GUC, Mr. Jayson and Jamie Sy, Mr. Bert Sy, Mr. Eduardo Nabong of" target="_blank">Nabong Property Specialist and Mr. Gary Alan of Gary Alan Media.

Seven Men including Raymart Santiago ganged up on Ramon Tulfo

 See Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barreto vs. Ramon "Mon" Tulfo Brawl video here.

Screen shot from GMA7
Photo credit to Jenny

At least seven men, including actor Raymart Santiago and actress Claudine Barreto, ganged up on veteran TV host and Inquirer columnist Ramon "Mon" Tulfo , Sunday, May 6, 2012, at around eleven o' clock in the morning at NAIA3 Baggage Claim area..

The brawling incident occurred when Ramon "Mon" Tulfo took photos of Raymart Santiago’s wife, actress Claudine Baretto, “berating” a ground steward over a mishandled luggage.

Ramon "Mon" Tulfo said he arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 from Davao via a Cebu Pacific flight when he noticed a woman giving a ground staff of the budget airline a vicious dressing down.

Before the beating he received, Ramon "Mon" Tulfo's attention was caught by the ground stewardess who was on the verge of tears.

He said he initially sympathized with the woman after learning from onlookers she had been complaining of “an offloaded luggage,” which has been a subject of critical columns he wrote before. He did not recognize the woman as Claudine Baretto until he walked toward the airline’s complaints desk.

Tulfo pulled out his mobile phone and took photos of the scene, which he said would form part of a future column he intended to write, when a man from the actress’ group approached him.
The man, whom he later recognized as Baretto’s husband, Raymart Santiago, “demanded to get my phone which I used in taking shots,” the columnist said, adding he refused to surrender his phone.

Santiago continued to force Tulfo to give his phone to the actor when the latter’s companions came to his side, according to the columnist. Tulfo said he could not recall who threw the first punch because he was ganged up on.

He said he was hit at his blindside as the punches kept coming.

While trying to fight his way out, Tulfo said Baretto, who was nearby, repeatedly cursed him. He admitted that he might have hit the woman with a kick as he tried to fight back at his aggressors.
“This is the real persona of an actress who is always portrayed (in the movies) as a martyr,” he continued, as he pitied the ground staff of Cebu Pacific whom Baretto allegedly berated.
Tulfo said Baretto continued “cussing” him when they met for the second time at the airport police station. “I could only give her a smile as she fumed at me.”

At the same time, Tulfo denounced the NAIA security personnel and the airport police for failing to restrain Baretto’s party as they were restoring order in the area.

He said he already submitted himself to the authorities when they arrived and as they were sorting things out, “somebody lunged behind me and grabbed me by the neck.” The choking lasted a couple of seconds, and Tulfo said he could have passed out if it happened a few moments longer.

The police were preparing the paperwork for the charges Tulfo would be filing against the Santiago couple.                                                                                                                Source: Inquirer



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