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Today, I receive all God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s Universe. Today, I open myself to your Blessings, healing and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus Everyday. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s powerful champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Pili Airport in Camarines Sur is one of the worst airports I've been to. 

At the entrance of Pili Airport, there is a notice that the x-ray machine is out of order. So you have to line up and wait for the airport security personnel to manually inspect all the bags of departing passengers.

The toilets have no toilet paper or soap available inside. They're not only cramped but very filthy too.
You have to take the stairs going to the second floor where the departure area is located.  There is no elevator going to the second floor making it difficult for old people and physically- challenged individuals to climb the stairs. I hope they Implement the Accessibility Law (BP 344) in the building itself.

The Pili airport building is cramped. They leased both ends of the first floor to pasalubong stores. Making it more crowded.

At the second floor of Pili Airport, the foreigner ahead of me in line has on his carry on bag a 1000 ml. perfume. I know it is none of my business but I told the inspector that I guess that the perfume bottle is too big to be on his carry on bag. The inspector scolded me and said: "Nagbibigay kami ng consideration." 
Wow that's unbelievable. I'd like to ask the proper authorities ( Aviation Security Group in this case right? ) I just like to know if that is a valid reason?  The name of the inspector is WILBUR CEPEDA. He is assigned @ the 2nd floor of the PILI AIRPORT where he manually inspects the bags of the passengers. Because guess what? Yes, you got it right! The x-ray machine @ the second floor is also out of order.
Why make an exemption to foreigners and raise hell to Filipinos? Are we second class citizens in our own country? Iba pala ang rules sa mga ibang lahi kesa sa Filipino WILBUR CEPEDA!
That's really disgusting! That's effin' unfair!


After eating dinner at Lugang my friend invited us to join them for a dessert at the nearby UCC Vienna Cafe. The place is cool. And we're the only people when we arrived. We had a blast @UCC  
Chocolate Cake
My brother had this.
My friend had UCC Sumiyaki coffee jelly
I had fruit platter which I shared with my brother
And this is my drink Mango Kiwi Swirl
My friend's husband had tea and fresh green salad

Greenhills - Connecticut St.

Unit A

59 Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number
(+63 2) 726-1728, (+63 2) 726-1753

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 12:00 mn
Saturday to Sunday - 8:00 am to 1:30am

Conclusion: Expensive,  taste is okay.


Tips to would be participants please note the following before you decide to go : 
  • Advise your family.
  • Ensure that your house is properly secured before you leave.
  • All of your electrical devices in your house must be unplugged 
  • Be physically prepared. 
  • Children, elderly, pregnant and persons who are sick should avoid crowded places; thus, they are advised to stay at home and rest.
  • Participants should have with them their identification card
  • Participants should have with them their medical information and emergency contact numbers.
  • Wear proper clothing. 
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry
  • Avoid bringing expensive electronic devices.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks. 
  • Bring candies, crackers and bottled water.
  • Drink a lot of fluid to prevent heat exhaustion.
  • Devotees should also be aware of their location at all times.
  • Avoid safety hazards and, if they come in groups, should designate a meeting point in case someone gets lost.
  • Maintain proper distance to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • Plan a safe exit path from the crowd. 
  • Know the location and means of access towards the medical stations, police stations and other available authorities within the area.
  • It is to each his own there. 
  • They act like there's no tomorrow. Survival of the Fittest style.
  • Some of the devotees think that the wilder they are the holier they become. 
  • Devotees have been known to mob the statue even before the Mass at the grandstand ends.
  • The miraculous image of the Black Nazarene is under constant siege from a maddened multitude trying to beat one another some of them jump, push and shove anyone who gets on their way.
  • Some devotees seems to be in a blind rush to reestablish a link with the Lord they don't care if they hurt anyone along the way. 
  • The injuries and even deaths of devotees are brought upon by one or a combination of heat, fatigue, or being trampled upon by other devotees. 
For the procession on Monday, Philippine National Police (PNP) has doubled the security and assigned a total of 1,600 policemen to do the crowd control.

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim has made a televised appeal for order, warning those who are caught with intoxicating drinks that they will be apprehended and fined.

The Catholic Church for the first time is tapping priests to move the revered statue of the Black Nazarene before it embarks on its grand procession on Monday.

Monsignor Jose Clemente Ignacio, Quiapo church rector, said they have tasked priests to carry the Black Nazarene from the altar at the Quirino Grandstand to its andas or the carriage that would be pulled throughout the procession.
Popular Quiapo priest Fr. Anton Pascual was tasked to remind the faithful to stay in their places as priests carry the image to its carriage.

The crowd will be ask to wait until after the Mass ends before they surge forward because the priests are not used to being mobbed. The devotees should respect the Mass because it is sacred.


A procession will held on January 9, 2012 for the feast of the Black Nazarene. 

Devotees of the Black Nazarene will commemorate the Traslacion. The Traslacion is the  transfer of the image from Quirino grandstand to its present shrine in Quiapo. The Black Nazarene will be carried into the streets for procession in a shoulder-borne carriage known to devotees as the "andas".
The procession is scheduled to start at 8 a.m. after the Mass but, because of the multitudes of those who attend, it is expected to last for 10 to 12 hours.

Around eight million devotees flock in Quiapo every year and wear the color maroon and go barefoot in imitation of Jesus on his way to Mount Calvary. 

Traditionally, men are the only ones permitted to hold the ropes pulling the image's carriage, but in recent years female devotees also participated in the procession. These rope pullers are called traditionally as the "Namamasan" by devotees. 

People who have touched the Black Nazarene are reported to have been cured of their diseases, and Catholics come from all over Manila to touch the image in the hopes of a miracle. 

Towels and handkerchiefs are wipe on the statue in their hope of a miracle they attributed to the "rubbing off".

To some devotees it is their annual rites to beg for forgiveness and renewal of their subscription to God’s grace.

The procession held on the feast day is notorious for the annual casualties that result from the jostling and congestion of the crowds engaged in pulling the carriage. 

Only in the Pilipins!



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