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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant: A Baguio Gem

Walking into Fortune Hongkong Restaurant is like stepping into a world of refined elegance. Large windows bathe the space in natural light, while the décor exudes a subtle sophistication. The real magic unfolds when you delve into the menu. It's a treasure map leading you through an array of fresh seafood specialties and mouthwatering dim sum options.

Prepare for a dent in your wallet. This is a fine-dining experience with a price tag to match. But, oh boy, was it worth it! 

Let's talk deliciousness!

We dove headfirst into the Fortune Seafood Spinach Soup. The flavors were incredible - a rich, savory broth brimming with fresh seafood and perfectly complemented by the earthy notes of the spinach. Every spoonful was a symphony of taste. For those with kidney problem and high blood pressure make sure to request for less or no salt and less or no msg! The portion of spinach soap I received was much smaller than what I've got from other Chinese Restaurants in Manila. In Manila, apparently the soap is served up to the brim. I wonder if this is the typical portion size for the spinach soap in Fortune Hongkong Restaurant in Baguio or if there might have been a mistake with my order.

But the true pièce de résistance was their Yang Chow Fried rice! The flavors were an orchestra on the tongue. The fluffy rice subtle smoky flavor complimented the Char siu (叉燒) or Chinese BBQ pork addition, giving it a meaty and savory note playing in perfect harmony. Every bite was a revelation, leaving me yearning for more.

Finally, we ventured into the realm of spice with the Minced Hot and Spicy Chicken Fillet Sze Chuan Style. This dish was a fiery explosion of flavor! The chicken was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy, and the Sze Chuan peppercorns packed a real punch. Be warned, this one isn't for the faint of heart, but for those who love a good kick, it's pure heaven.

Now, here's where things got a little disappointing. When it came time to box up our leftovers, it felt like we received less than half of what we actually had on our plates. We paid in full for the entire meal, so it was a bit of a bummer to see a significant portion seemingly disappear.

I sincerely hope this was an isolated incident and they won't pull this on other patrons.

Overall, Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant is a place for those who appreciate exceptional flavor and don't mind paying a premium. Just be mindful of your leftovers (if any)!




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