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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Family, Food Finds, and Friendly Business Chat at IFEX 2024

The last day of IFEX 2024 turned into a delightful family affair (with a dash of business thrown in)! After a big family event at the Marriott Hotel's Grand Ballroom, my brother Yummytales and I decided to squeeze in a visit to the World Trade Center. What a good decision that was!

IFEX, for those who haven't been, is a treasure trove of all things food and ingredients. It's a chance to discover new favorites and stock up on old ones. And guess what? We stumbled upon a small world moment right there at a booth!

We were waiting for our change after buying 6 Camalig pinangat (we missed this dish so much!). As fate would have it, my cousin-in-law (wife of my first cousin, whom we'd just seen at the Marriott) arrived with my nephew! Turns out, his wife is the seller at the booth!

They sell these unique, well-packaged pinangat for a very reasonable price. They even had a promo: buy 5, get 1 free! I ended up paying only Php 415 for 6 pieces. Bonus: these pinangat have a shelf life of a year if frozen! Needless to say, our 6-pack lasted a mere 3 days. Wish I'd bought more! Yum!!

Their recipe is fantastic. Not just because they're family (although that doesn't hurt!), but because it's truly delicious and super convenient. It can be steamed using a rice cooker or even microwaved (just add some water!).

Next stop? A booth from Aklan selling a variety of baked goodies for Php 499! And guess what? I even got my Php1 change back! ( Some vendors don't give change anymore) This delightful assortment included 1 pack of broas, 1 pack of garlic bread, 1 pack of egg cracklings, 1 pack of otap, 1 pack of biscocho, and small plastic of half barquillos filled with polvoron. They even have a distributor in Metro Manila – perfect for future cravings!

The day wasn't just about shopping, though. We were also treated to some delicious samples from a lovely couple from Tiaong, Quezon. They offered me a small VCO bottle and one sachet of coconut oil, and it seems they were giving them out to other customers who passed by their booth as well. What a generous couple! Thank you ma'am and sir!

Now, onto a different topic related to my business. While at IFEX, I had the opportunity to discuss a situation with Aice Philippines. They had a new reseller right across from our store, and I wanted to ensure fair competition considering our long-standing loyalty since their launch back in 2018. The conversation was friendly and informative, and hopefully, they'll consider the situation.

Finally, a quick shout-out to Ms. Luz Soriano. Unfortunately, it was closing time when we reached her booth, so we missed a chance to say hello. Here's hoping for an invitation to the next CITEM event, Ms. Soriano!

Overall, IFEX 2024 was a whirlwind of family, food finds, and a productive business discussion. It's definitely an event I wouldn't want to miss next year!



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