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Thursday, July 18, 2013

PAMPANGA: KUMON Philippines' Education & Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) 2013

PAMPANGA: KUMON Philippines' Education & Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) 2013

I know that you, like all parents, would want to equip your children with everything possible to secure a promising future for them. And education such as one through the help of the KUMON Method is the best means to do it. 
The Kumon Method

The Kumon Method is an after-school math and reading learning method. It is an individualized learning method through which students start at a level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own and continue to study at their own pace. Through daily study of the Kumon worksheets, the students develop strong self-learning academic abilities and gain confidence that will help them in the classroom and in life.

How the Kumon Method came about

Did you know that the Kumon Method was developed because of the love of a parent for his son?

The late Chairman Toru Kumon developed the prototype of the Kumon Method in 1954 while he was a high school mathematics teacher. At that time, Toru Kumon's wife, Teiko, asked him to take a look at his eldest son Takeshi's second-grade arithmetic studies because she was not satisfied with the results of a test he had taken.
I was really fascinated with Kumon presentation of how the method came about. 

They've even shown handwritten learning materials on loose-leaf A5-sized paper created by high school mathematics teacher Toru Kumon for his son Takeshi.

Toru Kumon's aim was to create a collection of original problems that Takeshi would be able to complete progressively, on his own, allowing him to develop his skills gradually. After much trial and error, he produced a series of handwritten learning materials on loose-leaf A5-sized paper.

Focus on developing strong calculation skills

Mastering calculation is the key to progress to high school mathematics according to the Kumon founder.

The primary feature of these materials was the focus on developing strong calculation skills, enabling Takeshi to advance as quickly as possible through to high school mathematics. Based on his experience as a high school mathematics teacher, Toru Kumon was convinced that mastering calculation was the key to enabling his son to later apply other mathematical concepts.

Takeshi reached 11th grade level differential and integral calculus while still in 6th grade!

Starting with addition problems and rapidly progressing to high school mathematics

In July 1954, Takeshi started studying his father's handmade materials while he was in second grade. He began with addition problems and then progressed rapidly until he reached 11th grade level differential and integral calculus while he was in 6th grade!

Kumon believes that all children possess boundless potential.

Kumon believes that it is the responsibility of educators to uncover children's hidden potential.

During that time, Toru Kumon continued to create these learning materials on a daily basis. Through this process, the philosophy behind the Kumon Method emerged. That is, the optimum development of each individual's ability, irrespective of age or grade—the pursuit of potential. Toru Kumon believed that what was possible for one child was possible for others. Thus, he set out to offer to as many children as possible the opportunity to study with this method.

Have you ever wondered why the Kumon Logo has that thinking face inside? It connotes the many faces of children who learn, think and grow within KUMON Centers.

The Kumon blue color, on the other hand, represents intelligence, honesty and the sky that far stretches around the world. Moreover, the word is also an acronym of the following:
K - indness movement
U - nderstanding the child
M - astery of the basic skills
O - n their own
N - o two children are alike

Dr. Love
Dr. Love hosted the event.
Tadashi Nakatsuka (Kumon Philippines, Inc. President)  in the middle
For more than 15 years, Kumon Philippines, Inc. (Kumon) has been working hand in hand with parents in discovering their children’s potentials toward becoming successful in life. Through its Math and Reading Programs, Kumon seeks to develop the skills of each child and bring out the best in them, so that they gain the confidence to face the challenges of the future and to achieve their goals and dreams.
There is no limit to age, grade level or even abilities and that is why Kumon welcomes all types of students, from one who learns differently to one who claims he is a genius.

Kumon Philippines' Education & Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) 2013 was held around 1:30 PM last July 13, 2013 at the Cinema 6 of SM City Pampanga. Read more HERE.

Another movie showing is scheduled on August 3, 2013 at the Cinema 6 of SM City Iloilo, at around 1:30 PM.

For inquiries & ticket reservations, kindly contact the following numbers:


Kumon hopes to be in partnership with you as it equips Filipino children for a better tomorrow. 

Did I mention that you only have to pay Php1,800 per subject per month for elementary students and Php1,950 per subject per month for high school students? Very affordable indeed. So what are you waiting for?



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