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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Art and Business of Wedding Photography

The Art and Business of Wedding Photography

Attention: Photographers, Hobbyist, Entrepreneur

Here is your chance to know the secret of one of the successful wedding Photographer in Metro Manila, ang batikan lawyer na si Atty. Raymond Fortun.


When:  September 14, 2012
Time:    9am-4pm

Where: 2nd floor Ortigas building Pasig City

Fee comes with Free lunch and snack

visit for details

Please be sure to come if you reserve a slot.

Official statement of Tutuban Properties Inc. Re: Cluster Building "Fire Out"

Official statement of Tutuban Properties Inc. Re: Cluster Building "Fire Out"

Updated Statement

7 September 2012

Ikinagagalak na ibahagi ng Tutuban Center na mula kaninang ika 1 ng umaga,
idineklara ng Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) ang "Fire Out"  status sa
Cluster Building . Kasalukuyan ding ginaganap ang "mopping-up operations" sa
mga oras na ito.

Nais din naming pasalamatan ang mga magigiting na kalalakihan at kababaihan
ng BFP sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni General Santiago Laguna, pati na din ang mga
miyembro ng mga iba't-ibang volunteer firefighting organization dahil sa
kanilang walang sawang pagtulong. Nais din naming pasalamatan ang suporta ni
Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Rico Puno,
Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, at ang Manila Police District.

Dahil sa balitang ito, ang mga tagapamahala ng Tutuban Center, kasama ang
mga Cluster Building Tenant Association, ay maaari nang itutok ang atensiyon
nito sa pangangalaga ng mga pangangailangan ng mga tenant.

Maaari na ding makipag-coordinate ang mga tenant sa Tutuban Center Building
Administration o magtungo lamang sa Cluster Building Help Desk na
matatagpuan sa Loop Road Skybridge A.

Nagpapatuloy na din ang normal na operasyon sa Centermall, Prime Block,
Robinsons Supermarket at Robinsons Department Store.

Patuloy din kaming umaasa na aming malalampasan ang pagsubok na ito at
magsimulang magtrabahong muli para sa isang bago at maliwanag na bukas.
Press Release
6 September 2012- 10am

Collective efforts of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and volunteer firefighters have not ceased since the fire broke out early yesterday morning at Cluster Building. At 10 am today, BFP officials have declared the fire control.

So effective 10am today, Centermall 1 and 2 and Prime Block buildings have resumed normal or "business as usual" operations, including the Robinsons department store and supermarket. Safeguards are in place to ensure that the resumption of operations will in no way hamper fire control efforts.

We believe that the current situation is but a minor setback in the redevelopment of Tutuban Center. Management affirms its commitment to move towards a new and revitalized Cluster Building.

InnerShine® Berry Essence

The Seven Super Berries
BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence is a delicious fruit-based, ready-to-drink essence with extraordinary health benefits

When I first read about InnerShine® Berry Essence I got really interested. I told myself, I ought to try this real soon. Who wouldn't? Imagine the wonders it does to one's body! It gives you a 
  • Clearer, sharper vision. 
  • Age-defying, healthier-looking skin. 
  • Better protection from free radical damage.
This isn't a list of some superhero's extraordinary powers. It's only a sampling of the many health benefits that come with every bottle of the new InnerShine® Berry Essence (IBE).

Made by BRAND'S®, a company with a pioneering presence in the health and wellness industry for the last 170 years, InnerShine® Berry Essence is a delicious fruit-based, ready-to-drink essence that serves as a natural source of vital nutrients and powerful antioxidants. It contains the goodness of seven premium types of berries from Europe and the U.S.—acai berry, bilberry, blackcurrant, chokeberry, cranberry, elderberry, and strawberry—combined to form an exclusive "super berry" blend, providing health, nourishment, and protection in ways that no other fruit-based drinks can.

Available at all the following stores in the Greater Manila area:
  •  Watsons
  •  Landmark supermarkets
  •  and Mercury Drug
SRP of P85 per bottle, BRAND'S® IBE is also fortified with Vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. It contains no added artificial colorings or preservatives, and bursts with an irresistible all-natural taste that also remains unrivaled by regular diet drinks and artificial supplements.

IBE’s Seven Super Berries

The seven super berries make every bottle of InnerShine® Berry Essence the perfect nutritional drink in today's increasingly stressful modern environment. As you carry out a very hectic and stress-filled work day facing the computer for long hours, exposure to many types of environmental pollution, spending late nights at work, and other situations that may create problems for both your skin and eyes, IBE works to deliver special benefits that promote supple and smooth skin and clearer and healthier vision. The berries, in fact, each have rich antioxidant qualities that help protect the skin and eyes from free radical damage, such as that caused by UV radiation, environmental pollution, and heavy visual workload.

Apart from shielding the eye cells, which make up the human body's most delicate and sensitive sense organs, BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence also packs vital nutrients that help improve overall health as well as support one's ability to have a beautiful, well-nourished body. The exotic acai berry has been heralded for centuries for the many benefits it brings to the body. Not only is it extremely high in anthocyanins, it has powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against life’s stressors.
The rare bilberry fruit from northern Europe, just like the acai berry, is also rich in anthocyanins to strengthen and protect the eyes’ blood vessels and help lessen eye fatigue, while the blackcurrant further enhances eye health with its unique ability to synthesize a biological pigment called rhodopsin (or "visual purple") that enables vision in low-light conditions.
Filtering intense sunlight and providing increased protection from constant exposure to UV radiation is the role of the chokeberry, a shrub fruit native to eastern North America. Thanks to its high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, chokeberry is also known as a dietary deterrent against diseases caused by oxidative stress.

Cranberry, on the other hand, is a nourishing fruit with a balanced profile of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese, and essential phytonutrients. They are known to help protect the body from free radical damage, optimize urinary tract health and provide important anti-inflammatory benefits. Also with similar health-boosting capacities is the elderberry, which helps boost the immune system by driving the production of cytokines, the cell-signaling proteins used to regulate immune response. 

Rounding out the IBE's set of seven super berries is the sweet, bright red strawberry. Like the cranberry and elderberry, it packs Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients. Strawberries have also recently been linked to the prevention of heart disease and diabetes, while stimulating proteins with antioxidant qualities.

Specially formulated with these seven super berries, BRAND'S® delicious new InnerShine® Berry Essence indeed packs a healthy punch. A chilled bottle a day of IBE not only serves to build a strong foundation for a lifestyle of health and wellness; it also brings the thought of having extraordinary powers closer than we can ever imagine.



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