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Sunday, December 16, 2012

VIDEO: Charice Pempengco Impersonates The Chipmunks

VIDEO: Charice Pempengco Impersonates The Chipmunks

I always love Charice's voice. No one could deny that she's one talented gal. Her humor, style, and personality are outstanding! Charice doesn't blend in the crowd but stands out. She has that x-factor and you can't just ignore her talent. Charice has improved a lot. 

Everyone reacted (some violently) when she started showing the world her true self. Almost everyone expressed dissatisfaction when she expressed her artistic side and colored her hair and had a tattoo. 

Yeah, I know. Utak talangka talaga ang ilang kababayan natin. Tama yan, tawanan mo lang sila. Kahit anong paninira ang gawin nila, litaw na litaw pa rin na sobrang galing mo talagang kumanta! Mabuhay ka! (Some of our countrymen really have crab mentality. That's right, just laugh at them. Whatever bad things they say, your singing talent will shine! Long live!

Here, in this video, you can hear one of Charice's talents:

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