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Monday, April 8, 2013

10 ways to travel cheap in Europe

10 ways to travel cheap in Europe

Some people may consider travelling Europe an unobtainable dream, but there are actually many ways to travel cheaply in Europe. Europe is very accustomed to college students, backpackers, and young professionals who want to experience its charm on a budget. Many European nations are currently experiencing times of economic difficulty, which can make it even easier than ever to get a good deal.

1. Stay At Hostels

Hostels may not be a luxury experience, bu they're cheap, affordable, and allow you to share experiences with your fellow travelers. Hostels are usually packed with young travelers who are on a strict budget, and they range from a dormitory-style shared room to a large room with multiple beds and mats. Checking in earlier will get you preferred beds.

2. Couch Surf

Couch surfing is extremely popular today and involves connecting you to local hosts who are willing to allow you to stay in their home for a period of time completely for free. Couch surfing should be avoided by anyone who might be at risk of being attacked, such as a smaller person.

3. Visit Local Restaurants

Local restaurants are usually far cheaper than the restaurants that tourists frequent, and the internet makes it very easy to locate hole-in-the-wall dining opportunities that feature amazing food. Go off the beaten path for your meals and you'll find yourself saving a lot of money.

4. Use The Bus

The bus systems in Europe are usually the cheapest methods of transportation along with the metro systems in the major cities. When travelling through Europe you should concentrate on walking and using the bus as much as possible.

5. Limit Time In Major Cities

The major tourist cities in Europe such as Rome and Paris are all far more expensive than ordinary European towns. While these towns do need to be visited on a trip through Europe, you should avoid spending the bulk of your time there. There are many smaller towns with just as much history and charm.

6. Go During Off Season

Flights and activities during the summer months are usually far more expensive than those outside of the tourist season. If you want to save money while travelling in Europe it's best to go when other people are not.

7. Use Boats

The ferries in Europe are often a great way to move between port cities and many of these ferries are very inexpensive. The alternative is often using the train system or the airport, so ferries should be used when possible along with buses.

8. Travel With Friends

Travelling in a large group can make everything cheaper for everyone, especially since many tours offer discount travel rates and hotels and rented rooms can be split between all of you.

9. Buy A Tour Package

Tour packages can be a great way to get discounted flights, hotels, and tours, because tour agencies can get lower rates than most. Buying a tour package should always be done through a reputable agency because some may not save you enough money.

10. Use A School Program

Many school programs allow students to travel abroad very cheaply. These packages are cheap and can also be subsidized with educational grants and loans.

Even if you are travelling on a budget, it is always advisable to take out travel insurance cover before you depart. This small initial outlay could potentially save you a lot of money should you experience health related issues, lose your luggage or have your possessions stolen. 



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