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Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Meet Joiriz, my seatmate @ the waiting lounge in NAIA 3, on my way to Palawan, he together with his family adopted me in Puerto Princesa!

I now have an instant family in Puerto Princesa Palawan
Yipee! Everybody is happy during our photoshoot! Ha ha ha!


There are two main ways to go island hopping around HONDA BAY area. 
  1. You can go on an organized tour leaving from Puerto Princesa.
  2. Or just do it by yourself.  
Just be reminded that the HONDA BAY ST. LOURDES WHARF has a cut off time for island hopping set at 2 o' clock in the afternoon.
Going on a tour will cost you a non-negotiable P 1,100 pesos per person at all travel agencies in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This will include a pick up service from where you stay, boat rentals, snorkeling gear, lunch and entry fees to 3 islands. Note: I learned that rates for package tours also depend on whatever you want for lunch and the rent for the snorkeling gear. So if you're not picky Php 1,100 it is.

Going on your own will cost you P 1,300 for a boat which can be shared by up to 6 people. The boat can accommodate around 8 pax but their is an additional charge of P 220.00 /pax in excess of 6 persons. The people manning the booth told me you could share the boat with other tourist, yehey that's good news for us traveler's on a shoe string!

Add the cost of transport to and from Puerto Princesa ( ask for the rate from your friendly trike driver). Prices can range from PHP 100-400 depending if you'll ask them to wait for you to finish your island hopping tour.

Sta. Lourdes Wharf is 25 minutes away by hired tricycle or jeepney from downtown PPP. Pumpboat ride from the wharf to the different islands is from 15 to 50 minutes.

If you are two or more the price for doing it by yourself will be somewhat lower than an organized tour. And you will have added flexibility to do what you want - which include going to one or two extra islands for an extra fee.

The bay consists of several islets with shallow reefs bordering fabulous beaches which have become the favorite swimming, snorkeling, and diving destinations of local residents and tourists.

These islets are the following:

  1. Cannon (Cowrie) Island
  2. Bat Island 
  3. Lu-li Island (derived from the word "lulubog-lilitaw", meaning floating and sinking island, is visible only during low tide)
  4. Meara Marina
  5. Starfish Island (known for its fine white sand and clear water that teems with starfish)
  6. Snake Island (an island with a long stretch of time white sand shaped like a snake)
  7. Pandan Island
  8. SeƱorita Island (the breeding site of Lapu-Lapu fish).
Note: Lodging facilities are available for overnight stays in the islands of Meara Marina and Starfish (Sandbar Resort).

The boat rentals at HONDA BAY is very well organized and will not give any problems but trying to find something to eat can be a bigger issue so bring your own baon for lunch and snacks before leaving Puerto Princesa Palawan, if you go on your own.

Since hati kaming dalawa (2) ng friend ko na si Joeriz sa boat P 1,300 divided by 2 = P 650.00 ( sosyal kami nilibre namin tita niya at mga pinsan ha ha ha sila naman nagbaon ng lunch namin pati ng drinks at dala rin namin ang jeep nila kaya may parking fee kaming binayaran na P30.00/ whole day parking na divided by 2 = P15)


Note : Cheaper if madami kayo maghahati!

Dolphin Watching in BOHOL PHILIPPINES

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I was never this close to the untrained dolphins in Bohol, Philippines!

Each time I watch a Dolphin Show it is always as if it's the first time!

Dolphins never failed to amaze me!

They were wonderful creature, very friendly and beautiful!

One of them had an exhibition for several minutes!



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