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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

THE MIND MUSEUM: Earth Day Celebration

THE MIND MUSEUM: Earth Day Celebration

Last April 21, 2013, we celebrated Earth Day at The Mind Museum. We attended the Dinosaur and Fossil workshop entitled "Earthly Imprints: Dinosaur and Fossils Workshop" at the second floor of Mind Museum Pod 2. 

Those with All Day Museum Pass + Workshop paid P750 and those who opted to buy the Workshop ticket only paid P150.00.                                                                                                      
At the workshop, Pecier Decierdo, a BS Physics graduate from UP Diliman and one of The Mind Museum’s mind movers walked us through time. It was a mind-bending journey from present-day Earth to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs and fossils. Together with excited kids, we learned about Archaelogy, Paleontology and Paleontologists and how they go about studying fossils to determine evolution.
After the fun, interactive and informative lecture about fossils and dinosaurs, they then instructed everyone, both kids and kids-at-heart, to create their own fossils using foil, clay, Plaster of Paris, water, coffee and stick.
Who would have thought that it was not only bones that could be fossilized? You could make a fossil out of anything!

Yes,even dung, geez, yucky! These are called "coprolites." Just Imagine the vast choices you have. You could apply the process to anything from dried leaves, flowers, shells, teeth, bones, skeletons and many others. 
We had so much fun at the workshop. The kids were so excited creating their very own “fossils”.

We had a good laugh when we saw the "made in China" seal at the back of the toy mold we made.
After the workshop, we attended the interactive storytelling about the Earth and giving importance to it by My Masterpiece Movement or MMM.

The group is composed of the husband-and-wife team of Teacher Anna and Teacher Rayyn plus sister Teacher Kara. Teacher Anna enthralled everyone and guided us to let loose and relax for an hour of yoga, visual art, music, shadow storytelling, and reflection. 

The live mural painting and shadow play were provided by teacher Kara, Teacher Anna for the yoga and dance and the music by Teacher Raynn.
 Everybody loosened up and stretched out during the yoga session.
There was also a screening of Pale Blue Dot the entire day. Pale Blue Dot, inspired by the photo and book of the same name, exposes Carl Sagan’s reflections and projections regarding our planet.

This last Photo is from Mind Museum FB page.
And last but not the least activity of Mind Museum for Earth Day was the live discussion  in Google+ Hangout with Blaise C. Kuo Tiong, a physicist doing research in Antartica called Cold Continent, Hot Science on neutrino detection in Antarctica! He discussed his research and how life goes in one of the coldest parts of the planet!

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