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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DEREK RAMSAY: 100 Percent Epitome of Century Tuna

DEREK RAMSAY: 100 Percent Epitome of Century Tuna

Handsome Filipino-British model, actor, host and former VJ here in the Philippines Derek Arthur Baggao Ramsay is the perfect epitome of Century Tuna.

Authorities have individual considerations when it comes to defining the perfect physique. Most of them agree that more than visual aesthetics and physical proportions, what matters more is good health.  

"In the past, I thought that in order to attain the body of my dreams all I have to do is 100% exercise.  Well, I was wrong.  Because when I tried the 70/30 recommended ratio by experts I was amazed that I attain a firmer, leaner healthier body in no time.  Yes guys, you should  know the balance between diet and exercise , that is 30% exercise and 70% diet," Derek enthuses. 

I believe that every person I know would agree that Derek Ramsay is 100 percent lean and meaty just like Century Tuna!  Plus, it has no extenders, just 100 percent tuna.

My golly, did you know that Derek took my hand so I could feel his pandesal . . . errr . . . six-pack abs! Pandesal is the perfect partner for Century #100PercentTuna.

Derek started eating Century Tuna when he was still a college student in the United States. He confessed that his classmate Leo would bring boxes and boxes of Century Tuna all the way from the Philippines. Derek has been shaping his body for many years now to fit what he considers a lean and mean machine.

Just like Papa Derek, you could start living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Start eating Century Tuna and do 15-minute exercises that you prefer and be fit in no time.  

Some members of the media who won in the raffle. Congratulations guys!
Did you know that Derek often feast on hot and spicy Century Tuna because it is lean and meaty with no extenders?

I do appreciate the people behind Century Tuna because they listen to customer feedback. Century Tuna now comes in easy open can and 50% lite variants meaning 50% less fat and less salt with the same superb taste, oh so perfect for dieting. What are you waiting for? Buy your own stock of Century Tuna now. Malay mo maging kasing ganda ng katawan ni Derek Ramsay ang iyong body!

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