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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Taiwan's Presidential spokeswoman Lee Chia-fei at the press conference
Has the Philippines lost a good friend and trading partner now that Taiwan has rejected the apology of the Philippine government? Today's announcement of Taiwan President Ma is sad and unfortunate indeed.
Antonio Basilio, Philippine representative to Taiwan
During a very late press conference held early morning past 0100 hours today (May 15, 2013), Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou and National Security Council announced that they cannot accept Philippine pledges delivered by MECO (Manila Economic and Cultural Office) representative Antonio Basilio in writing... and so Taiwan will proceed with the sanctions immediately effective today: 
  • to freeze hiring OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers)
  • to recall TECO (Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office) representative in the Philippines 
  • and for MECO representative to return home to Philippines...
  •  +++ 8 more sanctions to be announced later at an international press conference after President Ma meets with 8 other ministries....
Let me quote a TVBS report as translated by BING.
Antonio Basilio, left, Philippine representative to Taiwan, with Taiwan Foreign Minister David Lin
PUBLIC OUTRAGE CONTINUES in the wet markets and supermarkets in Taiwan. Each stall posted anti-Filipino signages saying they will not sell their fish, meat, vegetables to any Filipino... and plea "PLEASE FILIPINO, DO NOT KILL ME!!!"
PUBLIC OUTRAGE in the wet markets and supermarkets in Taiwan
Taiwan deemed the pledges written by MECO representative Basilio were not sincere enough... and such response came very late than the allotted deadline as well... he announced via press conference at past 0100 hours this morning... I think this further showed 'disrespect' to Taiwan... as many locals here feel that the Philippines was not earnest enough in its action, and the authority given by Pnoy to MECO representative was not enough to meet all of the 4 reasonable demands by Taiwan government/ victim's family.
Signage at a fish market stall
Apology from the representative of the Philippines yesterday. President Ma held a national security meeting in the morning and, in the end, they decided not to accept the Philippines apology. 
Taiwan's Presidential spokeswoman Lee Chia-fei at the press conference
"The Philippines' thoughtless perfunctory authorization is not enough. We repeatedly express our strong dissatisfaction, so we will freeze Filipino workers' applications, recall our representative to the Philippines, and ask the representative of the Philippines to go home. Later, the Office of the President will hold an international press conference." 

Because of the shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman in Philippine waters (by the Philippine Coast Guard) on Thursday (May 9, 2013), the Taiwan government imposed a 72-hour deadline to the Philippines to comply with 4 demands. At 7 o'clock this morning, the Taiwan President convened the national security meeting. Taiwan's Presidential Palace said that the Philippine Government lacks sincerity and will freeze Filipino workers' application immediately, recall its representative to the Philippines, and ask the representative of the Philippines to return to "help  properly handle" the case. 

In addition, President Ma said that if, by 6 o'clock in the afternoon today (May 15, 2013), the Philippine Government is still unable to meet our 4 demands, 8 inter-ministerial sanctions will be implemented. The Executive Yuan will hold a press conference later to discuss its foreign government position. - source:TVBS as translated by Bing and Fellow Jean Kho FB Post

Sorry to burst your bubbles, Mr. President Aquino. What went wrong? Kaawaawa po yung 87,000 OFWs talaga and their families back home. (The 87,000 OFWs and their families back home are indeed pitiful.) Takot na daw po silang lumabas sa ngayon. (  They are reportedly afraid to go outside at present.) To the Taiwanese please understand and have compassion in your heart that the fault or sin of one Filipino is not the sin of every Filipino.  The same way sa mga kapwa ko Pinoy hindi po lahat ng singkit ay Taiwanese huwag po tayong manghusga at huwag na huwag po tayong mananakit. World peace.



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