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Monday, December 10, 2012

DIANA STALDER: Stem Cell Facial Therapy

DIANA STALDER: Stem Cell Facial Therapy
I got one of the three slots for the stem cell facial therapy given for free by Ms. Dina Stalder to the first three social media bloggers who arrived at the Casmara Stem Cell facial SPArty for social media hosted by Diana Stalder last December 6 2012 at Svelte One Orchard Road Condominium, Eastwood City. I am really thankful to be one of the first to try their newest skin care products. I also love the refreshing food and drinks they served during the party.
Owner of Diana Stalder Ms. Dina Stalder. I thought Diana Stalder is a foreign brand.

Diana Stalder Face, Body and Skin Care Center by Dermaline Inc. pioneers in skin care and wellness in the Philippines since 1996. They offer a combination of skin care practices and new product discoveries in their corporate and franchise branches nationwide.
The very cozy reception of Diana Stalder- Eastwood.
The treatment room where we had our stem cell facial therapy.
For the stem cell facial therapy they use the time tested Casmara products. Casmara Stem Cell Facial is a self-rejuvenating, anti-aging treatment that stimulates the skin's stem cells. 
It awakens your skin's stem cells by providing essential energy that improves the function of the stem cells. Chondricare, a potent ingredient, is a protein that protects the skin's stem cell from harmful free radicals.
The dermatologist explained to us that their facial was non-invasive so that means there's no side effects to be worried about. She said that they use Casmara products for their facial. They assured us that Casmara had put time and effort to study stem cell facial for several years before launching it to the market.

Casmara Stem Cell  Facial Therapy 

The phase consists of seven phases:

Phase 1  Elixir Cell Mask 2075 for 8 minutes

Phase 2  Oxygenating Active Foam Mask approx. 6 minutes

Phase 3  Active Hidrogel Skin's Stem Cell Stimulator 8 minutes

Phase 4  self-rejuvinating, firming and hydrating cream

Phase 5  derma protective nourishing cream 10 mins

Phase 6  C-40 biphase Soya Mask for 20 mins

Phase 7  hydrating protective cream 1 minute

Stem Cell Antiaging Facial Therapy guarantees to make you look 5 or more years younger with fewer sags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Casmara Stem Cell Facial is safe since all facial products used are all natural and fragrance-free.
From left to right: Cha Sy, Alyssa Martinez, Leizel Martinez, Dina Stalder and Yayo Aguila
Don't settle for substandard skin regimens and creams. Within 3 sessions your relatives and friends will be noticing a younger you.
With Diana Stalder Media relation officers. Thank you guys.

Diana Stalder Ambassador, Yayo Aguila

Diana Stalder Skin care services:

Diana Stalder-Svelte Casmara Stem Cell Facial only costs 3299.00 
Casmara Lift and Firm Facial 2499.00
Casmara Botox Alternative Facial 1699.00
Botox per unit 350.00
Syringoma Removal 1500.00
Painless Warts Removal 1500.00
Ultimate Power Peel 1200.00
Absolute Power Peel 1500
3 session Power Peel package 3500

Visit any of the 17 Diana Stalder branches now to get ready for the holidays and get savings of up to 30% on select whitening treatments with their promo "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS WHITE".  


I was one of the bloggers who got invited to Columbia Digital's exclusive media event last
December 4, 2012, 7:00 p.m., at the Republiq Club.

Columbia Digital Star Corporation is one of the country’s leading companies that sells some of the world’s best imaging products like the following:
  •  Nikon
  •  Manfrotto
  •  Kata Bags
  •  National Geographic Tripods and Bags
  •  Dolicaq
  •  Gitzo 
  •  KIS Photo-Me in the Philippines.

Their mission is to make a contribution in the Philippine community towards the advancement of analog and digital photography by offering outstanding products, services and education.and the Vitec Group, a global provider of products and services for the broadcast, imaging, military, aerospace and government markets.

It was an event that lets you “capture the moment.” A fashion show followed after they introduced the dj that night.

Vitec brands are world-class, used by leading international broadcasters, videographers and photographers. All Vitec products are designed and engineered to help every customer step up a level in terms of image quality.
CAMERA SERVICE - 633 4990 or 0917 815 9503, PRODUCT INQUIRIES - 365 2566, 4114692 Trunklines: 366 1873, 365 0927, 363 3876 loc. 113, 114, 117, 120, 121, 124 Fax: 363 7465 



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