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Monday, June 10, 2013

WORLD BALANCE: Comfortable and Stylish

WORLD BALANCE: Comfortable and Stylish
In the world of footwear, World Balance is recognized as a brand known for its durability. This year, World Balance came up with stylish shoes to meet the demand not only for affordable and durable shoes but also shoes with style.
My brother and I share the same addiction as we are both shoe-a-holics! I so love the pairs of rubber shoes that World Balance sent to us. Upon seeing my pair of shoes above  (SPECTRAL - dark gray, aqua blue), my first impression is "Cool!"

Here is the top view picture of my pair of shoes:


Cool because it is very stylish. The mesh design and color combination of dark gray, white, aqua blue, and purple really wowed me. The predominantly dark gray color with tints of aqua blue, and purple makes it easy for me to mix and match my shoes with my jeans, shorts or jogging pants. 

I choose this pair of shoes with gray color because it won't show as much dirt compared to that with lighter color/s.  


Of course, shoes may look good but the real test would be how it feels to wear them. 

On this criteria, my pair of shoes passed with flying colors. 

My pair of shoes is lightweight and fits me well like a glove right out of the box. I use it whenever I exercise around our village. The cushion is just right! My walkathon trips became stress-free because even if I walk around our village several times the impact on my feet is lesser than usual.

Apparently, what makes my pair of rubber shoes extra comfortable is its breathable mesh design. The mesh allows air to pass through and circulate, making your feet feel comfortable and fresh while moving around with a great degree of intensity. It keeps my feet drier and cooler.

Durability/ Performance

Close examination of how my pair of shoes was built would show that the materials used are of good quality. The stitches appear sturdy to be able to withstand the various stresses they would be subjected to. The soles look durable and have good traction. I tested my pair of shoes on slippery surfaces and it did not disappoint. It really is a non-skid and non-slip pair of shoes.  

Of course, time will tell if my pair of shoes will last but judging from the way it performs so far, it will be a constant companion for a long time.
 The length of the shoelaces is just right for me to adjust on how tight I wanted my shoes to be.
My pair of rubber shoes has a fantastic grip which is perfect for walking, jogging and running.
Aside from the price which is very affordable (Php1,499), you get a bonus when you buy shoes of this brand because they look real good and stylish.
Comfort and style!

By buying this, I know you will get what you pay for and I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Who says owning a pair of rubber shoes needs to cost much?

Check out their website and facebook page too to see other designs available.



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