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Monday, August 15, 2016

Be Breville-lized with Breville's Kitchen Appliances

Be Breville-lized with Breville's Kitchen Appliances

Yummy cookies with ice cream!  

I was Breville-lized over the weekend! The amazing cookies above were cooked using a Breville Multi-cooker! Isn't it amazing? Amazing! Yeah!

I had so much fun at the recently held Breville Live Cooking Demo at Wofex 2016 inside the SMX in SM Moa, yes, you're so right that's the one near the Arena!

 Breville Multi-cooker

 This yummy Shrimp Bihon were also cooked using the amazing Breville multi-cooker

How about this?

I arrived just before the cooking demo started so I checked Breville's booth first then sent an SMS to the PR then waited for her to fetch me by the entrance.  Yeah, I gawk at the Breville's booth looking for her then went right back by the entrance door, three burly security guards right on my heel giving me the "dirty look". Ha ha ha! Oh, pretty please, I don't want to pay for the Php200 entrance fee not because I am a cheapskate but because I am invited to cover for the Breville's demo, ha ha ha! Defensive. Okay, I am kuripot.  Thank you. Ha ha ha!

 Breville Stainless Kettle

We love the PR who invited us to this event because they love us so much. They gave us a Breville Kettle plus we got a bottle of water plus a sumptuous "merienda". When you met a PR who's fair & kind like them you have no other choice but to love them back!

After the PR assisted us to our seats my fellow bloggers Ro, Levy, Jherwin and I waited for all the chefs on stage to prepare everything that they needed for their cooking demo at the Kitchen Theater.

Chef Philip John Golding and I

A whole bunch of chefs are on the stage. It is as if you're inside a real kitchen because you get to see all the chefs in action! Everybody was busy slicing meat, cutting vegetables, pre-heating the multi-cooker. It made me realized more than ever that I am not really destined to be a chef. Ha ha ha! I bet their stress levels are up on the roof!

Chef Philip John Golding is so hands on, we saw with our own eyes how he brushed aside a chef and took over the preparation. Maybe he wanted the preparation to be done in no time.  Yes, fast. As it was a live demo after all.  You could not afford to dilly dolly when you're dealing with a live audience because everyone were waiting for your next move. 

I would like to commend the host for breaking the traditional duty of a host by helping in cooking the food while hosting. She's not only beautiful but she's also very articulate, the epitome of a great host indeed! Congratulations Chef!

The chefs used Breville's multi-cooker to cook everything! It was fun to watch! At the end of their demo I am dying to have my own Breville multi-cooker. Imagine all the dishes you can cook using only one kitchen appliance! You can cook every imaginable dishes you have in mind such as the paella, curry bihon, cookies, pork adobo and other yummy dishes you could think of. I would love to devour all those yummy food! The Breville Multi-cooker is just amazing!

The blogger with Young Master Chef Louise Mabulo

This dish smells so nice!

I hope one day my dream of owning my very own multi-cooker will come true! #BirthdayWish #BrevillePhilippines

Be Breville-lized! #Breville #Australia #Philippines #BrevilleKitchenAppliances



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