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Monday, June 17, 2013



Canon ImageNation. This campaign started back in 2007 when Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary. This campaign aimed to showcase the Filipinos’ love for images. It is a tribute to the millions and even billions of images captured, stored and shared by Canon users throughout the years.

This year, Canon’s vision of building a community of image-loving Filipinos has taken on greater heights. Canon has recently partnered with the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the partnership aims to engage the nation to build a deeper image of the country through capturing its beautiful heritage, picturesque tourist destinations, rich culture and the hospitable Filipino spirit.

“With the launch of the Department of Tourism’s ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, we’ve already seen a shift in people’s perception here and abroad,” shares Undersecretary Jose Mari Oquineña. “We want to complement that with something that specifically targets Filipinos and to make them excited about their own country, not only the beautiful scenery but also about core Filipino values and culture.”


Canon has been very active in the area of nation-building over the past years. Guided by its corporate philosophy of kyosei which means living and working together for the common good, Canon has launched several banner programs for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects ranging from social welfare development to educational efforts to environmental and cultural conservation and preservation. These programs are part and parcel of Canon’s aim to continuously uplift the community where it serves.

 “With more than seventy years of imaging expertise, we believe that we can be able to immortalize in time all the efforts that we do here in this beautiful country through our expansive input-to-output products and solutions,” said Alan Chng, President & CEO of Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. “We hope that the photos we capture during these advocacy projects would create awareness, ignite patriotism and the spirit of bayanihan in everyone, and inspire them to join us in improving the Philippines to its full potential.”

Canon has four flagship CSR programs covering initiatives in the areas of humanitarian aid and disaster relief, environment, education and science, arts, and social welfare, namely the Canon Advocacy Team (A Team), Canon GreenNation, Canon Advocacy for Reinforcing Education (CARE) and Print for Smiles programs.

“We would like to be the instrument of positive change in this country and we hope that through our efforts, we have shown our commitment in creating a difference in the community where we serve. We triedto capture the hearts of these programs and show them to the public because we believe that through these moving images, we can show to the whole world that each of us can make a difference,” said Ernalou Del Rosario, Corporate Communications Manager of Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.

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