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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let’s join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!

Let’s join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!
Who is Chef Lau?

Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico is the executive chef of Bistro Filipino which offers his signature traditional and modern Filipino cuisine. He is one of the Philippines’ most well-loved culinary personalities. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he worked in France as an apprentice at L’Essentiel. Chef Lau with wife Jackie put up Chef Laudico Culinary Services which provides catering for special events. BFAST in Ayala Triangle Gardens which serves breakfast favorites the whole day is Chef Lau’s newest venture. He is a self-confessed foodie. “Food is my life, my love, it’s what fuels me and inspires me. I enjoy eating everything and anything! As long as it's cooked well with a lot of love.“quips Chef Lau.
I should be invited to Chef Rolando Laudico’s Dinner party because I always wanted to be a chef and I wouldn't miss this opportunity to see Bistro Filipino's executive chef in person and have a picture taken with him. It is my post-birthday wish to taste the different dishes prepared by Chef Lau. I couldn't wait to blog and take photos of his wonderful food creations. I bet all my readers will be thrilled too.
Like Chef Lau, I also suffered from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a common name for Dentine Hypersensitivity. In Filipino, it is referred to as “pangingilo.” When a hot, cold, sweet or very acidic food or drink causes a short, sharp discomfort on your teeth, then you may have sensitive teeth.
I used to deal with sensitive teeth by brushing my teeth using another brand of toothpaste for sensitve teeth before but they're ridiculously expensive! So, to save money, I went to the extent of using Chinese medicines just to ease the pain. 
I hated those days when I had to use ear buds, dipped them inside the bottle of Chinese medicine and soaked my teeth with them. Leaving an unsightly stains on my teeth. Yikes. Some people had actually thought that I chewed Betel nut because of those unsightly stains. Geez!
It was such a relief when my favorite toothpaste brand Colgate® came up with their own version of a toothpaste that eases out the pain of sensitive teeth. So, if like me, you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity too, try the latest breakthrough from Colgate® -- Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® Toothpaste! It provides Instant* Relief and Lasting Protection against tooth sensitivity.

Like Chef Lau, be more confident in tasting different food without the fear of tooth sensitivity.
 Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® Toothpaste relieved Chef Lau's pain base on this video:

Be sensitivity-free, use Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® toothpaste.

Directions :

Simply massage a small amount on the sensitive tooth for 1 minute and enjoy Instant relief to sensitive teeth. With regular, twice daily use, it builds a lasting barrier that acts like a protective seal against sensitivity.

*For Instant Relief, massage a small quantity on sensitive tooth for one minute. Brush regularly, for lasting relief and protection.

It has Pro-Argin™ Formula, clinically proven to provide relief from tooth sensitivity by effectively plugging the channels to block the tooth sensitivity.
Other sensitivity toothpastes* primarily numb the tooth sensitivity. However, the tubules that lead to the tooth center remain open. When these open tubules come in contact with hot, cold, sour or sweet triggers, it may still cause the sharp sensations. They merely address the symptom, not the cause.

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® is 2x more effective** in providing sensitivity relief. Because it tackles the root cause of sensitivity, you can now eat and drink your favorite treats without fear.
*vs. potassium-based sensitivity toothpaste
*with twice daily, regular brushing for 2 weeks
**Based on average testing index, J Clin Dent 20 (Spec Incl; 17-22, 2009)


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