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Saturday, March 10, 2012


"That no Filipino shall ever go blind from glaucoma"
Vision of The Philippine Glaucoma Society

It is a complicated disease that causes gradual and progressive damage to the optic nerve, specifically the "cable" that transmits images to the brain. This ultimately leads to irreversible vision loss and even BLINDNESS when left untreated.
FACT: Glaucoma is the #1 cause of bilateral permanent blindness in the Philippines and at least half of them do not know they have the disease.
Elevated pressure in the eye (commonly known as the intraocular pressure or IOP)  is generally, but not always, the main factor leading to Glaucoma or damage to the eye's (optic) nerve. 

Other factors such as previous eye trauma may also lead to glaucoma.

Generally, NONE in the early stages.
But for Acute Angle Closure Type of Glaucoma, do watch out for:
  • Blurry vision
  • Eye pain 
  • Headache 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Rainbow colored halos around lights
Glaucoma affects people of ALL AGES - even children. But in most cases those who are:
  • AGE: Over 45
  • Family history of Glaucoma
  • High degree of Myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Asian descent.
  • History of eye trauma, surgery
  • Steroid/Cortisone use
  • Diabetes
  • History of elevated intraocular pressure
Please keep in mind that Glaucoma does not see age or reason. It can afflict any person regardless of age, health, or race. Patients who are most likely to contract glaucoma usually have family history of the disease, high eye pressure, a previous eye injury, chronic steroid use and/or diabetes mellitus.
An ophthalmologist or eye doctor can usually detect people who are at risk of having glaucoma. A series of test is needed to confirm if a person has glaucoma. All of these tests need to be repeated at intervals to assess the progress of the disease and the effect of the treatment - which sometimes takes years even.

Regular eye exams would still be the best thing to do and if your vision is getting blurry or with eye pain, go see an ophthalmologist right away.
  • Tonometry - measures the eye pressure 
  • Pachymetry - determines the thickness of the cornea
  • Gonioscopy - examines the drainage angle and drainage area of the eye
  • Ophthalmoscopy - optic nerve assessment
  • Visual Field Testing - measures an individual's entire scope of vision - central and peripheral (side) vision.
There is NO CURE for GLAUCOMA yet, and visual loss is irreversible. However, glaucoma is a disease that can generally be controlled when detected earlyto prevent or slow-down further nerve damage and vision loss. 
  •  Eye drops
  •  Laser treatment
  •  Eye surgery
Early detection is the key to limit visual impairment and preventing the progression towards visual loss or blindness. 
Patients with glaucoma need to be aware that it is a lifelong disease. Compliance with scheduled visits to the eye doctor and with prescribed medication regimens offers the best chance for maintaining vision.


  • Eye surgery (operation) - around Php 4,000 to Php 8,000 (for charity cases). Not all glaucoma patients need surgery. Most patients are prescribed with eye-drops or laser treatment.
  • Regular eye check up - Php 500 - Php 1,000 per patient for a comprehensive eye exam.
  • Glaucoma Screening (batch of tests) - Php 6,000 - Php 10,000 but not all patients need to undergo this screening. Your eye doctor will tell you if you need this.

To help address this critical situation, The Philippine Glaucoma Society, in partnership with multi-specialty health care company, Allergan, has organized Glaucoma Awareness activities for World Glaucoma Awareness Week from March 11 to 17, 2012. Both the Philippine Glaucoma Society and Allergan believe that blindness from the disease can still be prevented through early diagnosis and treatment.
(L-R) Dr. Norman Aquino (Past President of The Philippine Glaucoma Society) | Dr. Manolito Reyes (Immediate Past President of The Philippine Glaucoma Society) | Dra. Hannah Pia De Guzman | Dra. Ma. Zita Meriales | Dr. Mario V. Aquino (Founding President of PGS) | Dr. Rainier Covar | Dra. Imelda Yap-Veloso (Current President of PGS) | Dr. Jose Ma. Martinez (Current Vice-President of PGS) | Dr. Nilo Vincent Florcruz
WORLDWIDE GOAL FOR GLAUCOMA:  "Don't Let Glaucoma Darken Your Life"
  • Increase awareness
  • Early detection
  • Early treatment
  • Prevent BLINDNESS
  • Improve quality of life
There will be a FREE EYE screening next week in celebration of  the WORLD GLAUCOMA WEEK on March 11-17, 2012 . Please watch out for the schedule announcements or consult your eye doctor now so they can refer you for next week's Free eye examination.


ArjAngel said...

thanks for the share, another thing learned for today

Eunice said...

I have to agree that early detection really pays. I hope this meaningful activity continues to raise glaucoma awareness and encourage Filipinos to be more conscious in taking care of their sights. Thanks for sharing!

GagayMD said...

this is a great opportunity especially to those who are suffering from glaucoma..people should be aware of this..thanks for posting about glaucoma week.

Gil Camporazo | RandomThoughts! said...

Very informative... thanks for sharing this information.

YANI said...

Eye care is absolutely essential...I have weak eyes that is why this post affects me.

Ma. Novie Godmalin said...

Very good opportunity for those peopel who are suffering from this eye illness. Also its good be aware as we all say prevention is better than cure! Spread the news and give much awareness as we can. Lovely post!

markpogi said...

Thanks for the update. Having a pair of sharp eyes are really important especially to us photographers who share our images as what our eyes can see. ^_^.

Cheska Cruz said...

Oh wow! I learned something new again! =)

athena said...

very informative.
let's take good care of our eyes

stacy said...

what an informative post! Will avail of that

Algene said...

Honestly, hindi ako updated sa mga medical conditions. Thanks for sharing this. At least may alam na ako ngayon :)

Unknown said...

wow this is great! thanks for the info, great help too for those sufferring from it.

Unknown said...

Even small children should take an eye examination if he had an eye trauma, head injury, or if it is genetics. Don't take this lightly, early detection and prevention will save you and your children from blindness.

julie ann said...

Glaucoma is not a joke. You can go blind if not treated. Usually there are drops that you can use to decrease the pressure.

chino said...

This is something I learned just now. Start taking care of your eyes now.

enzo said...

This is a comprehensive and a very informative post.

ROMELO said...

my wife's grandmother had glaucoma and her vision did get worst... she was already partially blind when she passed away... RIP

Elal Lasola said...

This is very helpful. Will refer this to my family!

Dulce Javier- Ansis said...

Spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

Napakaataas na ng number ng nagkakadiabetes sa Pilipinas at karamihan din natatamaan ng glaucoma. Kaya this article ay napakalaking tulong ito sa kapwa natin na kahit papa'no ay matutulongan sila sa posibleng dulot ng glaucoma.

Shengkay said...

thanks for the share..
katakot if mawalang ng sight..
we should take care of our eyes talaga..

Sining Factory said...

I guess this is helpful on my part as a Nurse. I am actually reviewing for my NCLEX and your post is really informative and at the same time sorta an advocacy for those who have glaucoma (or at least who knows some one who have glaucoma. :)

Simplymarrimye said...

my eyesight has never been that good since my childhood. i wonder if i have the tendency to have this kind of disease. now, i'm worried again but i wish i can attend

Sumi Go said...

Thanks for sharing about this! I have very poor eyesight so somehow, this makes me more aware and cautious. I really need to take good care of my eyes.

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