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Friday, February 17, 2012

17th Hot Air Balloon Festival from afar

I still thank the Lord 'coz I was able to take some photos of the flying Hot Air Balloon last Sunday even if we arrived late. Yes folks, I took this particular photo while I am inside the car. The wonders of zoom lens and photo cropping ha ha ha! How I wish I know how to photoshop my photos so they would appear beautiful.

Armed with a ticket, which I got for free from Ann Saturno. Gabz, Francis, Ann and I  walked towards the entrance where everything is said to be flying that weekend.

Oh, the sunflower is peeking at the corner of the billboard. We could see the mighty sunflower from our car window. As you can see, there's traffic.
The yellow car flying and in the left corner you could see a skydiver.  Yeah, I know, you will be needing a magnifying lens guys and gals. I am so sorry for that. I tried my best and I guess my best wasn't good enough.
There's no sun when we arrived. The sky is white so I put some blue to the picture. Pinulbosan? Ha ha ha! Pasensya na po, hindi po ako marunong mag Photoshop Picasa lang po yan. Ang mahal naman kasi ng seminar para matuto ako mag photoshop. Sino pwede mag sponsor dyan?:-)

Aba kaganda naman mag sky dive! Sana next year magkaroon ako ng pagkakataon maka pag sky diving!

Aba patatalo ba ang paraglider na ito?

Ako naman! Ha ha ha! O ha! Opo ako po yan! Pero hindi po ako nag sky dive, fun shot lang po.

Entrance Banner, yes may picture ako dyan kaso di ko nilabas dito dahil para akong sinabunutan, nakaligtaan ko mag suklay kasi binitbit ko yun food:-)

Sana sa munti kong paraan ay nag enjoy kayo sa 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival! Hanggang sa muli! Mabuhay ka Pilipino!


Nix Valencia said...

My friends experienced it also. They told me it was a great experience. Aww I hope me too.

Anonymous said...


We met at the hot air balloon at the DOT booth, remember? This is Dir Ronnie Tiotuico of the DOT Region III. Just dropped by to view your fantastic photos. BEAUTIFUL....

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by Nix Valencia!

Unknown said...

Of course, I remember you Director Ronnie Tiotuico of DOT Region III! Sir, it was nice meeting you! Thank you for dropping by. Maybe you would want to see my other article where I used my co-bloggers photos Here He has a photo pass that's why he was able to capture the beauty of the Hot Air Balloon in all its glory!

Aiden Brown said...

Riding in a hot air balloon is one of the more relaxing, rewarding and memorable adventures I've experienced. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed the blog.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Unknown said...

You are welcome Aiden Brown! Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to leave me a message. I am happy whenever my readers leave a message.

God bless your heart!


Sandra Himes said...

These are some great shots of some really original hot air balloon designs. The sky diver and the hot air balloon together in one shot was fantastic! This makes me want to schedule a ride soon. Thank you for the great pictures.

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Air Ballooning
across Oz and NZ with FreemanX

Unknown said...

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air ballon tour maxico
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