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Friday, November 25, 2011


Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is medically fit and now capable of leaving the hospital.

CGMA'S Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mario Ver testified in Pasay RTC court that CGMA has lower back pain only.

Dr. Ver said conservative management on CGMA's lower back pain means bed rest, physical therapy. The said treatment may take weeks but can be treated as an out patient.

Earlier, the defense conceded that CGMA was already fit to go out of the hospital, then tried to blocked the testimony of the three doctors based on doctor-patient confidentiality.


Atty. Flaminiano of the defense stated that there's no point to hear the testimony of Arroyo's doctors anymore.

But since the RTC Judge wanted to really know the real medical status of CGMA.

The defense lawyers of CGMA moved to discuss CGMA's medical condition in private so as not to divulge Arroyo's medical records to the public.

Then the defense lawyers allowed only one doctor to testify among the three(3) doctors summoned by the court - Dr. Mario Ver.

COMELEC formally asked Pasay court to place Arroyo in detention facility.

Transfer of Rep. Gloria Arroyo in a detention facility almost sure according to Pasay RTC branch 112 clerk of court Joel Pelicano. But they still have to inspect the detention facilities maybe Monday next week. Because the court is also concerned with the security of Arroyo.

Meanwhile, Arroyo's legal spokesperson Raul Lambino said that there is a standing order of the court for provisional hospital arrest of Arroyo.

That order remains standing at this point.

They have until Tuesday to submit their motion.

Lambino said motion for Arroyo's house arrest will be formalized this Tuesday.

Arroyo feels she can recover faster if not confined in a hospital room. Doctors gave assurances she can continue recovery at home.

Weren't the spokespersons saying her illness was life threatening ten days ago? Pants on fire!


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