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Tuesday, December 10, 2013



In the past, my brother and I usually celebrate New Year's Eve in Thailand because it is generally peaceful there during that time of the year. Also, almost everything is dirt cheap, from hotels, inns, food and pasalubong shopping. Yes, shirts, blouses, pants, bags and shoes are priced less than those in the Philippines. For us, however, Thailand is not only a shopping haven but also a place to immerse ourselves on the history and culture of the Thai people .

For such immersion, one of our favorite destinations in Thailand is its ancient city of Ayutthaya, which lies about 90 kilometers north of Bangkok and boasts of numerous historic ruins. 

The cheapest and most scenic way to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ayutthaya, Thailand from Bangkok is by train. The train regularly departs from Bangkok's Hua Lumpong Train Station and makes a stop at Ayutthaya Train Station before proceeding to its destination. 
Ayutthaya train station in Thailand
The trip usually takes about 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the type of train service. Second-class seats (A/C) cost 245 baht, third-class is just 15 baht (!) (there are no reservations and seats are not guaranteed). Trains from Bangkok to Ayutthaya leave from Hua Lumpong station every hour from 4:20 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Check timetable first. (Please note that fares listed on the Thai railways site are out of date and incorrect).

At the entrance of Hua Lumpong station, go past anyone who offers to help you and  go to the ticket counter. Many of these very friendly people are up to something. Yes, even those who are at the tourist information counter near the entrance of the train station. They will try to offer you the services of the travel agencies at the second level of the station. If you ask for a copy of the map of Ayutthaya, those at the tourist information counter may tell you that they ran out of maps and will offer to accompany you to the travel agencies at the second level to ask for maps. Once you get inside the office of one of the travel agencies there, the staff will persuade you to avail of their services and to take other modes of transport. You can always refuse and get copy of the maps just the same. Note that you may also ask for copies of the map of Ayutthaya at the Ayutthaya train station

So, beware of persons identifying themselves as persons working for the railway station. They, more often than not, mislead and persuade you to use other means of transport. They may also give false information. We had a first hand experience of this scheme when we asked if the train for Ayutthaya has left already. The one we asked was offering to help us get a cab instead. It turned out that the train was still at the station.  

Although in the past, railway employees preferred not to sell 3rd-class tickets to foreigners, the employees, as of 2011, were explicitly offering 3rd-class seats to foreign tourists as a standard option. Also note that some train stations (for instance, Bang Khen) do not appear on the sites map, and that tickets may even be cheaper than those published in the internet. If you have local friends, they may have some good advice on how you can get cheap train tickets.

The railway station at Ayutthaya is across the river from the historic city proper. You can take a short ferry ride across this river. From the railway station, you walk across the main road and down the small street towards the river. Ferry boats across the river run every few minutes and cost 4 baht. This is much cheaper than taking a cab or tuktuk that passes over a bridge towards the city proper.

At the other side of the river, you can walk, rent a motorcycle or a bicycle to go around the historic sites. 

Enjoy Ayutthaya!

Monday, December 9, 2013

FOG CITY CREAMERY and EMPERADOR DELUXE: Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream

FOG CITY CREAMERY and EMPERADOR DELUXE: Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream
FOG CITY CREAMERY and EMPERADOR DELUXE - Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream
Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream
Imagine yourself eating a luxurious decadent brandy ice cream with apricots, pistachios and almonds in the comforts of your home. Impossible? Of course not! Fog City Creamery's take on a deconstructed fruit cake is so perfect for the holidays!
Miss Edylyn Gamboa-Liu  (Fog City Creamery owner) and Mr. Carlos Vergara
Miss Edylyn Gamboa-Liu  (Fog City Creamery owner) and Mr. Carlos Vergara  (Managing Director for International Spirits of Emperador Distillers, Inc.)
Emperador Distillers, Inc. collaborated with Fog City Creamery to create a delightful flavor highlighting Emperador Deluxe Brandy specifically made for the holidays. We are so pleased to have been given a chance to taste the high quality artisan ice cream Fruit and Nuts DeluxeEvery scoop of Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream oozes with dried apricots, pistachios (my favorite nuts), almonds and Emperador Deluxe flavor.
The new holiday flavor: Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream is a runaway winner this holiday season. I so love it! All I can think about is my return trip to their pick-up points so I can buy more ice cream to share with my family and friends. 

You ought to try this new flavor guys! Fog City’s delicious all natural ice cream only uses the best quality ingredients from around the world. Their ice cream contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial stabilizers. Their commitment to freshness and quality means that you are always assured of good quality ice cream with only the freshest ingredients that are free of chemicals. It has organic ingredients that are good for our body.

You could order Fruit and Nuts De Luxe ice cream at Focaccia Restaurant located at the ground floor of A. Venue Mall in Makati with telephone number (+632) 729-9403 or cellphone number 0917-883-3344 or e-mail them at 

You could also check them at Fog City
or you could also schedule to pick it up in Valle Verde 5, Pasig City.

Focacia Restaurant wall decor
Focacia Restaurant's wall decor.

Follow Emperador De Luxe on Facebook or visit

Sunday, December 8, 2013

CHEER UP: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

CHEER UP: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Happy Morning! Smile! When you're feeling blue and when it seems the whole world is against you, fear not! Because when God is with you, who will go against you? Straighten your shoulders. Then breath in and breath out. Smile! Cheer up!

Be happy! God has given you another day to smile and be well! Cheer up! Shake away all your frustrations, anger and fears.

Today is a brand new day! Another day, another hour, another minute, another chance to be good. Don't waste your chance! Do good and be good.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

MISS EARTH 2013: Miss Venezuela

MISS EARTH 2013: Miss Venezuela

Congratulations to Miss Venezuela Alyz Henrich! Miss Earth 2013.

Photography by Jory Rivera

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ANNE CURTIS: Tweets Apology to Fans

ANNE CURTIS: Tweets Apology to Fans
“I’m sorry if I have let my fans down…”

We all make mistakes, but not everyone owns up to them. It's unfortunate that this incident happened. But the most important thing is Anne Curtis owned up to her mistakes and apologized to the people involved.

Whether you admit it or not, it takes a lot of courage to own up to one's mistakes and apologize for one's actions. We all make mistakes but not everyone owns up to them. 

Accepting responsibility for what she did is commendable.  It takes a big person to admit that they made a mistake and to say "I'm sorry." I am proud to be an Anne Curtis fan.

Good for you, Anne. Doing the honorable thing will always pay forward with reciprocity of honor. 

Here is Anne Curtis-Smith’s full apology:

"Hey, everyone. I will be making my official statement now and after this, I will not be giving any interviews about this issue anymore.

I choose to do this right away because I’ve always been an open book and I don’t like to hide anything…"

"For those who have read about the issue, yes, most of it is true. I admit to that and I have apologized to all parties included immediately…

When I was told of my behavior AND the person who started all of this, due to this person’s inappropriate behavior, apologized to me too…"

"Just as I did. Which I accepted, too. I choose not to go into details because I’m not the type to ruin someone else’s name.

Now…I had been on the super popular juice cleanse for three days and attended in my bachelorette that night, had one too many drinks…"

"Which led to some of these unfortunate events. That’s why they say, “Drink in moderation.” I will charge it to experience and a lesson learned.

I’m sorry if I let any fans down…As you all see, I’m just like any other person that makes mistakes in life…"

"Thank you to everyone that has messaged me about their support. With where I am today I owe all of you my honesty. Good night."
Anne did not identify who it was who committed “inappropriate behavior.” John Lloyd Cruz, who was allegedly also drunk like Anne, was allegedly playfully flirting with Anne that night” until that incident near the comfort room. 

But since the parties involved have apologized to each other already, let’s hope that the whole thing would be put to rest. After all, all’s well that ends well.  

To Anne Curtis-Smith:

I'm impressed. It takes great moral fortitude, humility and courage to so graciously take responsibility for your actions and their consequences. I truly respect how you've handled this situation, Anne. Just don't do it again. Blessings to you & yours! #honor #respect #bigperson #respect begets respect.

Picture Source: Google. Credits to the owner. 

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Monday, December 2, 2013

iACADEMY: Awards Scholarship To ANIMAHENASYON 2013

iACADEMY: Awards Scholarship To ANIMAHENASYON 2013
iACADEMY awarded scholarships worth Php100,000.00 in Maya Short Courses to winners of Animahenasyon 2013 last November 19 - 22, 2013 in IloIlo City. 

Animahenasyon, now on its 7th year, is an annual competition hosted by the Animation Council of the Philippines, Incorporated (ACPI) participated in by local and international professional, amateur, and hobbyist animators. Animahenasyon 2013 also featured a film-showing, art and toy exhibits, and a cosplay competition.

iACADEMY BS Animation alumna, Katherine Junginger, made it to the finals for the Audience Choice Awards while, this year's Grand Prize winner, Ellen Ramos, a freelance animator who created "Bahay Kubo," her entry for the 6-20 minute length movie category, was awarded by Mr. Tom Stratford, 3D Environment Artist of Crysis and various online games, and Creative Director of iACADEMY's School of Arts.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

INGARDEN PHILIPPINES: A Place to Shop for Your Holiday Decors

INGARDEN PHILIPPINES: A Place to Shop for Your Holiday Decors
Ingarden Philippines has all the decors and Christmas Trees that you will need to set up a holiday mode for your establishments and homes.

When you talk about the holidays, the Christmas tree is one of the decors that a home can't live without. If you have not set up yet your Christmas tree, here's an establishment where you can buy your Christmas Tree and a lot of other accessories that goes with it.

 Beautiful flowers that looks so real.

 The owners of Ingarden.

Location: Unit B&C No. 6 11th Jamboree Street Corner Scout Fuentebella Ext., 1103 Quezon City, Philippines. 

Telephone No. (02) 416 6375.

We are ONE: A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors.

We are ONE: A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors.
Are you looking for ways on how to improve yourself and at the same time help the Yolanda victims? 

Good news! The Country's Best Speakers come together to give a Series of Benefit Seminars to raise funds for Yolanda Survivors. 

Hit two birds with one stone! Be empowered in both your personal and professional life while helping our countrymen in the Visayas.

In this age and time when almost everyone owns a camera phone or tablet, you could see a lot of people online with their "selfie" shots. Indeed, one should learn how to express your "selfie."

Janette Toral will be sharing tips on your Selfie Journey .

In her session "Selfie Journey - Connecting And Engaging Online," Ms. Janette will share tips in expressing your “selfie,” building trust, creating a differentiation, attracting the crowd you like (and vice versa), owning a category, using the “rebel” in you, and defining a framework to sustain.

Janette Toral is a recognized, multi-awarded e-commerce and e-learning specialist in the Philippines. She is the author of Digital Filipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the Filipino, Digital Filipino E-Commerce Workshop, Philippine INernet Review and Blogging from Home.

You are welcome to attend We Are One Kick Off Event-- A Day of Empowering The Self (through Life and Skills-Building Talks and Workshops) this December 7, 2013 (Saturday) -- at the Vista Center, UG/F Worldwide Corporate Center (along Shaw Blvd. across Star Mall), facilitated by our country's bevy of esteemed empowerment coaches and speakers. You may call Vonj Tingson via 0917 311 8005 or +622-5477 for more details.

We Are One. Minimum Donation is P1,000 per head. You can register online at

Secretary General of Philippine Red Cross Gwen Pang will be one of the guests.

Participating speakers are the following:
  • Ricky de Vera
  • Boris Joaquin
  • Randy Esguerra
  • Janette C. Toral
  • Jc Libiran
  • Pido Aguilar
  • Raju Mandhyan
  • Warren Domantay
  • Polo Ablazo
  • Al Ian Barcelona
  • Boom San Agustin
  • Joey P.Reyes
  • Ivy Villanueva 
  • Lloyd Luna 
  • Pocholo Gonzales and several others.
Note: This is not a paid post. I just want to help the group of my mentor Janette Torral to gather funds for the Typhoon Yolanda victims.



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