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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Take your grilling FLAVOR to the next level!

Take your grilling FLAVOR to the next level!

The summer heat outside makes me remember my childhood. This is the time of the year that we usually held our family reunion at a beach  near our town. We usually had barbecue by the beach plus home cooked meals like Morcon, arroz caldo, embutido, pancit bato, puto, etc. All you have to do is name it and for sure my mama will cook it for everyone.

Let me share a childhood secret recipe. So get your grill out and take advantage of the sunny weather!  

“One flaming passion for flavor! One fiery showcase of grilled cuisine!

Here is one of my favorite Grilled dish. 

Grilled Chicken


1 whole chicken  chopped
1 onion, chopped
15 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon salt
6-8 lemongrass bulbs, bruised
1/3 cup Soy Sauce

Mc Cormick Pepper Steak

Preparation method

Prep: 20 mins 
Cooking time: 1 hour 30 mins 
Extra time: 4 hours to 24 hours, marinating

1. Wash the chicken, Clean even the inside part of the chicken and pat dry. Rub the whole chicken, including inside the cavity with chopped onions, garlic, salt, pepper and let marinade in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours to 24 hours.
2. Heat the grill. Take the chicken out of the refrigerator and stuff the chicken in bamboo skewers.
3. Put the chicken in the grill make sure to cooked both sides of the chicken. Add the oil to the leftover marinade sauce and baste the chicken with sauce a couple of times. Check if done already by poking through the inner thigh and if the juices run clear it's done. 

You can pair grilled main dishes with your favorite family recipes, such as potato salad or pasta salad. In our family reunion my mom pays and prepare everything. In your case you can ask everyone ro bring a salad of their choice. Salads make it easy to serve a large, hungry crowd at your family reunion. By assigning parts of the meal to different families, you’re assured of a variety of things to serve, and having something for everyone.

How about you? What grilled dish would you prepare for your Sunday family and/or friends gathering?”

Speaking of grill. McCormick will hold an event that highlights its Grill Mates line. Dubbed as the McCormick Grill Nation, the event will feature its different seasoning mixes through serving grilled meats that all attendees can enjoy! This will be held on April 7, 2013 at Bonifacio High Street, Lane O cor. 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event will start at 4pm.

The event will have a cover charge of Php100 but with that a lot of freebies will be given away! (The event is open to the public, however, food samples will be given to participants who purchase 5 packs of McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning Mix – you get these with the P100 already!).

You can get McCormick Grillmates Seasoning Mix, a specially branded McCormick apron, a chance to win the McCormick grill kits and a chance to win the top plum for the day –an outdoor griller during the raffle. Of course, attendees will also be able to taste different grilled meats from our partner concessionaires.

There will also be a cooking demo, games, and live entertainment from surprise guests.

The next time you grill some beef or pork why don't you spice up your grilled beef or pork with McCormick Pepper Steak Seasoning Mix. Made with pepper and garlic bits, it will surely give your grilled meats a flavor boost.

Be a part of the McCormick Grill Nation on April 7, 4 p.m. onwards at the Bonifacio High Street!

FUJIDENZO: My Preferred Glass Top Chest Freezer

FUJIDENZO: My Preferred Glass Top Chest Freezer 
Did you know that I used to be a businesswoman long before I started blogging. I used to sell Inihaw na Manok (grilled chicken) in the province. Since I am now residing here in Metro Manila, I am thinking of opening a similar business here. Opening a new business is not that easy so I am considering the idea of a partnership. As I am well-versed with the grilled chicken business, I think it would be wise if I will have a partner with similar interest (cooking) and the financial capacity needed in order to start a small chicken business. 

We will be needing a space of 1-1/2 meters x 1-1/2 meters, at least two helpers, electricity and a sturdy freezer. According to a friend who sells grilled chicken in Legazpi Citythe brand of Freezer that is most appropriate for a chicken business is Fujidenzo. I learned from him that he uses Fujidenzo Freezer because of its dual-function. It can be used as a freezer or as a chiller. Not only does it have a durable design, it also comes with 5 year-warranty on compressor and 2 year-warranty on other parts. You need not worry on after-sales service as there are 100 Fujidenzo service centers nationwide. Plus it's the trusted brand by major businesses like Arce Dairy, Bounty Fresh and King Sue.

Fujidenzo Freezers can also be use for ice cream business. They are available in the following models and capacities:

A. Solid top Chest Freezer 

FC-22 ADF 22 cu.ft. Chest Freezer/Chiller (Dual Function)
FC-18 ADF 18 cu.ft. Chest Freezer/Chiller (Dual Function)
FC-13 ADF 13 cu.ft. Chest Freezer/Chiller (Dual Function)
FC-08 ADF 8 cu.ft Chest Freezer/Chiller (Dual Function)
FC-06 ADF 6 cu.ft Chest Freezer/Chiller (Dual Function)
FC-04 ADF 4 cu.ft Chest Freezer/Chiller (Dual Function)

B. Glass top Chest Freezer 

FD-22 ADF 22 cu.ft. Sliding glass top freezer (Dual Function)
FD-18 ADF 18 cu.ft. Sliding glass top freezer (Dual Function)
FD-11 ADF 11 cu.ft. Sliding glass top freezer (Dual Function)

For more information 
on Fujidenzo Freezers and Chillers, you can check . 

HOLY WEEK 2013 ADVISORY: No MRT And LRT Operations

HOLY WEEK 2013 ADVISORY: No MRT And LRT Operations
The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) would like to remind all passengers of the Metro Rail Transit  (MRT 3)Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 and 2  that  there will be no MRT 3, LRT 1 and 2 operations from March 28 to 31, 2013

The Metro Rail Transit and Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 and 2 will cease operation for four (4) days in observance of the Holy Week 2013.

The Regular operating schedule are to resume on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Maundy Thursday (March 28, 2013)


Good Friday (March 29, 2013)


Black Saturday (March 30, 2013)

Easter Sunday (March 31, 2013)

Please take note that the last trip for both MRT 3, LRT 1 and 2 will be today, Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 8 p.m. 

LRT 1 - runs from Baclaran in Pasay City to Roosevelt in Quezon City
LRT 2 - runs from Recto in Manila to Santolan in Pasig City
MRT 3 - runs along EDSA from North Avenue in Quezon City to Taft Avenue 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ-IN-A-CAN: My Weekend Discoveries Part 2

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ-IN-A-CAN: My Weekend Discoveries Part 2
We all cheered upon learning that our first stop is Lanelle Abueva-Fernando’s café and pottery studio, the Crescent Moon CaféThis little haven is one of Antipolo City's prides.  It's the residence of ceramicist/ potter Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, daughter of National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon V. Abueva. When we alighted from the coaster van, the first thing I noticed was the  surroundings. The place is so heavenly. Crescent Moon Cafe is located within a big garden with many trees and a Koi pond. And by the way, it is hard to miss the big beautiful Lotus flower at the other side of the pond.
We were then asked to enter Crescent Moon Cafe where Lanelle Abueva was waiting for us. She explained to us how she started everything way back in 1981.  

There you can find contemporary ceramics, beautiful pottery, decorative porcelain and stoneware using rich glazes and vibrant patterns and ceramics. You can even spot some custom-made candle holders and pots for popular spas and restaurants. There are also hand-painted pieces which you could use as unique dining table centerpieces. Crescent Moon Café also has an “overruns” section where you can buy Ceramic items for only Php 200 per kilo. Overruns are rejected items that have some imperfections and didn’t pass quality control. Remember, pottery-making is an art, not a science. Therefore, minor imperfections may occur on the pottery. Yeah, you can buy these items way cheaper than an average meal.

Within the same compound, there is a "Studio Pottery" where workers do their art. This workshop is located inside the compound just a few meters from the restaurant. Lanelle Abueva patiently explained to us each step in the process of pottery making. Here, we were able to see the workers in action with our own eyes. We were able to see the different molds and interview some of the workers.

A pottery field trip will never be complete without seeing the potter herself throw some clay into the potter’s wheel!

From the workshop area, Lanelle led us into another area within the property. We all sat down and she then demonstrated to us how she centers her clay and turns it into a cylinder and a bowl afterwards.

A bucket of water and sponge are must-haves in pottery-making. Here, Lanelle taps her clay at low speed to the center of the wheel head. She makes sure that her clay will not go out of place as she spins the wheel faster.

Crescent Moon Cafe
Ascencion Road, Barangay Dalig, Antipolo City
Tel.: 658-3866

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ IN-A-CAN: My Weekend Discoveries

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ IN-A-CAN: My Weekend Discoveries
It is a fact and you could not deny it. More and more people are becoming mobile, making their weekends the official time to discover new places and new experiences. My best buddy, Ate Ning, is always on the lookout for seat sales, travel promos and the like. Yes, you can say that she makes new discoveries and fun ways to bring her friends and loved ones together. 

In that connection, I am super thrilled to share to all of you my latest weekend discoveries. Last Saturday, March 23, 2013, I was one of the selected bloggers invited by Nescafe to experience #weekenddiscoveries. 

Our day started at 9 o' clock in the morning at Mom and Tina's Bakery and Cafe (along C5 road in Pasig City) where we had a hefty breakfast and a glass of Iced Nescafe Espresso Roast coffee. Worth a special mention is the restaurant's yummy and spicy Hungarian Sausage. You people ought to try it!

Right after breakfast we were asked to get inside the coaster van without much idea on our destination/s.  Annalyn, Ate Reg, Vincent and I found vacant seats at the rearmost part of the coaster van. While the coaster van was jam-packed that some bloggers had to sit on the jump seats at the center aisle of the vehicle, I was happy to meet and mingle with new friends in the blogging community. We were so excited to discover what Nescafe has in store for us. 


The Hint.  The official invitation states that we should come in chic explorer/ casual resort wear.  Its official invite has symbols/ logos and time.  Plus, a special instruction for us to bring WIFI-enabled handsets and/ or tablets because our weekend discoveries activities will require us to use our personal gadgets. Aside from those hints, we really don't have any idea where the Nescafe team is taking us. We were busy asking one another where our possible destination/s is/ are. Then our host suddenly asked us to connect to the available wifi connections and asked everyone to tweet with the hash tag #weekenddiscoveries where we think our destination will be. I tweeted Antipolo City and guess what? Yes! I won and got this Nalgene food grade water container! Yehey! Update: It exploded. #Warak #madeinchina?

First Stop. Abueva Pottery 

Lanelle Abueva-Fernando is a potter based in Antipolo City.  She specializes in hand-made functional stoneware ceramics since 1981.  She welcomed us at her Crescent Moon Cafe.

Next Stop. Pinto Art Museum

We had our lunch at Bizu Patisserie inside the Pinto Art Museum where they offered us Nescafé café-in-a-can in different flavors to try out. These are: Iced Latte, Mocha, and Espresso Roast. I immediately raised both my hands when the waiter asked us who wants the Mocha flavor. It turned out Bianca Gonzales, Nescafé café-in-a-can newest endorser, also loves the same flavor.

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ IN-A-CAN is a discovery in itself, making it the ideal companion in making new discoveries wherever you are, whenever you are.

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ-IN-A-CAN comes in three variants.

The Ice cold NESCAFÉ Latte is a cold and delicious coffee treat with its premium and milkier taste of coffee quality. In this tropical heat, Ice cold coffee is a refreshing treat.

NESCAFÉ Espresso Roast gives a cold coffee drink with a more intense flavor which is ideal whenever you need a strong boost during the mornings. My fellow blogger Ana loves this flavor.

NESCAFÉ Mocha is a cold and sweet coffee treat with a hint of chocolate which works best when one does not need that extra caffeine fix.

My favorite among the three flavors is the Iced Mocha. You just have to make sure to take it just before noon so you don’t end up being awake all night. Yes, I still treasure my beauty sleep.

How about you? Which ice cold cafe-coffee flavor do you enjoy?

CAFÉ-IN-A-CAN packed in a convenient ready-to-drink format is available at gasoline stations nationwide. Now, you can get that strong boost wherever you are!

Overall, it's been a bit physically challenging but fantastic weekend.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

VIDEO - HE SAID, SHE SAID:The Kris Aquino vs. James Yap, The Saga Continues

VIDEO - HE SAID, SHE SAID:The Kris Aquino vs. James Yap, The Saga Continues

Sizzling hot news from showbiz! 

Who will win the fight for Bimby? Former husband and wife, James Yap and Kris Aquino, grabbed the headlines again the other day. The whole country was shocked when Kris Aquino filed a petition for TPO (Temporary Protection Order) against her ex-partner basketball player James Yap and the latter’s filing a Hold Departure Order against Kris and Bimby. Followed by Kris Aquino's announcement of quitting showbiz forever.

The feud between Kris Aquino and James Yap really stirred up the Filipino people's attention. Though this is not a national issue, it seems to me that the whole country is keeping watch about the development of this issue. The Filipinos all over the world are on standby and eager to witness how this story between two lovers turned enemies will end up. 

With their respective statements, emotions and (crocodile?) tears, who between Kris or James is telling the truth? Who got your sympathies between the two of them? Should we believe Kris or James? Nakakaloka day!

HE SAID: James Yap’s Transcript About The Issue and His Firm Decision To Fight For Bimby

“Nasasaktan ako kasi ‘yung anak ko sobrang sama na ng tingin sa akin. As a father, sobrang nasasaktan ako, sinasabihan akong ‘I don’t like you, you’re a liar. Iniisip ko ano bang ginawa ko? Wala naman akong ginawa. Tinanong ko, ‘Sinong natuturo sa ’yo niyan?’ ‘Mama, mama.’ Ang ginagawa ko na lang kapag sinasabihan ako ng masama, sinasabi ko na lang, ‘Bimb tingin ka sa mata ni papa. Love na love ka ni papa,” sabi niya sa nasabing interview.

“Magpapaalam na sana akong umalis. Sabi ko ‘Bimb kiss mo na si Papa kasi aalis na.’ Nandoon si Kris, nandoon ang bata. Sabi ni Bimb ‘I don’t like.’ Ako naman, ‘Bimb kapag hindi mo i-kiss si Papa, iki-kiss ko si Mama.’ Tapos ang reaction ni Kris, ‘Yuck, yuck, yuck.”

“Ako naman, ayaw talaga ako i-kiss ni Bimby so lumapit ako kay Kris, hinawakan ko siya sa braso (sabay sample sa braso niya). Paghawak ko, sabi ko ‘Bimb look o, iki-kiss ko na si Mama mo.’ Tapos biglang si Kris nagsabi na ‘Sinasaktan mo ako, you’re hurting me.’ Parang sinasabi niya kay Bimb ‘Sinaktan ako ng Papa mo.’ Tapos siyempre ‘yung bata akala talaga sinasaktan siya.

“Nag-react ang bata gumitna sa amin tapos hinug siya. Pag-hug niya sabi ‘No no I don’t like you. Ang mukha ni Kris nang-aasar pa. Kaya sabi ko, ‘Ikaw talaga!’ Sinusumbong ko kay Bimb. ‘Bimb look at your mama’s face oh, she’s smiling.’ Tapos pagtingin ni Bimby, galit-galitan na naman siya.

“Never ko siyang sinaktan, never ko siyang ginamitan ng kung ano man. Takot ko lang kasi siyempre alam ko naman kung nasaan sila ngayon, nasa power sila. Hindi naman ako tanga na gagawin ko iyon.

“The next day, tinawagan niya ako. ‘Binabastos mo yata ako’. Sabi ko, ‘Anong binabastos? Hina­wakan ka lang, binibiro ko lang para i-kiss ako ng anak ko tapos binabastos?’ Doon ko na binuhos sa kanya lahat ng hinanakit ko.

“Sabi ko ‘Hindi mo ba alam na tuwing sinasabihan mo si Bimby ng masama about sa akin, sinasabi sa akin ni Bimby? Kapag tinatanong ko sinong nagsasabi, ikaw ang tinuturo. Sa tingin mo ba hindi ako nasasaktan sa ginagawa mo? Tatay ako ng anak mo. Baka nakakalimutan mo, gusto lang kita i-remind.’

“Tapos hindi siya nakapagsa­lita, binabaan ako. Tumawag ako ulit tapos sabi niya sa akin ‘Baka nakalimutan mo, may three years pa ang brother ko.’ Sabi ko, ‘Grabe ka naman ang yabang mo naman. Ang yabang yabang mo naman.

“Wala naman na akong pakialam kay Kris eh. Ang gusto ko lang makasama ang anak ko. Bakit ako sinisiraan sa anak ko? Para ano? Ano bang gusto niya? Tapos ngayon ina-accuse niya ako na rapist ako? Grabe naman iyon. Itong lumalabas ngayon sinasabi ni Kris rapist ako or kung ano man ang nakalagay diyan, walang katotohanan iyan,” mahabang paliwanag ni James sa kanyang interview na umere kagabi sa TV Patrol.

SHE SAID: Kris Aquino’s Transcript About The Issue and her Decision of Giving Up Her Career

“I’m giving up my shows. Hindi ko sinasabi ‘yan just so that I can say na I’m the one making the bigger sacrifice. Tinatalikuran ko ang mundo na kinilala ko na bumuhay sa akin dahil higit doon sa karera ko, mas mahal ko ang anak ko,”

“Paglaki ng anak ko, gusto ko malaman niya na ibinigay ko ang lahat. Dahil noong nabubuhay ang mommy namin, binigay niya ang lahat para sa amin. So ibinibigay ko ang lahat para sa anak ko. It’s not between James (Yap) and me and who is telling the truth. It’s about how much I love my son. Tama naman ang sinabi ng mga tao na kawawa na si Bimby so kailangan gawin ko ito para sa kanya.”

“It was a decision I made on the way here because my heart was breaking seeing how much my son was suffering. Hindi ginusto ni Bimby na maging ganito ang sitwasyon ng buhay niya pero at five years old, I owe him a future.”

“My sisters don’t know that this is what I was going to say. My lawyer doesn’t know that this is what I was going to say. Hihingi na ako ng paumanhin sa mga bosses natin. I asked myself on my way here because ilang beses ko nakausap si Bimb, ilang beses ko siyang tinanong dahil alam ko na malalaman niya itong pagsasalitang ito. Tinanong ko siya, ‘Bimb, is it okay if mama will talk?’”

“It broke my heart because ang sinabi ng anak ko, ‘Mama just say it’s Bimb.’ Sinabi ng anak ko na siya na lang daw. Ganun kalaki ang pagmamahal niya para sa akin so I asked myself, paglaki ko ba siyang harapin at sabihin na lahat kinaya kong isakripisyo para sa kanya?”

“I’m stating this now categorically, I have to make a sacrifice. They don’t deserve this, my family doesn’t deserve this suffering. I don’t want to be selfish for the rest of my life. Humihingi ako ng paumanhin lalong-lalo na sa lahat ng katrabaho ko na nandito ngayon pero sana maunawaan ninyo ako, I have to do what’s best for my son and that means sacrificing this career, sacrificing this job.”

“Inisip ko eh bago ko pa sabihin iyan, may sapat na ba akong naipon para maging komportable kami? Siguro ito na ang sinasabi ng mom ko dati na ‘Sana matuto ka maging simple.’ The only way that I can tell my son when he’s an adult na Bimb ginawa ko ang lahat para sa‘yo,”

“I don’t know. I can’t speak about forever, I can speak about what’s best for my son. Sa ngayon, sa puso ng isang nanay, ito ang idinidikta sa akin na gawin ko ito para sa anak ko,”

Friday, March 22, 2013

BUDDHA-BAR MANILA: Weekends at the Terrace

BUDDHA-BAR MANILA: Weekends at the Terrace
Be enthralled. Be chic. Be mystified.  Be in. Bring your friends to an exciting experience at Buddha-Bar Manila's Weekends at the Terrace. It has an ongoing promo - every Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 11pm, you can avail of a wide array barbecue items and pastry sweets plus unlimited rum and vodka cocktails at the Buddha-Bar Manila's Sky Lounge for only Php1,500+ per head.

 Not only that! You can take home a piece of Buddha-Bar with its various merchandise available for sale.

Buddha-Bar Manila is located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, 1227 Makati City.

Please dial 8566719 or 8565738 for inquiries and reservations. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013



Bar exams are believed to be the most difficult among licensure examinations. The release of the results of the Bar examinations is a much awaited annual event not only by law graduates and students to see whether their classmates, friends or relatives made it to the list of Bar passers but also by others to see how certain colleges and universities fare.

I could still vividly recall how thrilled we were when my brother passed the Bar exams way way back. I was hopping like a Kangaroo as I excitedly rushed to my brother who was busy playing basketball to tell him about the good news.

No question about it.  The parents and family of the Top 10 Bar Passers are very very proud of them. Congratulations!

Top Ten Bar Topnotchers:
  1. Ignatius Ingles of Ateneo law school topped the Bar passers with 85.64 percent 
  2. Catherine Beatrice King Kay of Ateneo law school with 84.72 percent
  3. April Carmela Lacson of the University of the Philippines with 84.48 percent
  4. Xavier Jesus Romualdo of Ateneo law school (84.1 percent)
  5. Maria Graciela Base of UP and Jose Maria Angel Machuca of Ateneo (83.99 percent),
  6. Patrick Henry Salazar of UP (83.71 percent)
  7. Ralph Karlo Barcelona of Aquinas University (83.43 percent)
  8. Marvyn Llamas of Ateneo (83.29 percent) 
  9. Carlo Martin Li of Ateneo (83.27 percent) 
  10. Francis Paolo Tiopanco of UP (83.25 percent).  
Click here for complete list of passers.

Trivia: Ingles is the Ateneo Law School salutatorian while King Kay is valedictorian. 

The oath-taking of the successful Bar examinees will be on April 24, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).



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