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Friday, March 22, 2013

BUDDHA-BAR MANILA: Weekends at the Terrace

BUDDHA-BAR MANILA: Weekends at the Terrace
Be enthralled. Be chic. Be mystified.  Be in. Bring your friends to an exciting experience at Buddha-Bar Manila's Weekends at the Terrace. It has an ongoing promo - every Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 11pm, you can avail of a wide array barbecue items and pastry sweets plus unlimited rum and vodka cocktails at the Buddha-Bar Manila's Sky Lounge for only Php1,500+ per head.

 Not only that! You can take home a piece of Buddha-Bar with its various merchandise available for sale.

Buddha-Bar Manila is located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, 1227 Makati City.

Please dial 8566719 or 8565738 for inquiries and reservations. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013



Bar exams are believed to be the most difficult among licensure examinations. The release of the results of the Bar examinations is a much awaited annual event not only by law graduates and students to see whether their classmates, friends or relatives made it to the list of Bar passers but also by others to see how certain colleges and universities fare.

I could still vividly recall how thrilled we were when my brother passed the Bar exams way way back. I was hopping like a Kangaroo as I excitedly rushed to my brother who was busy playing basketball to tell him about the good news.

No question about it.  The parents and family of the Top 10 Bar Passers are very very proud of them. Congratulations!

Top Ten Bar Topnotchers:
  1. Ignatius Ingles of Ateneo law school topped the Bar passers with 85.64 percent 
  2. Catherine Beatrice King Kay of Ateneo law school with 84.72 percent
  3. April Carmela Lacson of the University of the Philippines with 84.48 percent
  4. Xavier Jesus Romualdo of Ateneo law school (84.1 percent)
  5. Maria Graciela Base of UP and Jose Maria Angel Machuca of Ateneo (83.99 percent),
  6. Patrick Henry Salazar of UP (83.71 percent)
  7. Ralph Karlo Barcelona of Aquinas University (83.43 percent)
  8. Marvyn Llamas of Ateneo (83.29 percent) 
  9. Carlo Martin Li of Ateneo (83.27 percent) 
  10. Francis Paolo Tiopanco of UP (83.25 percent).  
Click here for complete list of passers.

Trivia: Ingles is the Ateneo Law School salutatorian while King Kay is valedictorian. 

The oath-taking of the successful Bar examinees will be on April 24, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The Supreme Court announced today, March 20, 2013 that 949 out of the 5,343 examinees passed the October 2012 Bar exams. This figure translates to a passing rate of 17.76%, relatively lower compared to previous years’ passing rates. The lowest in 12 years even as the passing grade is lowered from 75 to 70 percent. According to the Supreme Court, only 361 would have made it to the list had they not lowered the passing mark. An original 5,686 were admitted to take the Bar but only 5,343 completed the four-Sunday examinations.

Here is the complete list of examinees who passed the 2012 Bar Exams held last October 2012: 

You can click on the particular letter below  (beginning letter of surname) for easy browsing -

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   Y   Z

1. A JOSE- AGUSTIN, Karren R.2. ABASTILLAS, Lemuel E.3. ABERIN, Ma. Christine A.4. ABES, Royce Nieville P.5. ABRENZOSA, Cleofe L.6. ABUAN, Ruby Ryza G.7. ACEDO, Kristian Josef M.8. ACORDA, Jacqueline H.9. ACOSTA, Lourdes Mae B.10. ACOSTA, JR., Gil A.11. ACUÑA, Jose Fidel R.12. ADAN, Jan Mari D.13. ADAP, Sanawia Y.14. AGANA, III, Carlos Ivan D.15. AGATEP, Pia Augustha G.16. AGBAY-ABILAR, Janice D.17. AGBON, Ma. Cecelia Esperanza B.18. AGOPITAC, Nestle S.19. AGUAVIVA, Ava Marie G.20. AJES-LAURENTE, Lilibeth C.21. ALAMEDA, Abigail T.22. ALAWI, JR., Saipal Z.23. ALBANO, Pia Ursula P.24. ALBANO, Ranvylle O.25. ALBAS, Dominique G.26. ALBINA, Dionel O.27. ALBOTRA, Tet Chea C.28. ALCANTARA, Austin Claude S.29. ALCANTARA, Rickmon Albert P.30. ALCERA, II, Hermie F.31. ALDOVINO, Marian Mae G.32. ALEJANDRE, Pauline F.33. ALFELOR, JR., Avelino G.34. ALI, JR., Lanang T.35. ALIM, Nicolito Jesus M.36. ALIVIA, Mikhail Sherard R.37. ALMARIO, Ann Therese A.38. ALMENDRAL, Chrizellie K.39. ALMIREZ, Hanna Maria Nica M.40. ALOJADO, Carlo Enrico C.41. ALVAREZ, Aila May S.42. ALVAREZ, Maria Margarita D.43. ALVERO, Marierose P.44. AMADOR, Tina Andrea V.45. AMAN, Takahiro Kenjie C.46. AMARO, Ana Mae E.47. AMBROCIO, Ma. Carmencita C.48. AMSAN, Munib M.49. ANDAWI, Melody B.50. ANDRION, Jofre Z.51. ANG, Kathleen Mae O.52. ANG, JR., Rodolfo N.53. ANGELES, Raul V.54. ANTIGUA, Perseus A.55. ANTONIO, Rafael A.56. APALISOK, JR., Simplicio R.57. APARTE, Frances Margaret C.58. APORTADERA, Mario Leonardo Emilio O.59. AQUENDE, Joseph Angelo Wesley M.60. ARANAS, Kim M.61. ARCEO, Irene C.62. ARCEO, Mariam A.63. ARCEÑO, Jackielyn N.64. ARDIENTE, Arnold P.65. ARELLANO, May Kristine D.66. ARIAS, Michelle C.67. ARMENTA, Joshua V.68. ARQUIZA, Arbee A.69. ARQUIZA, Carlo V.70. ARRIBA, Mona Liza P.71. ARRIOLA, Roanne J.72. ARTICONA, Mercedes G.73. ARTICULO, Mark Anthony G.74. ARTUGUE, Arianne C.75. ARUGAY, Manuel Adrian D.76. ASPIRAS, Janice A.77. ASUNCION, Mark Anthony B.78. ASUNTO, Daisy Ray E.79. ATANACIO, John David C.80. AUGUSTO, Davemark P.81. AUSAN, Anniefair A.82. AUSTRIA, Carlo L.83. AUTENCIO, Anthony E.84. AUZA, Jannycer M.85. AVILA, Aldan S.86. AVILA, Rachelle Faye M.87. BABIERA, Jan Christian M.88. BACOLOD, Julse G.89. BAGAIPO, Cesar B.90. BAGATSING, Lea Margarette A.91. BAGUIO, Cindy M.92. BAGULAYA, Jose Duke S.93. BAILAN, Bai Sittie Saida C.94. BAINTO, Neal Vincent M.95. BAJAS, Joey C.96. BAJETA, Jonathan O.97. BAKILAN, Bernard D.98. BALAGA, Jo Ann Y.99. BALANQUIT, Raoul Jann R.100. BALAORO, Grace B.101. BALBA, Zack Hansel A.102. BALDOMERO, Ivan Jeffrey D.103. BALDOVINO, Aldwin Kenneth F.104. BALDOVINO, Alexander O.105. BALDOVINO, Tanya Justine R.106. BALILI, Neil Aaron C.107. BALMES, Irene B.108. BALORO, Joemyl J.109. BALTAZAR, Ana Lyn R.110. BANAYAT-NAS, Hermilia C.111. BANDALAN, Jared Anthony A.112. BANGHE, Hannah Jane T.113. BANZON, Eva Z.114. BAPTISTA, Joe Allan C.115. BARCELONA, Ralph Karlo B.116. BARQUEZ, Ma. Elisa Jonalyn A.117. BARRIOS, Angelo H.118. BASCUGUIN, Maria Jocelyn D.119. BASE, Amerissa DR.120. BASE, Maria Graciela D.121. BAUTISTA, Judy-ann C.122. BAUTISTA, Krystel Jehan M.123. BAUTISTA, Maria Theresa M.124. BAYONA, Phoebe Ann S.125. BEBER, Dindo D.126. BECHAYDA, JR., Jose T.127. BEDURAL, Vladimir F.128. BENIGIAN, II, Mardovic Dodge D.129. BENITEZ, JR., Arcadio DC.130. BERAY-DE AUSEN, Penelope131. BERNARDINO, Ramon Felipe T.132. BERNARDO, Donna Ametyst R.133. BERNARDO, Nicolo F.134. BERNARDO, Pallo Mert S.135. BIADO, Nazariel R.136. BIDAD, Jonelyn H.137. BILANGEL, Judy Ann N.138. BILIRAN, Amabelle S.139. BINARAO, Romael Meng G.140. BIRONDO, Francis Ian U.141. BLANCIA, Andrei Marion B.142. BONDOC, Hector Jerome E.143. BONGHANOY, Al C.144. BONILLA, Diana Lutgarda P.145. BORBON, Mariven B.146. BORDON, Maria Janina Ann C.147. BORJA, Ma. Arlene S.148. BORROMEO, Gabriel Angelo P.149. BOTABARA, Theresa B.150. BRACERO, II, Wivino E.151. BRAGAT, Junrie C.152. BRILLANTES, Roselle Louie P.153. BRION, Eden C.154. BRIONES, Conrado M.155. BRIONES, Gerald V.156. BRONCE, Roentgen F.157. BUAGÑIN, Venice B.158. BUENAVENTURA, Ma. Clarissa Hearty V.159. BUENAVENTURA, Roberto Martin S.160. BULOTANO, Ronnie A.161. BULSECO, Khristine Gail V.162. BUSTOS, Adrian Francis S.163. CABANTING, Gil Matthew B.164. CABANTUD, Racel A.165. CABATINGAN, Justine Mae A.166. CABI, Romina Aina DL.167. CABIEDES, Rodrigo P.168. CABRERA, Fernando Juan A.169. CABRERA, John Patrick T.170. CACHAPERO, JR., Oliver P.171. CADABUNA, Marvin Jay R.172. CADDAWAN-PANCHO, Julaida T.173. CAHAYAG, Rommel L.174. CAIBAN, Lee Ferdinand P.175. CAJUCOM, Oscar Carlo F.176. CALAG, Welan C.177. CALALANG, Mary Bianca O.178. CALAMAY, Cesar Norman Y.179. CALDERINI, Charmaine N.180. CALDERON, Abegail Joan F.181. CALINGASAN, Charlene Mae C.182. CALMA-CHAN, Gabriela E.183. CALUAG, Edmond M.184. CALVAN, Myrtle B.185. CAMACHO, Gianfrancis S.186. CAMACHO, Paolo Francisco B.187. CAMAGANACAN, Emelie D.188. CAMISO, Aldous Benjamin C.189. CAMUA, Mariacarla L.190. CANDELARIA, Marissa L.191. CANTILLAS, Irish Claire M.192. CANTOS, Rj T.193. CAPANAS, Jovalie Claire L.194. CAPELLAN, Marina Victoria M.195. CARANDANG, Ma. Buenafe M.196. CARBONELL, Rhea Joy L.197. CARDIÑO, Gian Carlo S.198. CARDONA, Sarah Jeane P.199. CARILLO, Marc Jay A.200. CARINGAL-DE CASTRO, Maria Yvet B.201. CARLOBOS, Princess Christine C.202. CARPIO, Menachem T.203. CARTAGENA, Philipp King S.204. CASADOR, Angeli Ness P.205. CASALS, Detchie D.206. CASIBANG, JR., Ruben C.207. CASIDSID-PORTENTO, Regina M.208. CASIO, Jo Ann Marie O.209. CASISON-DUNGCA, Maricel C.210. CASTILLO, Beverly F.211. CASTILLO, Dante C.212. CASTILLO, Mark Erwin C.213. CASTRO, Joanne Frances DC.214. CASTRODES, Kristine Joyce A.215. CASUELA, Nathaniel Joseph C.216. CATACUTAN, Richard M.217. CATACUTAN, JR., Felicisimo M.218. CATALAN, Jo-am B.219. CATALUÑA-RENEGADO, Catherine C.220. CATULONG, Zacharias F.221. CAYABAN, Iva Freyritz Erica E.222. CAYCO, Natasha D.223. CAYCO, Victor Carlo Antonio V.224. CAÑARES, Vhincent G.225. CAÑETE, Stephen Roy M.226. CEDEÑO, Jessa Mary Ann C.227. CERIALES, Roni R.228. CHAN, Christian E.229. CHAN, Clifford C.230. CHAN, Jereline H.231. CHAVES, Carla Michelle M.232. CHING, May Ann A.233. CHINTE, Mary Eileen F.234. CHU, Kristine Paula T.235. CHUA, Sacel Anne M.236. CINCO, Abegail Marie C.237. CLAUDIO, Joanne Lucille Germaine Y.238. CLAUDIO, Kristoffer S.239. CLAUDIO, Lesley Anne L.240. CLEDERA, Kim Debra C.241. COMA, Joanne Marie A.242. CONCEPCION, Irene Charmaine C.243. CONCEPCION, Robin Bryan F.244. CONDE, Fiona E.245. CONDE, Maricar A.246. CONVOCAR, Daniel Luis R.247. CORESIS, Ma. Katrina B.248. CORPUZ, Danielle Sigfreid R.249. CORPUZ, Grazielynne C.250. CORRALES, Michael John V.251. CORSAME-FUENTES, Gazzelenne B.252. COVARRUBIAS, Jose Janello A.253. CRISOSTOMO, Jaim Mari M.254. CRUZ, Emmanuel Rey P.255. CRUZ, Gino Carlo M.256. CRUZ, Jennifer Anne Marie D.257. CRUZ, Keneth Joyce S.258. CRUZ, Niño Martin B.259. CRUZ, Roxanne Joan H.260. CUARTERO, Dave L.261. CUBA, Margareth Kristel B.262. CUBERO, Ronald S.263. CUBILLAN, Asis G.264. CUCHAPIN, Mykedox Knoel T.265. CUEVAS, Dyan Marie S.266. CUI, Rosabel C.267. CURADA, Yul Bernie L.268. CURAMMENG, Jessieh Rey B.269. CUSTODIO, Daniel Ben M.270. DANCE, Kristoffer Lee V.271. DAPITON, Roel B.272. DAQUIOAG, Florence P.273. DE ANDRES, JR., Gabriel A.274. DE CHAVEZ, Marc Roby G.275. DE CHAVEZ-ALEDO, Sharon L.276. DE DUMO, Jilliane Joyce R.277. DE GUZMAN, Arjel P.278. DE GUZMAN, Michael S.279. DE GUZMAN, Robert Josef A.280. DE GUZMAN, Steven Michael S.281. DE LA CRUZ, Christian R.282. DE LEON, Jose D.283. DE LOS REYES, Dianne Margarette T.284. DE LOS SANTOS, Christian Loren B.285. DE MESA, Beverly Elvy B.286. DE VERA, Ma. Christine Fel P.287. DE VERA, II, Rustico P.288. DE VILLA, Rhodora S.289. DEJARME, Doreen T.290. DEL ROSARIO, Joseph Carl G.291. DELA CALZADA, Renato C.292. DELA CRUZ, Gerald B.293. DELA CRUZ, Glenna Mari M.294. DELA CRUZ, Vann Allen P.295. DELA CUESTA, Rogie L.296. DELA PEÑA, Toni Carla A.297. DELOS SANTOS, Lilian S.298. DEOMPOC, Mary Khristel A.299. DEVERATURDA, Joan Paula A.300. DIALINO, Karen L.301. DIAZ, Mario Vincent N.302. DIESMOS, Angelo Ted S.303. DIESTO, Jovian P.304. DIGO, Jerry C.305. DIMACULANGAN, Roberto Miguel I.306. DIMAFELIX, II, Alfredo B.307. DIMATATAC, Edwin L.308. DIMSON, Caira Joyce S.309. DIOKNO, Angelo S.310. DISPO, D'lorenz Miro D.311. DIZON, Justinne D.312. DOCENA, Hans Christian V.313. DOGWE-RAMIREZ, Marifi T.314. DOMINGO, Frances Yani P.315. DOMINGUEZ, Ilyn E.316. DONATO, Carol I.317. DORIA, Dianne DP.318. DU, Minister Moises D.319. DUAZO, Rose Shayne T.320. DUCUSIN, Alejandro S.321. DULAY-MARCOS, Vicky Runa A.322. DUMAGAT, Maricon D.323. DUMALAY, Marichriz I.324. DUNUAN, Brionelle La Realesa A.325. DY, Frederick T.326. ELEAZAR, Armand Dietrich M.327. ELGO, Phil Ephraim T.328. ELTANAL, Felwin Rau P.329. ENAD, Rajiv V.330. ENCABO, III, Melchisedech L.331. ENCARNACION, Ian D.332. ENCARNACION, Mark Francis A.333. EPE, Evan L.334. ERMINO, Augusto Ceasar E.335. ESCALONA, Leo Miguel A.336. ESCATRON, Karie F.337. ESCOBER, Carlo A.338. ESCUETA, Leonard L.339. ESMENDA, Alvin C.340. ESMERALDA, Patrick L.341. ESPARCIA, Janis Louis H.342. ESPARRAGO, Sheldon G.343. ESPINA, Corin Celeste M.344. ESPINOSA, Ron Ely L.345. ESPIRITU, Harvey Rhey L.346. ESPIRITU, Leah Eloisa R.347. ESPIRITU, Paula R.348. ESQUIVIAS, Joaquin Pablo A.349. ESTIGOY, Karene Maneka D.350. ESTRADA-ALCANTARA, Maria Socorro Y.351. ESTRELLA, Eric D.352. EVAN, Noel B.353. EVANGELISTA, Carlo Eduardo D.354. EX, Doyle D.355. EÑANO, Carissa Ann M.356. FABUL, Joseph Vincent R.357. FAJARDO, Celerina Rose D.358. FAJARDO, Idamae H.359. FAJARDO, Jan Ale S.360. FATALLA, Dave Florenz M.361. FEDERIO, Maria Desiree S.362. FELICES, Rachel Marie L.363. FELICIA, Luz Angela D.364. FELIPE, Eduardo E.365. FELIX, Peter Anthony Joseph F.366. FERIA, Jerome Christopher V.367. FERNANDO, Angelo F.368. FERRAREN, Ryan D.369. FERRER, Rosette S.370. FLORES, Raymund Jonas C.371. FLORES, Soleil C.372. FLORES, II, Lester Jay Alan E.373. FOLLO, Dennis T.374. FONTANILLA, Viktor Samuel C.375. FRAGANTE, Francis L.376. FRANCISCO, Jeremiah D.377. FRANCISCO, Jose Ma. Jason J.378. FULGENCIO, Genesis R.379. GABITO, Garry G.380. GABOR-TOLENTINO, Joy Marie R.381. GADIT, Earl I.382. GALANG, John Paul P.383. GALICIA, Gene Franco I.384. GALLEVO-BAMBO, Majella Theresa L.385. GALMAN, Franklin Gerard D.386. GALVEZ, Edmund Cyril S.387. GALVEZ, Jerico Angelo P.388. GAMO, Ciselie Marie T.389. GANASI, Dante G.390. GANDO, Jovi Louie S.391. GARCIA, Jan David I.392. GARCIA, Junnar O.393. GARCIA, Ron Michael B.394. GARCINEZ, Paolo Gonzalo T.395. GARRIDO, Kinni Albert Y.396. GATCHALIAN, Kate Carra C.397. GATDULA, Genesis M.398. GAYANILO, Brian T.399. GENON, Aero Jel L.400. GEOCANIGA, Gene Pedmon E.401. GERNALE, Jay R.402. GERVACIO, Diana S.403. GIGANTONE, Maria Riza Lea B.404. GILBUENA, Francis Conrad D.405. GINGOYON, Laiza Kristel C.406. GO, David Michael C.407. GO, Marie Michelle B.408. GO, Paolo Angelo C.409. GOC-ONG, Lara May B.410. GODINEZ, Jose Mari L.411. GOMEZ, Ace M.412. GOMEZ, Joni R.413. GOMEZ, Mikhail Josef N.414. GONZAGA, Odessa Grace E.415. GONZALES, Christian B.416. GONZALES, Jenny R.417. GONZALES, Kristine Carmela F.418. GONZALES, Nil Ryan S.419. GORDULA, Xavier Elbert V.420. GOYENA, Ma. Flor De Lis A.421. GRANADO, Glenbelle M.422. GUANGCO, Ma. Veronica S.423. GUERRA, Blesscille V.424. GUERRERO, Alan Martin A.425. GUERRERO, Katrina Elena DF.426. GUEVARA, Kristine Bernadette V.427. GUILLERMO, Maica L.428. GUINOMLA, Mohammad Jamaludin A.429. GUINTO, Celeni Kristine G.430. GUMBAN, Margaret Rose P.431. GUMBAN, Vanessa J.432. GURREA, Fay Irene L.433. GUTIERREZ, Eva Marie G.434. GUZMAN, Jeffvince M.435. HADLOCON, Fatima Faye C.436. HASSANI, Mary Sayeh R.437. HEREDIA, Criselda A.438. HERMOSURA, Chasmeneth C.439. HERNANDEZ, Maria Concepcion R.440. HERNANDEZ, Patricia Andrea O.441. HILARIO, Dan Raphael D.442. HILARIO, Kyndell A.443. HINLO, Marco R.444. HIPOLITO, Maria Monica D.445. HULIGANGA, Lovella May B.446. HUMARANG, Jayson M.447. HUMILDE, Noemi P.448. IBAÑEZ, Jonathan J.449. IGNACIO, Christopher John Marcelino D.450. ILANO, Jose Angelito M.451. IMPERIAL, Ramil S.452. IMRAN, Adzlan S.453. INCIONG, Jhoan Andrei A.454. INDIOLA, Rio Aiko V.455. INFANTE, Colleen SR.456. INGLES, Ignatius Michael D.457. INLAO, Charle Magne M.458. IRANZO, Kristoffer Edward C.459. ISIDRO, Laida May P.460. JAAFAR, Faigdar A.461. JACOBA, Maria Laviña Rae V.462. JARANILLA, David D.463. JAVIER, April Rose B.464. JAVIER, Carlo Michael S.465. JAYME, Joel H.466. JOAQUINO, JR., Joseph James K.467. JUAN, Vincent C.468. JUATCO, Francis M.469. JULARBAL, Starr G.470. JUSI, Genevieve E.471. KALAW, Jenny Kay L.472. KATIPUNAN, Andrea E.473. KIAMZON, Joyful Josette T.474. KING KAY, Catherine Beatrice O.475. KO, Patricia O.476. KUSAIN-KANSI, Adjuria G.477. LA ROSA-MILLARES, Katherine Joy P.478. LABADOR, Jed M.479. LABIANO, Lester S.480. LACAP, Karen Kristi P.481. LACEDA, Jovert L.482. LACHICA, Lemuel P.483. LACNO, Sarah Vanessa M.484. LACSON, April Carmela B.485. LAGGUI, Marie Hyacinth G.486. LAMBINO, Mary Rhauline DG.487. LAMSEN, Jaenicen A.488. LANGIT, Earla Kahlila Mikhaila C.489. LANTION, Mell Christopher G.490. LANUZO, Ma. Czarina S.491. LAO, Michael Stephen H.492. LAOHOO, Joyce Elaine H.493. LAUROS, Jus C.494. LAXAMANA, Aufelene Anne P.495. LAYAAN, Geraldine D.496. LAZARO, Grace Ann C.497. LAZARO, Nicholai Noel B.498. LEAL, Lemuel C.499. LEDESMA, Leofred Ian T.500. LEGASPI, Erwin G.501. LEI, John Christopherson A.502. LEIDO, Juan Paolo Miguel B.503. LELIS, Alexa Marie I.504. LENA, Andrew John M.505. LEONG-ANUDIN, Leslie Ann S.506. LERONA, Lawuel T.507. LI, Carlo Martin C.508. LIGGAYU, Minehaha L.509. LIM, Jhella J.510. LIM, Rachelle T.511. LIM, Timothy Dalton S.512. LIM-MAGTANGGOL, Rachelle S.513. LISTONES, Paul E.514. LIWAG, Jobelle Joyce T.515. LLAMAS, Marvyn S.516. LOGROÑO, Princess Jazmine C.517. LONDRES, Louie Marie S.518. LOPEZ-BALUYUT, Philjoy519. LORA, Lizette Lou T.520. LOTOC, Jeremy C.521. LOZADA, Maria Kristile Y.522. LOZANO, Daphne L.523. LU, Antonio Miguel C.524. LUCAS, Danjun G.525. LUCIANO, Mark Christian D.526. LUIB, JR., Ronald A.527. LUNA, Myla A.528. LUNASCO, Emil S.529. MABANTA, Marco Jose Maria V.530. MABAZZA, Paolo A.531. MACABODBOD, Lou Bryan R.532. MACARAEG, Marck Joseph I.533. MACARANDANG, Deen Asliah D.534. MACARAYAN, Maichel Rick A.535. MACHUCA, Jose Maria Angel P.536. MADRIDIJO, Marlon V.537. MAGCALAS, Felman Gem L.538. MAGLINAO, Patrick DL.539. MALABUYOC, Ichelle S.540. MALAGA, Vic Randolf C.541. MALALAD, Warren Wesley M.542. MALASA, Michelene C.543. MALAWANI, Hanaphi A.544. MALLANAO, Paul V.545. MAMAILAO, Athiena R.546. MAMAILAO, Paiza P.547. MAMUKID, Michael M.548. MANALO, May T.549. MANALO, Melchor J.550. MANANDEG, Gertrude Gay P.551. MANAUIS, JR., Conrado M.552. MANCAO, Katrina Michelle F.553. MANGSI, Sanchez J.554. MANGUBAT, Rex A.555. MANIEGO, Catriona Rhiannon G.556. MANRIQUE, Bernard557. MANUEL, Sheila Gene M.558. MAQUILAN, Jonathan D.559. MARANAN, Maria Carmela T.560. MARASIGAN, Nathan J.561. MARAÑA, Jonalyn V.562. MARCELO, Monica Joy M.563. MARCELO, Ronel V.564. MARIÑAS, Maria Rosario D.565. MARON-MARTIN, Vobbye Jean A.566. MAROTO, Ma. Alexandria Ixara B.567. MARQUESES, Dan Michael C.568. MARQUEZ, JR., Reynaldo Q.569. MARTIN, Mary Marjorie P.570. MARTINEZ, IV, Lorenzo C.571. MARTIREZ, Ike B.572. MARTY, Frank Edward G.573. MASLOG, Ma. Sheryl L.574. MATALAM, Jamil Adrian Khalil L.575. MATIAS, Serwin S.576. MATILDO, JR, Lerdo I.577. MAURERA, Katherine B.578. MAYUGA, Adrian B.579. MAÑEBO, Ferdinand R.580. MEDINA, Maria Ana Karina S.581. MEJIA, Nina Remedios R.582. MEJIA, Venus Amelie G.583. MELGAR, III, Josefino M.584. MENDOZA, Daniel Angelo V.585. MENDOZA, Emaculada Concepcion S.586. MENDOZA, Gerardo E.587. MENDOZA, Jason F.588. MENDOZA, Marychelle T.589. MENZON, Anthony A.590. MERCADER, Ryan S.591. MERIDA, JR., Manuel A.592. MILLEZA, Carmel Rosame A.593. MILLORA, II, Efren Joe P.594. MINA, Iellen Therese E.595. MIRANDA-RIMONTE, Ana C.596. MIRAVALLES, Samantha A.597. MITCHOR, April N.598. MONTANO, IV, Julian S.599. MONTEMAYOR, Meriam M.600. MONTENEGRO, Kutz Melvin G.601. MORA, Crisanto M.602. MORALES, Armand V.603. MORALES, Generick Humprey V.604. MORGA, Ryan Calvin G.605. MORILLO, Leo Adrian B.606. MOTOOMULL-IDULSA, Marian Kanna S.607. MUCOY-GRANADOS, Meralie D.608. MULI, Katrina C.609. MUPAS, Remedios U.610. MUTIA, Mohammad Nabil M.611. MUÑIZ, Angelo M.612. MUÑOZ, Giselle Angelica C.613. NAGAÑO, Lord Jayson B.614. NAVARRA, Cherrylyn C.615. NEJUDNE, Paul616. NICOLAS, Jerwin U.617. NIEMES, Vanessa B.618. NIEVES, Jonas S.619. NIFRAS, Francis Ariel G.620. NOEL, Laura Katrina621. NOGRALES, Juan Fidel Felipe F.622. NONATO, Roselle Jean L.623. NOVERAS, Chrsitian M.624. NUCUP, Neil B.625. NUEVO, Genie Celini D.626. NUÑEZ, Jeremie A.627. OBIAS, John Dominic S.628. OCADO, Allian R.629. OCAMPO, Christopher Louie DP.630. OCAMPO, Gilbert Paolo M.631. OCAMPO, Riza Lyn M.632. OFANDA, Adonis A.633. OLAVERE, Albert S.634. OLYMPIA, Abrame-lionel Gamaliel A.635. OMOLON, Maila Giselle A.636. ONA, Kristel Concepcion V.637. ONG, Tracy Anne A.638. OPINION, Richard T.639. OPOSA, Juan Antonio R.640. OPSIMA, Gayle G.641. ORAL, Daniel Martin G.642. ORATE, Danessa Fayne G.643. ORBETA, Frances Grace Allyana E.644. ORBITA, Chona M.645. ORDOÑEZ, Jaclyn Anne R.646. ORTIZ, Edison U.647. OSORIO, Rolant Andrie R.648. PABLICO, Maria Asuncion D.649. PABLICO, My Kristia L.650. PACASEM, Ubaida C.651. PADER-VILLANUEVA, Carmina Agnes P.652. PADILLA, Albert F.653. PADILLA JR., Victor Q.654. PADOGA, Dean Martin V.655. PAGADOR, Winston C.656. PAGALILAUAN, Edison James F.657. PAGLICAWAN, Maria Angelica A.658. PALENCIA-UYTENGSU, Maida Joy O.659. PALLA, Bartolome O.660. PALOMAR, Sunshine B.661. PALU-AY, Matias Monico G.662. PANA, Melbourne Ziro D.663. PANGANIBAN, Victoria P.664. PANTIG, Hazel B.665. PARADO, Lovely Myrrh T.666. PAREJA, Judiel M.667. PARUBRUB, Christina A.668. PARUNGAO, Ronald C.669. PASION, Roseann Claudine M.670. PATAUEG, JR., Nicolas A.671. PATIÑO, Erica Christel S.672. PAVON, Teddy Edmund T.673. PAYUMO, Margielyn G.674. PAZZIUAGAN, Cheska Ann M.675. PEDROSA, JR., Jose Aaron M.676. PEGALAN, Ricky Heart L.677. PELAEZ, Lawrence Leo K.678. PELANDAS, Bryan D.679. PELINIO, Norman A.680. PELOBELLO, JR., Herminio V.681. PERALTA, Romark C.682. PERANDOS, Katty Jean Lourdes A.683. PERAS, Phoebeth S.684. PERDITO, Kristine Jane M.685. PEREDO-MILLAN, Cynthia Lyn P.686. PEREGRINO-CO, Jaydee O.687. PEREZ, Alexander Brian S.688. PEREZ, Lilibeth C.689. PERNITES, Russel S.690. PEÑADA, Joanna May DG.691. PICZON, Edson G.692. PILAR, Sir Achilles A.693. PIMENTEL, Joanna Pauline C.694. PINILI, Richard L.695. PIÑON, Joseph Carlo V.696. PLAZA, Leslie Mae F.697. PLAZO, Joseph R.698. PRADO, Carlos Manuel S.699. PRINCIPIO, Pearl Lizza S.700. PROCHINA, Mary Avon Q.701. PUA, Alvin Greg G.702. PUA, Moses Eleazar B.703. PUERTO, Basil R.704. PUGUON, Jener C.705. QUESADA, Michael C.706. QUEZADA, Peter Paul L.707. QUIACHON, Nea Cecille V.708. QUIAMBAO, Reinier S.709. QUIBO, Grace May M.710. QUIBRANZA, Lorraine Anne G.711. QUILATES, Donelle Jay A.712. QUIMPO, Andro Julio L.713. QUINAGORAN, Fidelis Victorino C.714. QUINTOS, Beverly Anne F.715. QUISUMBING, Julia Francesca R.716. RADAZA, Eirah Z.717. RAFAEL, Marq Azeus S.718. RAMEL, Christopher B.719. RAMOS, Agatha Kristy F.720. RAMOS, Billy James G.721. RAMOS, Dave P.722. RAMOS, Maridelle M.723. RAMOS, Raymond A.724. RASO, Karl Vincent B.725. RAVELO, Zaide E.726. RAYMUNDO, Vir Celito C.727. RECIERDO, Mark Francis R.728. RECIO, Albee Alliana A.729. RECTO, Mark Alvin R.730. REMOLACIO, Emmanuel A.731. REPOLLO-UY, Alnessa Thea V.732. REVALDE, Jeser M.733. REVILLA, JR., Rodrigo B.734. REYES, Clarisse L.735. REYES, Jaymie Ann R.736. REYES, Jose Antonio S.737. REYES, Maryann Agnes Jertez Y.738. REYES, Misheil R.739. RICAFLANCA, Leizl M.740. RICAZA, Michelle Marie F.741. RIGODON, Lou Diane B.742. RILLERA, Jobert O.743. RIVERA, Joonee Randyl E.744. ROA-OARDE, Dianne Marie V.745. ROBLES, Edgar Michael C.746. ROBLES, Sunshine D.747. ROCHA, Robert Angelo Y.748. RODRIGUEZ, Miracle Anne D.749. ROJO, Jane Catherine C.750. ROLEDA, Danell Lenard T.751. ROMEA, George Michael F.752. ROMERO, Allan D.753. ROMUALDO, Xavier Jesus D.754. RONDAL, Jaye Loren A.755. ROSALES, Vicente Rafael L.756. ROXAS, Juan Paolo P.757. RUBINO, Junald J.758. RUDAS, Vincent C.759. SABADO, Joseph Mario S.760. SABAS, Lloyd Francis L.761. SABAUPAN, Flor Angela T.762. SABORNAY, Ricky A.763. SABORNIDO, Noemi S.764. SAGARIO, Leo Angelo I.765. SAJONIA, Louie O.766. SALARZON, Henry Claude Roy V.767. SALAZAR, Jerome G.768. SALAZAR, Patrick Henry D.769. SALCEDO, Anna A.770. SALCEDO-PUDPUD, Debbie Love P.771. SALEM-INES, Chermibelle M.772. SALENDAB, Ayla Herazade E.773. SALLIDAO, Eric K.774. SALVA, Carlo Emmanuel R.775. SALVANI, A.d. Vincent Iv B.776. SAMACO, Leo Bernard M.777. SAMSON, Martin Luigi G.778. SAN DIEGO, JR., Virgilio M.779. SAN PEDRO, Leila Grace A.780. SANCHEZ, Janer G.781. SANCHEZ, Marie Yasmin M.782. SANDOVAL, Camhella F.783. SANDOVAL, Josephine Grace R.784. SANDRINO, Maureen Grace O.785. SANGGACALA, Naima M.786. SANTAMARIA, Dindo M.787. SANTIAGO, Dulce Corazon T.788. SANTIAGO, Jefferson V.789. SANTIAGO, Philippe Emile R.790. SANTOS, Alexander B.791. SANTOS, Ana Lorraine G.792. SANTOS, Aurelia Beatrice M.793. SANTOS, Hanzel C.794. SANTOS, Joel M.795. SANTOS, Joel A.796. SANTOS, Joel Enrico N.797. SANTOS, Juan Paolo J.798. SANTOS, Karichi E.799. SANTOS, Kathleen Mae C.800. SANTOS, Melissa Christina S.801. SARABOSQUEZ, Justine Keith802. SARANGAYA, JR., Ismael L.803. SARI, Jayson V.804. SARONA, JR., Isidro L.805. SAYSON, Charlotte Lyza R.806. SAZON, Ser Christian A.807. SEE, Candice Faye T.808. SELLEZA, Suzy Claire R.809. SERCADO, Marie Arcie Anne M.810. SERENIO, Darlon B.811. SERENO, Jose Lorenzo A.812. SIA, Emmanuel H.813. SIADEN, Nathaniel D.814. SIASON-VILLA, Belinda C.815. SINGCO, Jamee S.816. SINGZON, Maria Eloisa Imelda S.817. SIRON, Monica Leonila B.818. SISON, Juvin M.819. SO, Jelani Carlo H.820. SO, Kristina Carmela G.821. SOBREPEÑA, Deborah Miriam D.822. SOCO, Patrina T.823. SOCRATES, Louie A.824. SOLEJON, Franie C.825. SOLIDON, Ed Rowland A.826. SOLIVEN, Jan Vincent S.827. SOMOROSTRO, Genaro E.828. SORIANO, Raymond Adrian T.829. SORIANO, Sarah D.830. SORIASO, Louresse Patricia Jane P.831. SPALDING, Donn Robert O.832. STA. BARBARA, Jesus Erick F.833. SUAREZ, Roberto Paolo R.834. SUAREZ, Shiela May A.835. SULIT, Dioxenos B.836. SUMAGAYSAY, Laser Blitz B.837. SUMAOY, Dexter Rey T.838. SUMIBCAY, Dexter Caesar P.839. SUROPIA, Fehma G.840. SY, Clarence T.841. TABALON, Leonard Lyle M.842. TABLADILLO, Stephanie B.843. TADIQUE, Roxanne B.844. TAGANAS, Olivia P.845. TAGUBA, Jezreel Caridad Y.846. TAGUIAM, Christa Maria V.847. TAIB, Najeeb L.848. TALLEDO, Harold Christian S.849. TAMAYO, Maribel I.850. TAMONDONG, Mark Lester DG.851. TAMONDONG, JR., Eddie B.852. TAN, Cheryl Bevin L.853. TAN, Maria Theresa M.854. TAN, Talitha Renee L.855. TANCINCO, Rafael Lorenzo G.856. TANCINCO, Roy Shaun G.857. TANGCO, Karen Kreez L.858. TANSINGCO, Samira Nimfa B.859. TANUNTANUM, Erik B.860. TAPIA, Mayette H.861. TATLONGHARI, Renel B.862. TAYHOPON, Kristoffer Ryan H.863. TE, Justine C.864. TECSON, Janna Mae B.865. TEEHANKEE, Ryan Christopher S.866. TELAN, John Benedict M.867. TINAGAN, James Michael Vincent J.868. TING, Camille Sue Mae L.869. TIOPIANCO, Francis Paolo P.870. TOBIAS, Ana Patricia R.871. TOLENTINO, Arc Aldrin N.872. TORREFLORES-ALIAN, Connie B.873. TORRENTIRA, Rosalio874. TORRES, Phillip M.875. TORRES, Reyjie R.876. TRASPORTO, Jose Donel T.877. TUGADI, Marifem H.878. TUMANDA, Jansyl Lovan P.879. TUPAZ, Kristine T.880. TUTAAN, Tyrone B.881. TY, Evita Grace B.882. UBERITA, Joan N.883. UDDIN, Zalman D.884. URSUA, Melissa Asuncion A.885. USON, Adriana Alexis C.886. UY, Johan Christian T.887. UY, Kim Raisa O.888. UY, Rhea E.889. VALAQUIO, Ma. Ailyne P.890. VALDEZ, Cristina I.891. VALDEZ, Maia Chiara Halmen Reina A.892. VALDEZ, JR., Edgar S.893. VALENCIA, David Evelio O.894. VALENTIN, Charmaine P.895. VALENTON, Johvie M.896. VALERA, Stephen Russel Keith G.897. VARGAS, Jacqueline B.898. VARGAS, Mona Angela E.899. VARON, Iniego Carl G.900. VELASCO, Ethelene G.901. VELASCO, Lady Ivy Vanity D.902. VELOSO, III, Marcelino G.903. VENTURA, Mary Grace L.904. VENTURA, Ruby Ann B.905. VENZUELA, Kristine Ann C.906. VERCIDE-LUNA, Jocelyn G.907. VERTULFO-ARBOLE, Jovilly Donna C.908. VESTIL, Rosalita P.909. VICENTE, Nilda F.910. VIERNES, JR., Celestino N.911. VILLACORTE, Audrey Eunize V.912. VILLALOBOS, Melchor C.913. VILLALON, Albert Angelo DR.914. VILLANO, Sheela D.915. VILLANUEVA, Carlos Joseph B.916. VILLANUEVA, Norliza R.917. VILLANUEVA, Ralph Christian P.918. VILLANUEVA, Roberto C.919. VILLANUEVA, Ronn Michael M.920. VILLANUEVA, Tiofilo S.921. VILLAR, Viferlyn D.922. VIRAY, Joshua V.923. VIRTUDAZO, Rilven Christian A.924. VIÑAS, Sheiryl G.925. WACQUISAN, Ma. Tilde Titina T.926. WHITE, Charles Jensen A.927. WIEDMER, Patrick Heinz M.928. WONG, Joyce Anne C.929. YAM, Mark Benjamin C.930. YANG, Alarice L.931. YANKEE, Jimson S.932. YAO, Jacqueline Anne B.933. YAP, Cherrylin E.934. YAP, Shan Yran A.935. YAU, Weny U.936. YLADE, Donna Frances G.937. YMAS, Priscilla Mae S.938. YODICO, II, Rodolfo A.939. YOUNG, Michael Wilson Y.940. YU, Diane Cecilia S.941. YU, Stephen L.942. ZABALA, Mark Louie L.943. ZAFRA, Yolanda C.944. ZAMBRANO, Gino Antonio Q.945. ZAMORAS-VIRTUDAZO, Luz B.946. ZAPANTA, Arthur Imanuel N.947. ZARAGOZA, Anicka Nicoli S.948. ZARENO, Jewelynn Gay B.949. ZERNA, Adelaine Faith P.



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