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Sunday, August 12, 2012



There are unscrupulous individuals who present themselves as businessmen with no proper receipt that sells LPG at Php 730 to 750 per 11 kg. tank.

Reason # 1 given: Sunday daw ngayon kaya walang resibo! Uhuh! That was their exact words when we ordered LPG the last time. I wonder kung may resibo sila kapag Monday ako nag order? BIR??

Reason #2: Mahirap ang supply. As in pahirapan makakuha ng delivery. Some independent refillers and small retailers, are still waiting for their supplies as transport ships have been unable to dock and discharge their cargo of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) due to the rough seas at the Bataan port.

DOE, sabi ninyo there was enough supply for residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces ano nangyari?
Upon checking DOE's website today, August 12, 2012, merely eleven days after DOE posted the suggested retail prices. I found out that these businessmen increased their prices from Php 568 to Php 730, that is more than 100 pesos, my golly!

Yes, you read it right! As of August 1, 2012 the price for an 11 kg. LPG is pegged at Php 568.00. However, LPG players raised the prices of cooking gas by P7 per kilogram this month or P77 per 11-kg tank. This hike was due to the $168.50-per-metric-ton increase in the international contract price of LPG to $775 per ton, from the previous month’s price of $606.50 per ton.

According to a news report, LPG prices must not exceed Php 700.00.

Petron Genuine Gasul with FREE DELIVERY sells LPG at PHP 676.00 more than fifty pesos (Php 50.00) cheaper than those unscrupulous businessmen.

DOE appeal to customers to report to DOE retailers who are selling overpriced products, by calling (02) 840-2184. Overpricing of petroleum products such as LPG is sanctioned with an administrative fine of at least P10,000 and an appropriate criminal offense.

I believe that businessmen should NEVER raise prices especially after the flood.  I hope hindi sila manamantala, sa mga flood victims at sa iba pang Filipino in general. On behalf of the Filipino People, I urged distributors of basic commodities to be compassionate and not to take advantage of flood victims and Filipino people in general. Please do not hike the prices of goods and services. Maawa po kayo sa kapwa ninyo please.

Sa mga Government agencies: Paki aksyonan po please. Salamat.

Friday, August 10, 2012


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has delivered assistance to thousands of residents affected by heavy rains and floods due to monsoon rains.

Super nakakabilib ang idea ng Red Cross na ready-to-eat meals. Pag basa ang posporo mo at walang malutuan at basang basa ka na sa baha at kumakalam na ang sikmura.

Red Cross staff and volunteers have served ready-to-eat meals to 10000 people so far.

Photo From Carlo Ople

INTRAMUROS WALKING TOUR: Carlos Celdran Sudden Barter Tour

What:   Sudden Barter tour
When:  Today at 4pm. Friday. August 10.
Where: Meet at Fort Santiago ticket booth under the Acacia tree. 

It's SUNNY! Come walk with me. -  Carlos Celdran

Please come to the "If These Walls Could Talk" tour. Pay what you want. As in. No minimum. Pay anything. Five pesos to Five Hundred Pesos. All payment will go to relief efforts. Hope to see you all there. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Smart is continuously providing free call services to people affected by the recent flooding. Libreng Tawag stations are currently operating in 12 sites as on 9:00 AM today (Aug 9):
- Malanday Barangay Hall
- H. Bautista Elementary School, Concepcion
- Concepcion High School, Tumana
- Nangka Elementary School

- Sta. Ana Covered Court, San Mateo

- Dagat-dagatan Elementary School

Quezon City
- Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon Avenue
- Atherton Subdivision
- North Fairview Homes

- Vicente Cruz St., Sampaloc

- Tunasan Elementary School
- Muntinlupa Sports Complex

- Plaza Burgos, Guagua
- Poblacion, Floridablanca

- Cavite Coliseum, Bacoor

To follow: Malabon and Valenzuela

Smart is also coordinating with the local governments of Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela and other affected localities for the immediate deployment of Libreng Tawag personnel.

Smart is reminding its subscribers to stay alert and to keep their mobile phones ready for emergencies. Charge batteries whenever possible and conserve power. Save emergency numbers and store extra prepaid load cards. As of this time, Smart’s network is up and running to provide services to its subscribers in the affected areas.
NOTE: This is not a paid post I just to share this Free Information.


Below is the list provided by MMDA of flooded roads and areas in Metro Manila after rains intensified again on Wednesday afternoon.

As of 7:10 PM

C5 NB Market to Bagong Ilog-(ML),lanuza to J Vargas-(M),after light to Katipunan,C5 SB-light #mmda

As of 7:10 PM

Edsa SB Muñoz to N Ave-(M),NIA Road to Aurora-(MH),after light to Magallanes 

As of 7:10 PM

Edsa NB Macapagal-(M),Magallanes to Aurora Blvd-(H),Cubao-(M),Trinoma to Muñoz-(M)

As of 6:57 PM
Cubao underpass now closed to traffic

As of 6:47 PM

BMC, BBB Puregold & Calye Uno; already subsided  Quezon Ave BIR u-turn slot; above gutter.

Sct. Reyes/ Sct. Chuatoco; 13014 inches. Not passable to light vehicles

Andrew Domestic; 1 lane passable both direction

Sta. Ana pandacan; waist deep

Kalentong, Mandaluyong; chest deep.
As of 6:46 PM
Along Chino Roces from Don Bosco to Makati Square, not passable

As of 6:42 PM
For those who are heading south,c5 market market traffic is not moving. Take mckinley hill instead.

As of 6:20 PM
  • South Super Highway Buendia & Osmeña Highway-Makati, both direction, above knee. Not passable to light vehicles.
As of 5:20 PM
  • C5 NB, near Market Market and Ortigas
  • EDSA-P.Tuazon tunnel
As of 5 PM
  • Katipunan Road, Balara; waist-deep. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • C.P Garcia UP; waist-deep. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • Ateneo SB; knee-deep. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • Timog Avenue/ Tomas Morato. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • RMB Pureza, both direction. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • ERB Araneta. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
As of 4:11 PM
  • C5 Eagle St. SM Hypermarket, both direction; waist-deep. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • Shaw Araullo; waist-deep. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • EDSA-Santolan NB; above gutter-deep. Passable to all types of vehicles.
As of 4:04 PM
  • Quezon Ave. ground level, both direction; above gutter-deep. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • Puregold Dagohoy Samson Rd/ Lascano. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
As of 3:41 PM
  • Quezon Ave.-Banawe. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • MIA Rd. going terminal; half tire. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • Andrews Ave. going to Del Mundo; gutter-deep, 2 lanes occupied.
As of 3:29 PM
  • Aurora tunnel NB & SB; not passable to light vehicles.
As of 3:37 PM
  • Bonifacio Monument Circle; 10-12 inch-deep. Not passable to light vehicles.
As of 3:25 PM
  • Capitol, Balara. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
As of 3:06 PM
  • Quezon Ave.-Banawe WB; 6 inches
  • Quezon Ave. westbound - Biak na Bato; half tire. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • Maria Clara St. - Araneta Ave; Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • Wilcon, Commonwealth; 3 inches
As of 3 PM
  • Recto/ Morayta - half tire. Not passable to light vehicles
  • Araneta Ave.-Sto. Domingo St. - 4 ft-deep. Not passable to all types of vehicles.
  • Taft Rotonda SB & NB; half tire. Not passable to light vehicles.
  • Araneta Ave/ Maria Clara; 6 inch-deep, both direction, one lane passable.
  • Lacson towards UST. Not passable to light vehicles
  • Pureza RMB both direction; half tire, Not passable to light vehicles.
  • Plaza Avelino, 5 inch-deep. Passable to all types of vehicles.


Issued at: 03:30 PM, 08 August 2012 (Wednesday)
Target Areas: Metro Manila

Torrential rainfall (30.0-50.0 mm/hr) over Manila, Pasig, Mandaluyong & San Juan, Heavy to Intense rainfall (15.0-25.0 mm/hr) was recorded over Pasay, Marikina, QC, North of Caloocan, Taguig & Makati while Moderate to Heavy rainfall (7.5-15.0 mm/hr) over the rest of Metro Manila.

Due to the effect of the series of thunderstorms embedded in the Southwest Monsoon, expect Heavy to Intense (15.0-30.0mm/hr) rains with occasional Torrential (more than 30.0mm/hr) rains over CAMANAVA, Manila, Pasig, Pasay, Taguig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Makati & QC within 2 hrs.

Residents in flood/landslides risk areas are advised to take precautionary measures and WATCH OUT for the next warning.

Ortigas Extension towards Junction was no longer passable to light vehicles as of 3 p.m. 
Wednesday according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Adamson University has announced the suspension of work and classes in all levels Thursday, August 9, 2012.

Xavier classes are said to be suspended until Friday.

Smart Communications said they had begun to offer free call and text services in key areas and evacuation centers around the metropolis and surrounding areas.

The San Miguel group said its Philippine Airlines subsidiary had waived rebooking fees of passengers unable to take their flights Tuesday. Rebooking for affected passengers would be subject to fare and booking class seat availability.

The SM group said its malls would stay open, wherever possible, for customers “looking for basic necessities or simply seeking alternatives venue for home away from rains and floods.”

Please refrain from going out of the house if possible. Be safe and dry darlings! God bless us all! Pray! 

STATE OF CALAMITY : Declared in 9 Metro Manila, Luzon areas

STATE OF CALAMITY : Declared in 9 Metro Manila, Luzon areas. 

Nine areas in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon struck by massive flooding due to non-stop rains have been placed under a state of calamity.

Among the areas in Metro Manila that have been declared under a state of calamity were: 
  • Valenzuela
  • Malabon 
  • Muntinlupa  
  • Marikina City
  • Caloocan City
  • Manila City
  • Quezon City
  • Muntinlupa City
Following days of torrential rains brought by the southwest monsoon. Several provinces are now also declared under a state of calamity they are the following:
  • Bataan
  • Laguna
  • Pampanga 
  • Zambales
  • Cainta and San Mateo in Rizal province. 
In areas under a state of calamity declaration the following will take effect :
  • It would allow the release and use of emergency funds, especially for rescue and relief efforts.   
  • The government have a say and can also control the prices of basic commodities. Price control is automatically imposed when an area is in a state of calamity so traders cannot take advantage of the situation.
To ensure that basic commodities, including sardines, noodles, rice and sugar are being sold within the suggested retail price (SRP) a price monitoring team will be deployed  by the government especially at flood-hit areas.

Traders who sell above the SRP will be asked to explain and there will be penalties if the price increase is unwarranted.

In case, you encounter an establishment selling above the SRP, please file a complaint at DTI offices in your area.

Oil Retailers Hiked Fuel Prices TODAY

Oil retailers have meanwhile hiked fuel prices earlier today amid floods.

This is sad news :-(  

While Filipino people affected by the continuous rains are cleaning and removing water from their homes. Oil company giants Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. and Total (Philippines) Inc. increased prices by P0.80 a liter for gasoline and P0.40 a liter for diesel. 

Also expected to increase prices Wednesday morning is SeaOil Philippines, Inc. 

I hope they suspend the oil price increase until the people have recovered from the floods :-(



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