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Monday, May 28, 2012


Do it yourself Baguio Travel! If you have Php 2,000 it is enough to last you a 2 days and 1 night travel to the city of Pines.

The City of Baguio or Ilokano: Ciudad ti Baguio is said to be the summer capital of the Philippines because it is eight degrees cooler than in Metro Manila.
You could go to Baguio via land. The most famous mode of transportation is by bus.

Buses that go to Baguio are the following:
  1.  Victory Liner
  2.  Genesis Bus
  3.  Dagupan Bus Co.,Inc.
  4.  Partas,
  5.  GV Florida Transport
  6.  Philippine Rabbit 
  7.  Viron Transit 
  8.  Dangwa Tranco
  9.  Genesis Transport 
  10.  Saulog Transit Inc.
  11.   Amanian bus line
  12.  and many smaller feeder minibuses.
Fare going to Baguio will cost you only Php 450.00 per way. The buses usually travel the approximately 250 km distance between Manila and Baguio City by way of Kennon Road at around  six hours. Fortunately, Victory Liner now offer De Luxe Buses to Baguio via SCTEX which shortened the travel hours by one to two hours depending on the traffic but it cost more at Php 750.00.

Go and travel Philippines! In Baguio you could buy fresh flowers, fruits like strawberries, and vegetables, brooms, peanut brittles at the public market, go boating, biking, skating at Burnham Park, visit the Bencab museum in Asin, visit The Mansion, Pink Sisters Convent, Good Shepherd, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, Tam-awan Village, Philippine Military Academy.

Boarding house, inns, hotels, abound in Baguio. Accommodation will cost around Php 200 to Php 15,000 a night.

You don’t have to have your own private vehicle because jeepneys and taxi abound in Baguio. Taxi plug down rate is Php 40.00. Jeepneys cost Php 8.00.

Lakbayin ang Pilipinas!



Calling all Little Chefs from age 6 to 12 years old! This can be your first step in mastering the art of cooking and baking.
Explore and discover the art of baking!
When: May 31, 2012
Time:  3:00 P.M.
Where: 5th Floor, Rustan's Makati
With Intercontinental Manila's Executive Chef Alisdair Bletcher
Pastry Chef Darmo Guevarra
Assistant Pastry Chef Eliseo Calbay

Please RSVP to:
Jenny- 0917-8405440
Trisha- 890-5003

Note: You don't need to bring anything. Everything that the kiddos need in baking will be provided by Breville/ Rustan's.


The Philippine Educational Theater Association ( PETA ) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) would like to invite you for a free concert of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra at the PETA Theater Center on May 31, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

As part of CCP's Audience Development Program, they wish to have children (grades 3 to 5) to come and watch the concert, but adults are free to come as well.

If interested, please contact Meann Espinosa through, 0906-211-5003 or 725-6244 local 15 to reserve your seats. Please note that they have limited seats for PETA. We give priority to our target audiences to fulfill the audience development plan of CCP. Hoping for your understanding.

Visit them:

Saturday, May 26, 2012


My brother and I visited the Beat Art Exhibit at Lopez Memorial Museum in Pasig for the first time.
The Beat Art Exhibit at Lopez Memorial Museum pamphlet that was given to us has Ofelia by Hidalgo on the cover.

Beat exhibit curatorial note by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez :

There is a deliberately forlorn and somber tone to this outing. Images of the prostrate and crestfallen easily evoke a stance of defeat, a succumbing to odds. But Beat also linguistically traverses a more mobile positionality, possibly one that suggests a desire to plod on in sheer resilience or blind resolve. By staying on in the present tense rather than as the more definitive ‘beaten’, this exhibition also conscripts the energies of artists Nikki Luna and Ernest Concepcion to effect stagings of confrontation with the difficult, the resistant, and even the impossible.
As I entered the Lopez Memorial Museum, I couldn't help but feel nervous and giddy at the same time. Visiting art galleries and art exhibits never fails to excites me. You see, I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to the current art exhibit at the Lopez Memorial Museum called Beat, which is about the intersections of the colonial and recent past alongside contemporary issues. Young artists Nikki Luna and Ernest Concepcion were commissioned by the Lopez Memorial Museum to contemplate the multiple meanings of the word Beat such as defeat and rhythm.

First stop is Ernest Concepcion's Beat interpretation.
The author with the artist Ernest Concepcion at Beat Art Exhibit, Lopez Museum.
Ernest Concepcion's Hidalgo, the super multi-dimensional time bandit 2012 in acetate sheets. I so love this! Felix Hidalgo through Ernest Concepcion's mind. He's so playful and uses modern art. Ernest has a great mind. The confrontation on his art pieces goes back to childhood, he discussed with me how he loves duels, confrontations and video games.  His series started with squirrels vs. ants in New York. He made do of what was available at hand and got his inspiration from the ants and squirrels outside his apartment. It was a liberating moment for him.
If you look closely on Ernest Concepcion's interpretation of Hidalgo you will realize that Felix Hidalgo was portrayed as a robot by Ernest Concepcion. Hidalgo was plug in the electrical outlet inside the museum. Can you see where I am pointing to? That is the main plug of Hidalgo. Ha ha ha!
Ernest Concepcion is very creative. His works are interconnected with his previous works from other galleries. Because of the colors that he used on his art interpretation, the curator decided to put Alfonso Osorio Faineants (Loafers) in watercolor/ink on paper (34.2 x 55 cm) done in 1945. This can be found on the rightmost corner of the picture above and Danilo Dalena's Jai-Alai series: Talo which is an oil on canvas (83.8 x 61 cm.) done in 1989 on the leftmost corner. Ernest art is confrontational. He believes their should always be an interaction and collaboration between art pieces. Yes, you got it right, a hand-in-hand connectivity.
Actress Angel Aquino is intently looking at Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo's The Assasination of Governor General Bustamante with Ernest Concepcion's response.

He can't get enough of his art that he decided to make his own skin as a canvass to visualize his ideas. Oh, he is not a tattoo artist though. He hired a professional artist to execute his ideas on his arms.
Ernest Concepcion is a Patriotic Pinoy. He had a Darna Tattoo.
 Space Battleship Yamato of Anime Star Blazers
The author with J. Elizalde Navarro's Flying Machine for Icarus
 Ernest Concepcion's wall painting, I love it!
Ernest Concepcion will be having a solo exhibit at the Manila Peninsula Blanc Gallery on May 26, 2012.
Who is Ernest Concepcion?

He grew on a family of doctors but he seriously took up art, inspired by his older brother who’s gifted with artistic hands too and by his friends.

He believes in painting moving images as a powerful way of connecting communities.
Next stop is Nikki Luna's installation. When I entered Gallery 2 and saw Nikki Luna’s installation, I got startled. The sight and sound of Luna's art was eerie. I can hear bullets from the background. This is the first time that I get to see an installation done by Nikki Luna up close and personal. The artist was very effective in her attempt to move her audience through her installations and sounds. Everyone who entered the gallery reacted and asked questions. Her installation reminds me of a not so distant past. The martial law, when demonstrations were rampant, where riots and political unrest was so common. Bone China are the material used in China to make ceramic tea and coffee cups which only the rich could afford. They are easy to break just like a person's head that can easily break when beaten by sticks.
 Nikki Luna's 2012 Precious and Fertile installation. 

I got a chance to talk to Nikki Luna. She said that she is an activist artist. And her interpretation of Beat is about the value of land, a continuation of her installation "Sa Ngalan ng Tubo". Nikki Luna put up hanging bone china to represent picket line fences and sticks that are used to hit people in rallies or demonstrations during dispersal. There's an idea of chaos as represented by the chaotic shadows on the screen. People who are beaten or tired of their situations. The victims of human rights violations beaten to the ground. She said that her installation symbolizes indigenous people community in Mindanao, or a group of people who fight for their cause, not necessarily the farmers of Hacienda Luisita, but especially on land disputes, mining, and against human rights violations.
Lopez Memorial Museum
Nikki said that the soil on the floor represents her belief on the value of land and her support to farmers against land grabbing and mining. The video background is taken from a farm where you could hear from the background the sounds of guns being fired. These are the actual gunshots that claimed the lives of the farmer demonstrators in that area. The sound was recorded by Nikki's friend.
Lopez Memorial Museum
On display too are Nikki's sugar diamonds. Aptly called Azucacera.
Lopez Memorial Museum  Lopez Memorial Museum
Azucacera are composed of seven white sugar diamonds and seven brown sugar diamonds. She made use of resin and sugar to mold the sugar diamonds.

She also molded Palay and Monggo out of 14 karat gold. Both precious and fertile.
Lopez Memorial Museum
Lopez Memorial Museum

Embellished Earth (Rice and Monggo topped with 14k Gold)
Lopez Memorial Museum
At gallery 3 you will find this on display:
Lopez Memorial Museum
7 Lupa 2012 (Soils from Kibawe-Bukidnon, Maramag-Bukidnon, Opol-Misamis Oriental, San Fernano-Bukidnon, Ramain-Lanao Sur, Dalwangan-Malaybalay, Balingasag and Misamis Oriental) One (1) cup of soil per display case.
Lopez Memorial Museum 
The author together with Tintin Bersola-Babao, Julius Babao, and Nikki Luna.
Lopez Memorial Museum, Tintin Bersola-Babao, Julius Babao, Nikki Luna
Who is Nikki Luna?

Nikki Luna is an artist and the founder of StartArtproject, a non-profit organization aimed at providing art workshops to women and youth victims of armed conflict and human rights violations in the Philippines. Her works have been shown locally and abroad Milan Italy and Singapore. Her women advocacy is an endeavor she is currently studying in-depth in her Masters in Women and Development Studies in UP.
Lopez Memorial Museum 
Liz Uy, Nikki Luna, Julius Babao and Tintin Bersola-Babao
 Lopez Memorial Museum
The art exhibit of Ernest Concepcion and Nikki Luna is so intimate. One will not feel deprived looking at their artworks, up close and personal. Nikki Luna invoked intense emotions emanating from personal and collective trauma. While Concepcion, in these recent years of re-establishing his art practice in the East Coast of the United States, has taken to staging art duels starting from the squirrel vs. ants. Nikki Luna and Ernest Concepcion’s artworks has made me realized that art is not only about making a statement but it is also a tool on advocating something worthy to give back to the society in general.
Lopez Memorial Museum
Beat registers as ultimate defeat and/or surrender, relational terms that could easily be associated with such pieces as Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo’s The Assassination of Governor General Bustamante, Ofelia or La derota de Limahong; Juan Arellano’s Christ Down from the Cross; Galo Ocampo’s Cruxifixion, Ang Kiukok’s Seated Figure; Jeremias Navarro’s Flying Machine for Icarus, and, Danilo Dalena’s Talo. It may also indicate rhythm and movement as in the ribaldry of Juvenal Sanso’s Carnival, La Fete, Mardi gras, Joyride, or retreat as in Onib Olmedo’s The Prey or Bar Scene, and Pacita Abad’s Recluse.
Lopez Memorial Museum
Lopez Memorial Museum
As I roamed around The Lopez Museum, I discovered that the museum has an extensive collection of books in their library as well as an amazing collection of Filipino artworks and historical artifacts.
Lopez Memorial Museum
I got so excited when I saw Juvenal Sanso's work entitled Mardi Gras, Carnival and La Fete a' Guillaume way back in 1929 and his Joyride Oil on Canvas in 1957. I couldn't believe that Sanso has a very different art style way back then.
Lopez Memorial Museum 
Curated by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez and with artistic direction provided by Claro Ramirez Jr.
The exhibit formally opened last Saturday, May 19, 2012 and will run until October 13, 2012. 
Lopez Memorial Museum
The Lopez Memorial Museum is located at the ground floor of Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. Museum days and hours are Mondays to Saturdays, except holidays, from 8am-5pm. For more information, call 631-2417. 
Lopez Memorial Museum
Bring your children at Lopez Museum because it is not only educational but also teach your children about the history of our country.

The Results Companies Now Open at Q Plaza Mall

Good News job Hunters! The Results Companies (Results), one of the world’s leading customer experience management partners in the business process outsourcing (BPO) space, opened a third site in the Philippines. The new branch is located at Q Plaza, just in front of Sta. Lucia Mall in Cainta last May 23, 2012.

The grand opening celebration at Q Plaza Mall was attended by no less than Cainta Mayor Mon Ilagan and other local government officials of Cainta as well as by members of Results’ Executive team Alec Brecker, Aaron Fender. When asked why Results Company had chosen the Philippines, President and COO, Alec Brecker quips “The Philippines continues to provide our clients with top-notch customer care and sales agents and has solidified Results’ competitive foothold in the far shore market. We are appreciative of the country’s commitment to our company and we look forward to continuing to give back to the communities that support us.” 

The initial build out resulted in a 250 seat cutting edge contact center. The Results Companies is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to support the work environment. Results’ SVP of Operations, Aaron Fender said “The launch of Q Plaza is an exciting time for Results. The Philippine market has provided us with incredible success and we plan to continue the expansion of Q Plaza to a total of 750 seats over the next 12 months.”

Joining Results’ Silver City and Eastwood locations, the opening of the Q Plaza facility and continued growth of Results will create more than 500 new jobs in 2012. The new location will include a significant support structure of operation managers, supervisors, trainers and quality roles. The company is accepting applications for sales agents and support positions through their website at

The Results Companies at a glance

For more than 20 years, The Results Companies has served as a premier global customer solutions provider for Fortune 500 companies. With over 5,000 employees in 11 near shore, off shore and domestic customer contact centers, The Results Companies’ expertise extends beyond call centers. They were experts in representatives, analytical technologies, brand fulfillment and creating strategic advantages for our clients. Visit to learn more.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brewfinder: Enthusiasm Over Coffee at the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Debuts Tom Epperson’s Latest Works.
 Looking for that perfect inspiration to help you in your photographic pursuits?
From May 30 to June 5, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives photography and art aficionados a real treat as it lets everyone marvel at Tom Epperson’s latest works in a special art show that will be held in Greenbelt 5. Entitled “Brewfinder: Enthusiasm Over Coffee at the CBTL,” the weeklong exhibition highlights the artist’s photographic prowess with a set that revolves around the concept of finding beauty in just about everything.
“This event is part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s commitment to enrich passions, especially passions that are related with the arts,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “Needless to say, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always supported causes we believe can help improve society, and art does that. Art teaches us that perseverance and patience, and not just skills, are important when it comes to creating beautiful things. And this is something that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and its employees live by.”
The six-piece set draws inspiration from Tom’s interest in dealing with erratic objects. “Lately, I have been working with mediums that are basically uncontrollable—a lot is left up to serendipity,” Tom said. “I like the idea of surprise, it reminds me of going into the darkroom in the days of analog and watching a print develop for the first time, it was magic. This is the same feeling I get when working with smoke.”
Brewfinder: Photography Enthusiasm Over Coffee at the CBTL” is the first of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Taste Series, a seven-part pocket event series that highlights the brand’s single-serve system—the CBTL. Borne out of a partnership with the Italian design and espresso-making expertise of Caffitaly, CBTL raises the bar for coffee and tea aficionados by bringing the distinct Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafĂ© experience into your home.
The CBTL. One touch. One perfect cup.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight Promo

To my idol Manny Pacquiao, Good luck po!
Manny Pacquiao is once again hard at work, enduring all kinds of pain as he prepares for his upcoming bout against the undefeated Timothy Bradley. With the support of Alaxan FR and the entire Philippines, Manny "Pacman"Paquiao is set to defend his title and once again bring honor to the Philippines.

Support our Pambansang Kamao and wear your Philippine pride through the special edition Aray Mo, Galing Natin Pilipinas shirts by Alaxan FR. You can get one of these shirts simply by joining my promo and following these rules:
1. Show your support for Manny by taking a photo greeting for him for his upcoming fight against Timothy Bradley on June 10. Hold a placard, a board, or a paper with your one-liner message and don’t forget to include “Aray Mo, Galing Natin Pilipinas!”
2. Send the photo to State your name, contact number, and for tracking purposes, also state my blog’s name.
3. Like the Alaxan FR Official Facebook Fan Page at
Alaxan FR will be giving away 100 special edition Pacman shirts to the first users who send in their photo greetings.
The promo will run from May 23, 2012 and ends on June 5, 2012. Winners of the promo will be announced on June 6, 2012. Join now!


Another white guy with a guitar won the Americal Idol once again. Wondering why? It is because no matter how many times you cast your votes please remember that the title of this show is AMERICAN IDOL. The african american peeps were saying BOOO ! They wanted Jessica to win

But then again, who cares if JESSICA SANCHEZ did not won the title? It's just a title. JESSICA HAS IT. STARDOM is coming her way. I believe Jessica Sanchez deserved the title more, but that's how they play the game in the United States. Jessica Sanchez is the best among the best among the Amercan Idol contestants. For most people who have listened to her wonderful songs Jessica Sanchez will be their NEW WORLD IDOL. She'll surely have a lot of records because BIG record labels awaits her. We learned a valuable lesson again today. That is, if you are multi-ethnic and does not look at all like a typical white American, don't expect to win American Idol.

Great job ! Congratulations!



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