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Thursday, August 23, 2012

SM CITY FAIRVIEW: Lookbook Fashion Show

Each year, SM City Fairview holds a fashion show that aims to promote mall’s fashion retail stores and to brand SM City Fairview as a fashion haven of the North East Metro in the long term. 

For this year, SM City Fairview will be taking it a notch higher by staging again a major fashion show to be dubbed as “Lookbook” on August 24, 2012, 6pm at the Annex Atrium, SM City Fairview. 
The “Lookbook” Fashion Event will revolve around fashion trends of the season in diverse styles, statements and inspirations. The over-all concept is hinged towards digital and new media such as Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Twitter, etc. which are all meant to be shared.
Why Look Book?

In these times when a day is not complete without checking on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, communication is everything. And everything is about SHARING.

Thus, even the fashion world has embraced this contemporary platform to connect to a wider and younger market - a new accessory for one’s BFF is bought after seeing a stylista’s fashion blog, a pair of shoes is ordered online after being inspired from a model’s tweet.

So a fashion trend is not complete when it does not exist in the realm of social media. A simple outfit becomes a fashion ensemble when one shares it online and gains positive comments.

A personal style can be transformed into an online fashion diary and when it creates hype, it becomes a FASHION STATEMENT.

LOOKBOOK; or the online fashion diary is inherently meant to be shared. And the brands featured in one’s Lookbook are the brands that one has chosen to embrace. And by sharing, we let others understand and eventually embrace our brand. 

The Biggest Fashion Event Yet

With the help of the finest production crew, stylists and the top models of the country today, it aims to be the biggest fashion event of SM City Fairview to date.

The show will feature SM City Fairview’s mix of foreign and local brands and their newest collections such as:

  •  Celine (CLN)
  •  Charlie
  •  Elle Girl
  •  Folded & Hung
  •  Mags
  •  Oxygen
  •  Penshoppe
  •  Plains and Prints
  •  Regatta
  •  Sanuk
  •  Scoop Project
  •  Sketchers
  •  Tomato
  •  Una Rosa
  •  SM Accessories
  •  SM Men’s Fashion – Just Delivered Jeans.
With this good line-up, the event will be sliced into different segments that will echo fun, young and vibrant tones. These are Fashionably Chic, Prep For School, National Party Day and Casual Craze 
To jazz-up each of the collection, Philippine Fashion Week Designer and stylist of the stars- Jot Losa will take part in the fashion show as he is tasked to do the styling. 

SM City Fairview just keeps in getting better and bigger with a wide array of fashion brands making it a perfect spot for the North Metro’s fashionable people.



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