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Monday, October 7, 2013

PLDT & ME: PLDT's 85th Anniversary Facebook Promo

PLDT & ME: PLDT's 85th Anniversary Facebook Promo  
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company or simply PLDT is celebrating its 85th anniversary #PLDT85 through its latest Facebook promo entitled "PLDT & ME." This promo followed the recently concluded "PLDT Home - Most Loyal Connections" 85th anniversary promo for its customers with the oldest landline subscriptions in the Philippines
PLDT, as you all know, is the biggest telecommunication company in the Philippines. PLDT offers vast and most diversified range of telecommunications services across the Philippines. It has the most extensive fiber optic backbone and wireless, fixed line, broadband and satellite networks. No wonder, from 1928 up to the present, it dominates both the wired and the wireless form of communication, be it the internet, classic fixed lines or land line and wireless phone (via its subsidiary Smart Communication).
In celebration of its 85th year anniversary, PLDT wants to give back something to its loyal clientele via a Facebook promo.
Last September 30, 2013 (yes, when September ends), PLDT launched a new promo aptly called "PLDT & ME" which will run until the 25th of October, 2013.
My family and I are PLDT loyal clients for so many years now. So upon learning about the exciting promo, I got so giddy and couldn't wait to win all those prizes!
How to join? 

You have two options: You can either watch this special video presentation or read more.


Monday, September 10, 2012


Ola! Are you an entrepreneur who uses PLDT Services?

PLDT cordially invites you to PLDT SME ( SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES): Appreciation Night

Where: Outback Libis
When: Friday, September 14, 2012
Time: 6pm-10pm

A Special Treat for our Bossings. You are cordially invited to an exclusive night of dining!

Please RSVP to Mr. Godwin 09497927399 

* Don't forget to bring your updated PAID PLDT RECEIPT. 

NOTE: This is not a paid post. I am just helping a friend.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

WANTED: Derek’s Next Anna

Just a background, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about the Anna Banana song that turned into a viral LSS a couple of months back. Finally the girl replies! 

Watch Anna’s rejection video to Derek
Derek’s family came to the rescue and supported him! Watch the complete story here.

And in case you’d like to see Derek’s video one more time, here’s the link

Unfortunately Anna don't like Derek one bit! So sad:-(  Derek is heartbroken. Haist!! Puppy love how cruel can you get?

Being pretty does not give Anna the right to hurt other people's feelings. Anna could have been more subtle so she and Derek could remain friends. Saying to the world that Derek dances like a monkey is a bit over. After all, no one is perfect. Derek made an effort by dancing singing and rapping just to let Anna know about his feelings. I bet a guy needs a lot of courage just to do that. On the other hand, I think Anna is just being true to herself besides, they're so young. But then again, being pretty and kind will not hurt, right? My heart bleeds for Derek :-(

But wait we can do something about it, right dear readers?

As for me, I would like to see Derek with Jill Robredo in the next PLDT Commercial!
I saw on a TV clip that Jill, wanted to be the next Kris Aquino, and starting as Derek's New Anna will be a nice start, right peeps?

Jillian Therese "Jill" Robredo is the youngest daughter of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo and Attorney Leni Gerona-Robredo.

Jill is pretty and bright. She is very talented especially in Math. She got her love for numbers from her dad. She is also a very good swimmer. 

"I am already 12 and in my first year in high school at the Naga City Science High School. I will continue discovering myself and my talents and work hard at them. I am excited at what the future will bring" quips Jill.

You my readers can also help Derek find a new ‘Anna’!
Be Derek’s Next Anna by going to
All YOU have to do is submit a video entry on why YOU should be Derek’s new Anna! If you win, you’ll be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook. How cool could that be?



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