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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Pili Airport in Camarines Sur is one of the worst airports I've been to. 

At the entrance of Pili Airport, there is a notice that the x-ray machine is out of order. So you have to line up and wait for the airport security personnel to manually inspect all the bags of departing passengers.

The toilets have no toilet paper or soap available inside. They're not only cramped but very filthy too.
You have to take the stairs going to the second floor where the departure area is located.  There is no elevator going to the second floor making it difficult for old people and physically- challenged individuals to climb the stairs. I hope they Implement the Accessibility Law (BP 344) in the building itself.

The Pili airport building is cramped. They leased both ends of the first floor to pasalubong stores. Making it more crowded.

At the second floor of Pili Airport, the foreigner ahead of me in line has on his carry on bag a 1000 ml. perfume. I know it is none of my business but I told the inspector that I guess that the perfume bottle is too big to be on his carry on bag. The inspector scolded me and said: "Nagbibigay kami ng consideration." 
Wow that's unbelievable. I'd like to ask the proper authorities ( Aviation Security Group in this case right? ) I just like to know if that is a valid reason?  The name of the inspector is WILBUR CEPEDA. He is assigned @ the 2nd floor of the PILI AIRPORT where he manually inspects the bags of the passengers. Because guess what? Yes, you got it right! The x-ray machine @ the second floor is also out of order.
Why make an exemption to foreigners and raise hell to Filipinos? Are we second class citizens in our own country? Iba pala ang rules sa mga ibang lahi kesa sa Filipino WILBUR CEPEDA!
That's really disgusting! That's effin' unfair!


Blair Villanueva said...

That is what I call greatest sin - DIRTINESS hahaha

EdZee said...

That's what you call, Airports: More Fun In The Philippines.

I wonder if Pili airport beats Catarman airport where the national highway crosses the runway. I have not been there for a while but before, the security guard acting like traffic policeman controls the landing of a plane. Speaking of safety in air travel.

FREE Travels and Tours said...

OMG! this is freakin' bad!!! the government should know this!!! too bad!

thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

sad to hear this.

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