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Monday, September 19, 2022

Milkin Corporation 30 Years and Beyond

Milkin Corporation 30 Years and Beyond 

The 30th year of a company’s existence is traditionally called the pearl anniversary. It represents honesty, wisdom and purity.  Even more, it shows how something amazing can come out of a humble beginning. Like a grain of sand.  When you apply layers and layers of coating over time, after sometime you will have a luminous gem. I personally like pearls because they’re the only gem formed and found within a living creature.

What better time to celebrate his company's 30th anniversary than on the occasion of his birthday in the company of family, friends, employees and  industry partners. President and CEO Mr. Richie Cuna celebrated his birthday and his company's pearl anniversary at the Maynila Ballroom of Manila Hotel last September 14, 2022.

Kudos to Milkin Corporation's CEO Richie Cuna for taking the time to pause and recognise the contribution of his incredible team and franchisee from all over the country in making Milkin 
Corporation such a great company. 

The company started way back in 1989 under a Filipino-Italian business venture. The company started as a Designer's Ice Cream Manufacturing Co., 

Fast forward to 30 years and they now have franchisees across the country with Japan and LA franchisee opening real soon.

Milkin Corporation also carry other brands such as Fior Café, Fiorgellato, DM Express and its newest baby, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar. "KURIMI" is a slang term for "CREAMY" by the Japanese because they don't have an equivalent word for it in Japan.  Milkin's 2D milk tea restaurant concept has 60 franchise locations nationwide now and is going international with Japan and LA opening Kurimi Stores soon!

Having branches around the globe says a lot about their brand. What has remained consistent is the go beyond DNA of their amazing people going way beyond above and beyond.


The company's focus on customer satisfaction means they don’t rest until they’ve done their job right. Even when no one is looking. That’s how Milkin Corporation's various brands such as Fiorgelato,  Fior Café,  DM Express & Kurimi earn the trust of those they serve. And it’s how they’ve built those iridescent layers year after year. It’s like the old proverb. Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. You must dive for them.

Just as troops can’t fly if aircraft don’t, they dive in and do what’s needed to be done. Deploying rapidly. Getting into challenging environments, even when travel is restricted during the lockdowns because of covid-19 pandemic. 
Korean inspired 2D theme Kurimi Outlet

On their milestone anniversary, they have never been more mission driven or dedicated to making a difference. While they have 30 years behind them, they keep on looking ahead and feel full of possibility. The industry needs what they have to offer. Watch for some amazing plans and expansion that they will be sharing with us Filipinos over the coming years. You might say, Milkin Corporation are fully coming out of their shell.

Milkin Corporation's excel 
culture drives their actions. The officers and staff of the company works from-the-heart some of them are employed since the creation of the company. They're all very dedicated. A real difference-making team.

To cap the celebration, all of the pioneers of Milkin Corporation that served the organization since its founding in 1989 plus all the officers and staff were honored. Likewise, the company recognized the support of outstanding partners and linkages in delivering aesthetic restos and delicious food and drinks closer to our fellow Filipinos nationwide. 

Kurimi Laoag 



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