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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Roxas President's Inn: A Comfortable And Affordable Home Away From Home

Roxas President's Inn: A Comfortable And Affordable Home Away From Home

Roxas President's Inn is a quaint boutique hotel in the heart of Roxas City in the province of Capiz.  Ideally located at the very street where you could take a heritage walking tour of the history rich city.  It has a touch of local character, offering a unique experience to travellers that wish to live and enjoy the Capiznon way of life.

For me, the property's strategic location in the heart of the history rich city is very ideal for holiday-maker, from families to couples seeking a romantic get away,  as well as for solo travellers planning to discover the province of Capiz and its neighboring province iloilo. Where its rising star attraction "Isla de Gigantes" in Carles, Iloilo is just three (3) hours away from Roxas City.  Making the city an ideal and strategic jump off point.

Visitors who wants to experience the unique Capiznon laid back provincial life have the opportunity to do so without giving up on the amenities that are required by the modern tourist.  


Roxas President's Inn, in fact present an interesting contrast between the traditional facade and setting to its innovatively designed interiors. Rooms are individually designed with minimalist furniture and antique touches, yet they retain a hip and contemporary look. The hotel offers 5 main room types, mainly:
  • Deluxe Single 
  • Deluxe Matrimonial
  • Deluxe Twin 
  • Deluxe Full
  • Presidential Suites

Deluxe Single Php1,100 per night +VAT+service charge with free breakfast

Good for one person

Deluxe Matrimonial Php1,700 per night + VAT+service charge with free breakfast

Good for two (2) persons

Deluxe Matrimonial Php1,700 + VAT+service charge with free breakfast

Good for two (2) persons

In each room type, one can also find individual and elegant designs, with a number of original features such as its Capiz laden headboard makes the hotels relatively unique.

Deluxe Twin Php1,800+ VAT+service charge with free breakfast

Good for two (2) persons

Presidential Suite Php2,050+ VAT+service charge with free breakfast

Good for three (3) persons

Extra person charge Php. 200.00

Extra Bed Php. 300.00
Masseuse service Php. 500.00
Laundry rates variable

*Above rates are subject to change without prior notice

This is the LCD TV and lazy boy at the deluxe matrimonial room.

The "baul" and lamp on the side of the second floor.

At the inn's lobby one can appreciate in its full glory its century old chandeliers, antique pieces as well as rare finds artifacts dating more than a thousand years old.  Heirloom mirrors can be found at its conference room. 

Antique cabinets adorned the sides of the second floor.   A feeling of awe enveloped my whole body as if embracing my whole being. I fell in love with my room in an instant. It is like a home away from home. 

The hotel maybe old in terms of years, at 18, it still proudly stands strong amidst Yolanda. If you still don't know, that super typhoon had also ravaged and badly damaged the whole province of Capiz. It is a good thing that the building were made from strong materials with strong foundation and flooring. It took the owner 10 long years to complete the hotel. Well, it paid off. The hotel stood the test of times. Knowing that fact definitely made me feel more secure and safe in this homey hotel.


Did you know that at the height of Yolanda, Roxas President's Inn, whether you believe it or not, had only suffered a gutter damaged, no flood, its roof remained intact. They had a generator set and a wifi that made it possible for news anchors, writers, reporters to deliver the news and does their jobs well in real time. Both local and international news organization could attest to that fact.

We requested for an early check-in, it was approved, we request for a late check-out, it was approved also. Did you know that even on an off season time, some hotel would not have approved that request? 

The hotel manager were very helpful in giving advice as on what to do in Roxas City and the whole province of Capiz in general.  She even endorsed me to the head of tourism and culture of the province Mr. Al, thank you everyone!

Breakfast were good, they served me Iloilo longganisa and eggs with a hot chocolate made from cacao. Oh, the hot chocolate of Roxas President's Inn were highly recommended to me by one of my best college friends who now resides in Pan-ay.

Btw, they told me that they can customized your meals whether you want fresh fruits and juices, fried eggs, sliced salmons and everything you would want for your meals.

*With a corresponding charge

I stayed at their Ramos Suite together with my ate Dindin and it was everything I hoped it would be. It is strategically located in the center of the city and everything is within walking distance or is just 5 to 10 minutes away by trike. The rooms were spotlessly clean. I can say that it was one of the best hotel rooms I've ever stayed in. It is just like a home away from home. It has a very homey ambiance. The included breakfast was absolutely delicious. My favorite is the dangit and flower fish plus hot coffee. The prices of the items at their mini bar inside the room were actually cheaper than buying from a sari-sari store. 

The overall decor and feel of the hotel was great and it served as an excellent base to explore Capiz and its adjoining province Iloilo all year round.

Air Conditioning

Most 5-star hotel rooms generally offers a good air conditioning units to help keep guests comfortable for the duration of their stay. The inn may not have that star grade but I tell you, the air conditioning unit of this Inn has a cooling capabilities that helped me sleep like a baby. It created and maintained the right temperature within the room. So that is super cool and I totally love it.

Fast, Secure and Free Wi-Fi

Despite the fact that generally, people were expected to narrate or share their adventure with their family and friends. Many hotels in different parts of the Philippines and Southeast Asia have yet to offer free internet to its guests. Well, I am so glad that guests staying at Roxas President's Inn hotel can expect to have fast, secure and FREE Wi-Fi in every area of their hotel, from the restaurant, second floor and third floor as well as in their conference room. Nowadays, wifi is considered a necessity. Especially when it comes to businessmen who need to check on their businesses and also to those who wish to connect with their family and friends back at home. So this makes Roxas President's Inn stands out from others because guests don’t have to worry about their Wi-Fi bill every time they use it. Hey, that happened to me before in a different hotel and that sucks big time! NOTE: You will never experience that with Roxas Presidents inn because they provide it for you FREE of charge.

Large Size Bed

Roxas President's Inn has a large comfortable beds. According to the amiable manager they have large king, Queen, double and single size beds to ensure a comfortable stay and sleep for their guests. These beds offer guests more room to move while sleeping and easily allow them to relax and unwind from a hard day’s work or adventure due to the fluffiness of their pillows and mattresses.

The room that I occupied has a 50-inches flat screen, high definition TV complete with various cable channels. The TV quality was exceptional. It gives me a clear pristine images and colours.

Room Service
While it’s not a 5-star hotel, its room service is exceptional. It is comparable to my stay at the presidential suite of a 5-star hotel in Manila! Boy, the staff at Roxas President's Inn are exceptionally fast and reliable. Just dial the receptionist's number and your request will be fulfilled in a jiffy. I believe that hotels should come with this type of room service, no matter what grade they have. Truth to the fact, I was really amazed that they cleaned my room every day during my stay even if I did not request for it! The Roxas President's Inn's room service helps to make the hotel stand out from others. As you know, in the hospitality business "Service with a smile" made Roxas President's Inn staff a stand out.

Safety Deposit Box

Guests who have money and expensive things with them while they’re traveling can ask the hotel manager to safekeep their valuables during the duration of their stay. This will give guests peace of mind knowing their items are safe. I, on the other hand just left everything in my room and guess what? Their personnel are trustworthy, I never lost a single item during my stay! I later learned that almost all the staff were still the same original staff they had 18 years ago. The latest staff hored were already on its fifth year with the company. That's a tough act to follow. Congratulations to the owners and manager of the hotel. I should learned a thing or two from you guys on how to keep employees stick for the long haul.

Hot and cold showers

This accommodation provides both hot and cold shower.


Roxas President's Inn rooms come with their own soft white clean towels, which comes in a set of three. Towels were hung up at the bathroom ready for guests to find when staying in the hotel room.

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when I saw bananas and bottled water on my table each time I arrived from my tours. Oh, I heart the staff who does that! You made me feel so at home whoever you are.  Thank you.

Roxas President's Inn rooms are designed to give guests a luxurious experience when staying in their hotel. It does not only reach out to its guest but also bends backwards and does an extra mile for the comfort and satisfaction of each and everyone of their guests.

Oh, their rates were truly very cheap compared to the luxurious amenities and comfortable stay. You bet! I would definitely recommend this hotel to each and everyone I know including you.  Roxas President's Inn is a real home away from home hotel in every sense of the word.

Room Tip: Ask for Ramos suite, Noynoy Suite or Duterte Suite

For reservation or for more information regarding the current rates, please contact:

Roxas President's Inn
Address: Rizal Corner Lopez Jaena Streets, Roxas City, Capiz Philippines
Toll Free:1-800-843-4343 loc.3349
Tel: (036) 6210-208
Fax: (036) 6211-040

Interested to share your own Roxas City, Capiz story then shoot me an email at or comment below.

Friday, December 2, 2016

ILOCOS SUR: Fast Facts

ILOCOS SUR: Fast Facts

Did you know that? 

Vigan City was recently adjudge as one of the New 7 Wonders City and UNESCO World Heritage city? Cool isn't it? 

Vigan City has a special place in my heart because of its amazingly restored old churches, museums and houses. It reminds me of the old town in the capital city of Penang in Malaysia called Georgetown. 

Famous landmarks of Vigan

Calle Crisologo

You could not deny the fact that Vigan City is world famous. Especially its world renowned street in the heart of VIgan -- Calle Crisologo. The whole stretch of Calle Crisologo has antique architecture and historical houses, its road is filled with old cobblestone. From time to time horse-drawn carriage passes by and offer "Kalesa Tours".  Walked back in time and experience a wonderful time as you do your selfie and snapshots. You could even go live on Facebook and let your family and friends watch you in real time as you do your tour of this famous landmark. Go visit Vigan and be transported to a place where the old world meets the new.


The city is also famous for Baluarte, owned by Chavit Singson, a rich politician up North. His one-of-a-kind zoo is open to the public for free. For me, it is the happiest place up North. Animals that resides there includes a bunch of ponies, ostrich, deer, tigers, python, parrots, alpacas, giraffe, ducks, turkeys, horses. Aside from its butterfly garden, Baluarte also has albino anaconda, Palawan bearcat, raptors and reptiles. All of the animals in Baluarte are exceptionally well taken care of. And you can have your picture taken with the animals up close and personal with zero charge. Yes, they don't charge anything if you visit and go sightseeing, even if you ride the small kalesa ( carriage ) which is being pulled by the ponies.

Pinsal Falls

The largest falls in Ilocos Sur.

PINSAL FALLS: Ilocos Sur Off The Beaten Path Destination

PINSAL FALLS: Ilocos Sur Off The Beaten Path Destination

The province of Ilocos is not only world famous for its heritage houses and cobblestoned road but also because of its people, food and falls!

Way back in 2008,  I had a chance to visit Ilocos with my classmate.  I had a kalesa tour in Vigan and was brought to different parts of Ilocos Sur by my classmate's family who happened to be based in Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur.

Fast forward to 2016, I finally met in person travel blogger par excellence Edmar Guquib. He served as our guide on our last day in Vigan.  This time around, he guided us to the off the beaten path destination of Ilocos, the Pinsal Falls!  

Pinsal Falls is so beautiful! We were smitten by its beauty!  It is conveniently located in the town of Santa Maria in the province of Ilocos Sur.  Which is a short bus and tricycle away from our hotel.  With a height of approximately 85 feet, it is known for being the largest waterfalls in Ilocos.

The majestic landscape somewhat gives me a sense of calm.  It is only a few minutes walk from where our hired trikes parked.  I really thought it would be very difficult for a person with disability like me.   I am a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor and my sense of balance is really off.  But it was worth the journey.  When we reached the falls and upon seeing the view up close and personal,  I have to admit that these kind of beauty is what I really missed from my 5-year hiatus.  The view from the nipa hut where we sat was really breathtaking! 

Bring food with you and don't go there without a local guide.  If ever you need a guide,  I highly recommend Edmar Guquib.  He's not only knowledgeable about Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Abra, he is also very passionate about the place of his birth.

Get discounts on various tours with Edmar by telling him that Cha Sy recommended you.

God bless us all and enjoy your trip.


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