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Monday, December 5, 2011


Mo Twister releases his final official statement on the alleged "Rhian Ramos abortion" controversy brought about by the illegal (?) uploading of the video where he talked about his ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos, her family and manager, her TV network-GMA 7, and the abortion of their 3 ½ month old child the night before it happened in Singapore (watch the video HERE).

Mo's statement was aired on Sunday, December 4, 2011, in 103.5 WOW FM's showbiz radio talk show Showbiz Rampa hosted by Noel Ferrer with Dehins Trillo and Boy Dale.

Read DJ Mo's full statement below:

There are so many questions to be answered. I don't even know where to start. I guess I can only hope in time, the whole and accurate story will be the one told. It may be too long to write now, but I know a short statement is in order.

"Currently, I'm in disarray because of how fast and unexpected this has all become. I'm confused on whether I should do any interviews or just keep silent about the whole thing. One moment I think I should explain, the other I think I should shut up. I don't even know anymore.

"I am disappointed about the video. I'm saddened about the rumors of its upload. Most of all, I'm ashamed at myself for the loss of our child. It was something I never wanted to happen. It went against my every value and until this very day, it makes me breakdown in tears - something I never have moved on from - I don't think any parent can.

"Of course it was done with utmost regret and I still wonder if I did all that I can to prevent it from happening. I thought I did, but I ultimately sided with the decision of my girlfriend, because I was put against a wall, to a point where I had to choose between the safety of the person that I love and the life of our child.

"As you have heard or read in the video, I do not blame Rhian for our actions even though it was no one else's choice. The pressure on her was too great.

"Am I upset at her? No. However, I do feel sad about the opinions of the people who are closest to her. You see, I am pro-life. I know we all have a different stance about this sensitive topic, but I am and have always been such.

"You may ask why I still allowed for it to happen and my answer is, I don't know. I thought I tried and prayed enough for the circumstances to change but it did not. And I know I will pay for this for the rest of this life and beyond.

"To be completely honest, I am saddened by the reaction of her mom and manager. It has hurt me almost as much as the deed itself. I was shocked to learn of their stance regarding a future family member of theirs. When I went to them to seek their help and comfort, all the focus was put on her career and her body image.

"I was told that the baby wasn't even a baby, even though I was present during the ultra sound, heard the heartbeat of our 3 ½ month old child, saw it being formed into a young human being. I was even more shocked when she was being referred to as a 'brand' rather than as a daughter/niece.

"To be honest, I felt sick hearing this from people who are so openly Christian. They said, verbatim, 'Hindi naman ikaw yung tataba, hindi naman ikaw yung papanget, hindi ikaw ang magdadala at sasakit ang likod. It wasn't a baby.'

"These words were being screamed at me while I sat there in tears. I understand that this may possibly have a negative impact on her career, but it was our child - it was not an inconvenience that is more important than fame and money.

"After this intense ordeal last year, I recently found out this wasn't the only time. It was in this moment that I felt my world crash. I hope you don't find this as hypocritical of myself, but you cannot get away with killing children—I included.

"I made the video as a memento of this tragic event and that it should never happen again. It was meant for me to always remind myself that we paid an enormous sacrifice for this job and this relationship.

"I had no choice, I was not asked my thoughts - it was just going to be the way it went. So I made videos and I kept all the memories that I could hold onto.

"Rhian knew about all of this. To a point where months ago, when they thought a lawyer was needed to aid in our breakup, that I was asked to surrender all of this 'proof' (as they called it) to them for it to be destroyed.

"I naturally gave in to their request, because for the second time, I chose my girlfriend over the memory of our child. I specifically asked them to not destroy it, to please return it to me 50 years from now when all this showbiz priorities and 'branding' wouldn't mean so much anymore. Along with my files, they took my computer and erased it in front of me.

"This was all documented by her legal staff.

"Until this very day, I love Rhian very much. We had to lie to the public about our ongoing relationship and I understood why. I would never want to hurt her and I tried my best to protect her when rumors of past abortions would surface. I aggressively pursued bloggers and other people who had info of past incidents and told them to be quiet.

"They know who they are. Unfortunately, we find ourselves here today. People are in possession of these videos. I know that the copies in my laptop were not the only ones destroyed. In a brown envelope, I handed these files to the family and begged them to salvage them. My laptop may have been compromised. I really don't know. There will be rumors for a long time, I am aware of that, but it will not hurt as much as the memory of what truly happened - we lost our child and I have not moved on from it.

"I am aware that GMA would like to prosecute me for this. I would like to apologize to the network for putting them in a bad light.

"This decision to have an abortion was not something the network instructed us to do. I was shocked that one of their officers, Ida Henares, had an unfavorable opinion about the pregnancy, but I am aware that her opinion doesn't reflect the opinion of the network. I understand that and I am sorry if the words on my 'video diary' depicted otherwise.

"I'm sorry to Rhian that our rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did. There was much more going on than people know. But I love you. I always have. The few people who knew about us also knew how much we cared for each other. We talked about marriage, we almost bought a home together a few months ago, we were planning to have the family we lost.

"I don't have a message for the general public. This is the shortest explanation I can give for now. Maybe one day I can answer more, or whenever it is necessary. We all have a certain set of values. I will respect yours and I hope you will respect mine. This is me in the most honest and rawest form.

"I can only make one promise: I will never, ever agree to take the life of a child again. It doesn't matter if it isn't my body or my choice. I will not be put against the wall again. I should have stood my ground, fought harder, delayed it longer, encourage more people to talk her out of it.

"I regret being there. I regret it all."


Since the video came out on YouTube last week, Rhian Ramos has been silent. No word from her on the issue that must have rattled her to the core, whether what Mo Twister revealed was true or not.
Finally, we get to finally hear her side. Rhian Ramos made a statement on ’24 Oras’.
Rhian Ramos was with her lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, and her mother Clara, when GMA News interviewed her

No official statement was issued yet regarding the abortion allegation by Mo Twister although Rhian addressed the issue indirectly, tearfully and briefly.
“I think more than what the people have seen, I’ve been hurt over a longer period of time unnecessarily and I think undeserved. "

"I just hope to be able to put an end to that so that hopefully I could move on,”- Rhian Ramos very short statement.
Rhian Ramos was cut short by her lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan. Saying that she hopes everybody would move on and even the media should move on. 

They will file a case against Mo because he violated Republic Act 9262 or Anti-Violence Act Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004. 

Interestingly, Atty. Kapunan was Hayden Kho’s lawyer who she defended  against Katrina Halili during their sex video scandal case. (The case was dismissed eventually.)
Rhian Ramos will seek temporary protective order against Mo Twister according to her lawyer.

In an interview with “24 Oras,” Rhian’s lawyer, Lorna Kapunan, described Mo’s behavior as “not normal” and “dysfunctional.”

Rhian Ramos to file criminal case against Mo Twister!
Rhian’s appeal for a temporary protection order will legally shield her from Mo’s alleged harassment. The complaint will also be based on Republic Act 9262 of 2004 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act. The lawyer said that the protection order was not about distinguishing the truth from lies, but putting a stop to the harassment.

Rhian Ramos mom and her whole family is supporting her all the way!
Rhian Ramos Mom

Meanwhile Rhian’s mother Clara Ramos revealed that despite the devastating controversy, Rhian is “okay and functioning properly.” She thanked Rhian’s supporters for giving her strength.

“We really appreciate you guys, all the fans, supporters of Rhian, nakakataba ng puso na nandiyan kayo to be at her side, and giving her love. Thank you so much,” Clara said.

Rhian’s Mom also shared the irritation they’re feeling due to the abortion allegations.

“Siyempre, malungkot siya ano? Talagang it’s devastating. I’m glad that she’s able to be okay and function properly naman,” sabi niya.

Nagpahayag din si Mrs. Ramos ng matinding inis sa mga pahayag na isa sa dahilan ng umano’y abortion ni Rhian ay ang pressure ng kanyang pamilya.

“Natural lang na nakakainis na pati kami nadaramay. Merong mga bagay na sinasabi na pabigla-bigla…

“Of course, in this family, we’re all in this together.”
Rhia Ramos signed the complaint affidavit that will be filed by her lawyer to the proper court allegedly tomorrow DECEMBER 6, 2011.  Natatawa ako sa iba na nag papahayag na naka file na as in past tense na, Press Conference lang po yun kanina hindi naman korte ang mga reporters.

Rhian did not deny her alleged abortion but then again, I don’t think people would believe her anyway if she did.

Rhian Ramos declined to answer questions on the issue from the media. But her lawyer said that will be done in due time. An official statement will come out very soon.
Their priority at the moment is to file a case against Mo twister, Mohan Gumatay in real life.
According to Atty. Kapunan, Mo Twister violated Republic Act 9262, or Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004. She did not elaborate.
Kapunan also revealed that Rhian Ramos will file for a protection order against Mo Twister to try to stop him from further issuing damaging statements to the public.
Their evidence? The statements Mo has already released since the scandal broke out, and probably even the ones before that – the tweets about abortion that he started posting two weeks back.
“The court will determine if it will issue a permanent protection order,” said Rhian’s lawyer.

Rhian Ramos’ lawyer Atty. Kapunan:
“She only wishes the best for Mo, she is also hoping that Mo would also wish that for her… Only the best because they had good times together.”

“This has nothing to do with truth or lies, no? That is not what the protection order is about. What this is all about is harassment. He is harassing Rhian. Mo is harassing for all this utterances in public.”

Rhian Ramos' lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan claimed that the said protection order that they will ask from the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court tomorrow, Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

Normally it will still go through the fiscal office.

The court may issue a permanent protection order that will prohibit Mo from committing “any psychological or emotional violence.”
GMA Network, where Rhian is a contract artist, has also indicated that it will file a separate case against the radio DJ-TV host for malicious and false imputations against the network in his video posted last Friday afternoon on YouTube.

Interesting fact : Rhian’s mom is annoyed that their family is being put in a bad light because they’ve supposedly pressured Rhian to get an abortion, again, no denial on the abortion.
As for the details mentioned in Mo’s video, Rhian will make another statement soon, said her lawyer.    - SOURCE:GMA NEWS 24 ORAS


Talentadong Pinoy ka ba? Try your luck as UK opens its doors to migrant workers who are exceptionally talented.

United Kingdom - The government had announced the way that it will encourage exceptionally talented leaders in the fields of science, humanities, engineering and the arts to come to the UK.

The new Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) category opened last  August 9,2011. This new category facilitated not only those who had already been recognized but also those with the potential to be recognized as leaders in their respective fields. 
There was a limit of 1,000 places in the first year of operation. There was 500 places available last 9 August and 30 November and a further 500 places available from the 1 December to 31 March 2012. The number of places will be reviewed at the end of March 2012.

Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) will be overseen by world-renowned 'competent bodies', which will advise the UK Border Agency on these 'exceptionally talented' migrants to ensure that they are the brightest and best in their field:

  • The Royal Society, a fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists, will be able to nominate up to 300 places.
  • Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts, will also be able to nominate up to 300 places.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering, Britain’s national academy for engineering, will have up to 200 places to nominate.
  • The British Academy, the national academy for the humanities and social sciences will be able to nominate up to 200 places.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said: 'The UK is a global leader in science, humanities and engineering and we are a cultural centre for the arts: we will continue to welcome those who have the most to offer and contribute to our society and economy. 'Our new exceptional talent route, available for up to 1,000 applicants, will ensure that we continue to attract the brightest into the UK and keep the UK a global leader. 'This comes at a time of major reform of the immigration system to bring net migration back down to the tens of thousands, tackle abuses and make sure that the immigration system meets the needs of the country.'

Migrants seeking entry to the UK under Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) will not need to be sponsored by an employer, but will need to be recommended by one of the competent bodies. Alan Davey, Chief Executive of Arts Council England, said 'We welcome the launch of this special visa scheme, which will enable the very best artists of international standing to live and work in the UK. 'The international exchange of artists enriches their art, and I’m sure audiences will welcome the opportunity to experience the finest artistic talent from across the world.'

It will be for each competent body to select those who will qualify for recommendation, and we have also published the criteria for their endorsement. The President of the British Academy, Sir Adam Roberts, said 'The Humanities and Social Sciences are flourishing in the UK and attract many excellent scholars from overseas. 'The British Academy is ready to play its part in identifying those outstanding scholars for whom Tier 1 is the appropriate visa category.'

While the government has allotted a number of places to each body, it will be open to the bodies to transfer additional places to those with more demand if this becomes necessary.

The President of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse, said 'The UK is a global leader in science because we can attract the best minds from around the world to work with our own home-grown talent. 'The government has listened to the science community’s concerns about jeopardising our international leadership by restricting the immigration of scientists and the Royal Society will play its part in ensuring that the very best international talent can continue to come to the UK to work.'

Those admitted under Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) category will initially be granted permission to stay for 3 years and 4 months. They will then be able to extend their stay for a further 2 years, and settlement may be available after 5 years’ residence in the UK.

President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Sir John Parker FREng, said: 'In order to safeguard the UK's future competitiveness, we must ensure that it remains an attractive destination for world class engineers. He adds 'I am confident that this new visa route will help to encourage global excellence to come to the UK.'

Credits to UK Border Agency

Zest Air Seat Sale for December 6 to 8, 2011

Zest Air
Sale Period: December 6 to 8, 2011
Travel Period: December 16, 2011 to January 15, 2012

  • Inclusive of Fare and Taxes.
  • Exclusive of ASF and Fuel Surcharge and 12% VAT.
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  • FREE Baggage Allowance of 10 Kilos for MA60 Flights.
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Shamcey Supsup Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up is most-searched in

Yahoo! Philippines has released their Top 10 list of the year’s most-searched by Filipinos and at no. 1 is no less than beauty queen Shamcey Supsup.
Aside from Shamcey, four (4) other female celebrities made it to the list which described as a “soft-spoken pretty politician,” a “sexy model-turned-actress,” a “controversial young star,” and a “feisty network darling.”

Top Searches of 2011

  1. Shamcey Supsup
  3. NBA
  4. Sam Pinto
  5. Azkals
  6. Shalani Soledad
  7. Andi Eigenmann
  8. AJ Perez
  9. Marian Rivera
10. Earthquakes

Source: Yahoo! Philippines

Rhian Ramos, Traumatized by Mo Twister’s Revelations

Rhian Denise Ramos Howell or Rhian Ramos in the Philippine Showbiz Scene was born on the 3rd of October, 1990 in Makati City, Philippines. She is recognized as one of the next biggest thing in the biz. She is half British and half Filipina.
Rhian Ramos has not yet issued an official statement so far regarding the controversial leaked video showing Mo Twister lamenting about her alleged “abortion.” The said video titled “RepairedMovie” which was uploaded on YouTube exploded on blogs and social networking sites over the weekend.

Rhian was traumatized according to GMA News, that’s why she refused to grant an interview to the Kapuso showbiz talk show Startalk TX. However, Rhian said she will break her silence one of these days.



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