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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

VIDEO TRAILER: Jessy Mendiola in Sizzling Hot Maria Mercedes Remake 2013

VIDEO TRAILER: Jessy Mendiola in Sizzling Hot Maria Mercedes Remake 2013

Jessy Mendiola plays the role of Maria Mercedes in the upcoming Philippine remake of ABS-CBN newest prime time offering this October, 2013.

Watch the official teaser for the Philippine remake of the hit Mexican series "Maria Mercedes" which was released on Friday the 13th of September 2013.

The clip was shown during the blogger conference and it shows lead actress Jessy Mendiola dancing in a long flowing red dress, a throwback to the iconic take of Mexican superstar Thalia on the title character.
The teaser also offers a brief taste of the updated Filipino version of the series' theme song, as first heard in the local telecast of the original "Maria Mercedes" in 1996.

During the bloggers conference  at ABS-CBN, we asked Jessy Mendiola for a sample song since she was tapped to sing the theme song. She gamely obliged.
The beautiful Jessy Mendiola is the fourth Filipina actress to portray a role first made popular by the "telenovela" superstar Thalia. She now joins the likes of Marian Rivera, Carla Abellana and Erich Gonzales who previously took on Thalia's role in "Marimar," "Rosalinda," and "Maria la del Barrio," respectively.

For the local adaptation of "Maria Mercedes," Jessy Mendiola said that t
here's a lot of changes that was done for the teleserye (television series) while the original plot and the characterization of the lead role are largely retained. In the original telenovela (television novel), Thalia portrayed a street urchin whose life takes a turn when she agrees to marry a rich man who is terminally ill. The local adaptation is basically the same except for a few changes made to adapt to the Philippines settings. In the local version of  "Maria Mercedes," Jessy as Maria Mercedes grew up in the slums of Tondo. That's why she grew up a feisty lady who would cry foul if you touch any member of her family, just like her in real life according to Jessy. Are you curious what other similarities Maria Mercedes and Jessy has? Please watch attached video.


Joining Mendiola in the upcoming Kapamilya series are Jake Cuenca, Jason Abalos, Vina Morales, Dominic Ochoa, Nadia Montenegro and Vivian Velez. The local teleserye is directed by Chito Roño. 

Are you curious if Jessy Mendiola will be bolder in Maria Mercedes? Please watch her interview here:
                                    Abangan (watch out for it), this October na!
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