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Thursday, March 5, 2015

#JustJulia Beautiful at 18

#JustJulia Beautiful at 18

Today, I attended the press conference of #JustJulia at the 14th floor of Abs-cbn building in Mother Ignacia. This is the second time that I am covering Julia Barreto or Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia in real life. The soon to be 18-year-old daughter of comedian Dennis Padilla and former actress Marjorie Barreto.

#JustJulia announced at the press conference that she will be celebrating a white, gray and silver-themed 
debut party at the posh Makati Shangri-La Hotel on March 10. Her gown will be made by no less than the great International Fashion Designer Michael Cinco. 

For her coming out party, the debutante's hair will be done by John Valle, while Lala Flores will do her makeup. Barretto also enlisted the services of celebrity stylist Liz Uy.

Participating in the traditional 19 candles ceremony are Dani Barretto, Claudia Barretto, Patita Tumpalan, Erich Gonzales, Alora Sasam, Natalia Ortega, Nicole Barretto, Cris Navarro, Marissa Kalaw, Pokwang, RB Chanco, Lala Flores, Denise Heredia, Coy Barretto, Ella Pangilinan, Liz Uy, Janella Salvador, Liza Soberano and Maja Salvador.

For the 18 roses portion, participating are Dennis Padilla, Matteo Guidicelli, Rayver Cruz, Enchong Dee, Khalil Ramos, Robi Domingo, Sam Concepcion, Dominic Roque, Leon Barretto, Mark Barretto, John Barretto, Cholo Barretto, Jason Soong, Mark Soong, Miguel Barretto, John Sweet Lapus, Enrique Gil and Inigo Pascual (her last dance).

European Tour vs. Debut party?

"With all honesty, I never dreamt of having a debut. I never thought that I will have kasi I just want to travel on my birthday. Actually my original plan was to have a short break to travel around Europe. I really want to go around Europe," she revealed.

#JustJulia's First dance

Julia said during the press conference that her dad will be her first dance. Julia decided to break the ice with her dad by personally handing him the invitation to her party.

“Surprise kasi yun talaga. Gusto ko na as if walang nangyari. Parang ‘Here’s your invitation, ganyan. So are you going? What’s your outfit?’ siyempre shocked siya. (laughs). Tapos from there then he explained na and I just listened. Hindi na ako masyado nagsalita, nakinig na lang ako,” she shares during her#JustJulia presscon.

Julia also admitted that she personally wanted her dad to be one of her 18 roses and her first dance.

“What’s more important now is that everything’s okay between my dad and I. Gumaan yung loob ko ng 100% and I was genuinely happy. Not to sound so cheesy but wounds don’t heal so fast but then you can’t wait forever. Ika nga life is too short, you can’t wait it might be too late 'di ba? Pag mangyari yun I’ll be devastated. And also siyempre my special day is coming soon so sabi ko I want him to be there. Eh di ayusin ko na na just be okay again,” she admits.

#JustJulia's Petition to change her last name. 

A member of the press asked Julia with another issue regarding her petition to change her last name.

“Wow we haven't even talked about this as a family. It's the first time I'm speaking about it that I've made a decision to share it first with you guys I feel that right now there's really no need to change my last name. I’m going to keep my dad’s last name. But siyempre that’s my screen name na talaga Julia Barretto. I don't believe that if I do that he'll be happy. Why would I do anything that would make my father unhappy di ba? I'm taking it into consideration.”

#JustJulia's reconciling with her dad was merely a publicity stunt?

During the #JustJulia presscon, Julia got emotional when asked to react on the issue that reconciling with her dad was merely a publicity stunt to boost her image. The pretty actress was clearly hurt by the accusation. ( I am sad that some people can be so mean :-( they should take into consideration that Julia is only 17 years old.)

“How can they even think that way? How can you think that a young child wants to get everything okay again with her own father just for publicity? I can't even embrace that thought. It's very false. He's my dad, why wouldn't I want to be okay with my dad and have him there sa special day ko? I made up with him because I want to be okay with my own father, not for anybody,” she explains.

#JustJulia's Birthday Wish

Since her parents' split up in 2007, Julia says that she does not wish for her parents to reconcile anymore as they are already leading very separate lives.

“No, parang hindi ko siya birthday wish kasi my dad’s happy with his partner, his new son who’s turning three, my mom is happy with her children, us. Bakit ako ang tinatanong ninyo? Hindi ko naman relationship yan. I’m seeing they’re both happy with their own lives and wherever they are happy, I am happy there,” she states. 

#JustJulia's reaction to her Dad's statement that she can now entertain Suitors

Julia did admit that she's happy if it is true that her dad will finally allow her to entertain suitors. “Oo nga, na-shock ako dun. Ang sarap niyang pakinggan kasi before when we were kids pa lang, it’s a no-no, bawal boyfriend, bawal ligaw. So nung napanuod ko yung interview niya I was so shocked na okay na sa kanya bigla. I was very touched. Pero wala pa naman so okay lang,” she says.

Julia also revealed that her fans will be giving her a special debut party on March 6, several days earlier than her actual birthday.

Good luck and happy happy birthday #JustJulia. Wishing you the best on your birthday! Stay humble, kind and articulate.

Get to know the real Julia Barretto in her 18th birthday TV special entitled #JustJulia, Beautiful@18, on March 29, 2015 on ABS-CBN's Sunday Best right after Gandang Gabi Vice.

Three Easy Steps to Quality Health Care in the Philippines

Three Easy Steps to Quality Health Care in the Philippines

I am an ordinary Pinoy. As an ordinary citizen, I find it very difficult to find the right doctor and quickly get an appointment. Whenever a member of my family got sick, it takes about 3 to 5 hours of waiting at the hospital lobby before we could have a face to face consultation with a doctor.  Of course, I am talking about experts on their field like my neurosurgeon and heart specialist who happened to be very in-demand. One of my doctors only had one clinic day per week in a Makati hospital, so you could just imagine how long the queue is.  Sad, but yes, I always almost turned into a statue like the picture above before I could finally have a consultation with my doctors. No offense meant to my doctors.  I love them dearly. They saved my life. 

Finally, the waiting game is over!  The long wait scenario is now a thing of the past. With the latest Health & Lifestyle mobile and web applications, there is now an easier, more convenient way to get you to a doctor or hospital. Introducing the GetMed.

Save your precious time and effort and consider taking these 3 easy steps in setting an appointment to your specialist.

STEP 1. Know your location. Depending on the area proximity, check the hospital or medical facility for your easy access and convenience.

STEP 2. From a comprehensive line-up of Specialties, and based on your present condition, choose your preferred doctor.

STEP 3. Lastly, as soon as you have selected your doctor, you can now make an appointment.

All of these and more in just one click of a button. All the convenient possibilities in one application like GetMed. 

Developed by UNA I.T. SOLUTIONS, GetMed is a medical app that is aimed to bridge the gap between the doctor and patient and inspire individuals to live a healthier life. At one click, the user is empowered to locate a doctor, make an appointment, check the nearest hospitals or clinics-making lives of patients and consumers a lot easier.

Initially, GetMed has 17,000 registered doctors (including their specialties, location, and complete contact information) covering majority of the country. It also has 3053 Hospitals, Clinics & Barangay Health Centres located in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao. GetMed also features top issues or articles on health, tips, trivia, health horoscopes or anything that can be of value in building a better lifestyle on day-to-day basis.

GetMed is a free download via Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS. You can also check out its web-based app via



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