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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BORACAY: Titos Resto & Grill Delicious Filipino Food

BORACAY: Titos Resto & Grill Delicious Filipino Food
I am a beach lover. And I know you'll agree with me that swimming in Boracay's wonderful beach is awesome. But after you get tired from swimming and playing in Boracay's pristine white sand what else will you be doing? As for us, we went for a food trip. One fine Filipino Restaurant that we tried in Boracay is Titos Resto and Grill. From the beach front of Station One (1), the area where we were billeted, we walked towards Station Two (2) where almost all of the restaurants are located. You will never miss the sign of Titos Resto and Grill which happens to be located at Station Two, just above Pat's Creek Bar.
We were so happy to find a restaurant and grill in Boracay that serves modern Filipino food which combines the casual comfort of a home-cooked meal with the relaxed sophistication of fine dining. We were happily ushered upstairs by a Titos employee to the second and third floors of the establishment.
We particularly like the second floor where TITOS offers panoramic window seating with a breathtaking view of the beachfront and where guests can relax and take in the cool, fresh air. 
Comfortable weather-resistant banquette seating is also available for customers who are fresh from hanging out on the beach. Titos also offers air-conditioning for guests who want an oasis away from the heat outside.

TITOS also has a grill and lounge on the third floor where guests are offered a selection of fresh items which they can complement with over a dozen unique sauces to create the ideal meal. To top it all, customers can enjoy both privacy and the magnificent view of the sea while lounging in comfort.
So, when in Boracay, make your vacation completely amazing by dining at TITOS!
Never leave Boracay without eating at TITOS resto and grill, the cleanest and yummiest restaurant in Boracay!!
TITOS Resto and Grill
2nd and 3rd floors0255 Station 2
Boracay, 5608 
Malay, Aklan
Telephone Numbers (036) 288-2369; (036) 663-0079 
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 2:00 am

Trapped in your hotel room because of the rain? Don't worry, TITOS Resto and Grill delivers for free! Call them up (036) 288-2369.



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