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Today, I receive all God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s Universe. Today, I open myself to your Blessings, healing and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus Everyday. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s powerful champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011


You would find these signages at the entrance of Wat Pho Temple. What caught my attention is the signage that warn people against NON-THAI PICKPOCKETS. Lol. Naisip ko tuloy baka they were referring to Pinoys again. We happened to be in Hongkong when they caught two pickpockets/ snatchers. Yes! Not one, but two snatchers who are both Filipinos. I may be laughing about it but deep inside it hurts:( grabe impression nila pag Pinoy :( Maybe those Pinoys have their own reasons. We never know. I just hope and pray there would come a day that whenever they learn that we are Filipinos they would respect and regard us highly.

Proceed with caution against this gang. Just bear in mind they are NON-THAI! One day we would also display that sign in the Philippines-- NON-FILIPINO PICKPOCKETS.

Anyhow, let's move on and see the grandeur of WAT PO.

The beautiful back view of the giant reclining buddha-Wat Pho.

The Buddha statue at WAT PHO was reclining because he was at peace. They said that he is awaiting for heaven in this pose. That's why he was reclining.

This is a painting on WAT PHO wall that shows a village and its people. The painting depicts the Buddha and the village people in their everyday lives.



Wat Pho temple in Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok, Thailand. It is located in the Rattanakosin area directly adjacent to the Grand Palace. Known also as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, its official name is Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Ratchaworamahawihan. 

It is the largest temple in Bangkok and famed for its huge and majestic reclining Buddha measured 46 metres long and covered in gold leaf. The Buddha's feet are 3 metres long and exquisitely decorated in mother-of-pearl illustrations of auspicious 'laksanas' meaning -"characteristics"of the Buddha.
Entrance is 50 Thai Baht 
Full view of the giant reclining buddha 

My brother and I went to Wat Pho after our shopping spree around Thailand.  It is our second time in Bangkok, Thailand. And we really love the place. My mouth fell the first time I saw the Giant reclining Buddha. It was so huge and glittering in gold. Its feet is made of mother of Pearl and everyone is forbidden to touch it. 

The intricate design of buddha's characteristics is made of mother of pearl . Amazingly beautiful

Oh, it was a wonderful Thailand adventure and I hope to be back soon!



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