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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hey Daydreamer Rez Toledo, more popularly known as Someday Dream, composed 7 tracks in his album

It was a one of a kind experience for us bloggers to see Hey Daydreamer a.k.a. Rez Evia Toledo perform live. Yes, up close and personal!
Pop radio listeners for the past few months might have heard of a techno-driven pop ditty called "Hey Daydreamer."

Hey Daydreamer has been on the top of the music charts for quite sometime now.  Its infectious electro beats, rhythmic keys, and catchy tunes have caught the young listeners by storm. When it was revealed that the song was locally produced, reactions ranged from disbelief to a desperate desire to watch the artist live.

The guy behind the song is 21-year-old Ateneo de Manila student Rez Toledo, more popularly known as Somedaydream.

Rez Toledo said during the question and answer portion with the bloggers, that he formed Somedaydream almost three years ago, when he was 18 years old. And that he was heavily influenced by the likes of Owl City and The Secret Handshake. He had a few songs and then he started to regained interest in playing the piano. But then he decided to buy a synthesizer. From there he started experimenting with the electronic genre, with the use of laptop synthesizers, recording his own songs.
He put up his songs at his MySpace page. The songs became popular among his friends and peers. Before he knew it, his output fell on the ears of former Hale singer Champ Lui Pio, who in turn became interested in helping Rez Toledo.

Help came in the form of producing his album, and eventually it expanded to managing Somedaydream.
After a while, Champ had thought of putting up a label and then put him under Mecca Music label. Mecca Music recently released the official music video for "Hey Daydreamer."

His second single, 'Delivery Boys', was released in August 2011.  

Someday Dream, Rez's screen name, is the title of his album produced by Mecca Music and MCA Music.

It contains seven self-composed songs, which he said are based on his personal experiences.

"In 1st year college everything was new--I had new friends, I had new experiences," he relates.

"Hindi ko naman kinakahiya na personal experiences 'yon talaga, siguro I just draw inspirations from personal stuff, and my art reflects who I am."
Here's the complete track list of Rez's album, Someday Dream:

1. Prelude

2. Hey Daydreamer

3. Do-do With You

4. Delivery Boys

5. Break

6. Sing This Song

7. Hey Daydreamer (Acoustic)

His group of fans call themselves "Dreamers". His single "Hey, Daydreamer" is used in the Cornetto Disc Commercial Philippines. He was born on November 28,1990.
The first grand Bloggers’ Meet Up with OPM’s hottest young artist and internet sensation SOMEDAYDREAM was made possible by MCA Music Inc. and Mecca Music in cooperation with Astroplus, Pinoy song magazine and Orange Magazine TV.

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